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Questions tagged [discussion]

Questions that may not necessarily have a clear-cut right or wrong answer and are often subjective. If your question isn't a bug report, feature request, or request for assistance, or question with a concrete answer, it's probably a discussion.

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1 answer

Best way to avoid chopped hyperlink in notification email?

Here is an interesting situation. Here we are in the Roundcube mail reader. We are looking at the text/plain part of this multipart MIME message. Alas, the preview cutoff happened right in the middle ...
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1 answer

Should I include others' answers in my answer?

Let's say I look at a question that already has some comments containing suggestions and a couple of answers. And while I think the answers have useful information, I still think more should be said. ...
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What's the point of reviewing close decisions on answered questions [duplicate]

I'm spending some time to review close decisions on questions. I was asked to check this one: Injecting DbContext in ASP.NET Core - concrete type or interface? I understand that it is subjective, but ...
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44 votes
1 answer

Were my comments overly provocative?

This Stack Overflow answer seemed to come off immediately with a very harsh stance against a JavaScript feature. In fact calling it "trash". Okay, I'm cool with that, but I'm therefore going ...
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Is it plagiarism if my solution is reposted with a minor change that makes it work with an older version?

Backstory: Some years ago I posted a solution for an old, unanswered question. Nothing happened for a couple of months, but then the question author commented on my answer to note that is doesn't work ...
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4 answers

Started bounty on someone else's interesting question, then question has been closed before end of bounty

I have found this interesting question (I am not the author) : Cut a video in between key frames without re-encoding the full video using ffpmeg?. It was quite upvoted, which shows interest by other ...
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Should [translation] be a synonym of [language-translation] or vice versa?

Isn't any form of translation from one language to another, regardless if its a human language or a machines language? Also the language machines use is created by humans therefore you could argue it ...
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Why was the content of the tag descriptions reduced? [duplicate]

It seems like the content of the tag descriptions was reduced. E.g. when I open a question containing a JSON tag and hover the tag, I can only read "JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a ...
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-46 votes
2 answers

Is ChatGPT and LLM killing Stack Overflow [duplicate]

Last few months I have been using ChatGPT LLM for coding, debugging, troubleshooting. Earlier I used to google / post my question on Stack Overflow. But now I have instant solution to most of my ...
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36 votes
1 answer

Are there circumstances when flagging a non-rude/non-spam but hopeless question on Staging Ground is warranted?

I came across this question on Staging Ground, and I saw that a reviewer had diligently and politely made 3 relevant comments asking for improvements. And this actually troubled me, because the ...
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15 votes
1 answer

Should all questions with the [ios-app] tag on MSO be closed as the app has been dead for years?

Just over seven years ago, I asked a question on MSO about the misbehaviour of the iOS app for Stack Overflow (tag on MSO ios-app — question iOS app does not show the previous edit message when re-...
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-15 votes
0 answers

Why is asking for the advantages of a technology acceptable, but asking for disadvantages is delete-worthy? [duplicate]

This question is high voted and answered. This question sits at -1 and is deleted. Yet, the difference in their titles is only three letters. The first question is What are the advantages of running ...
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30 votes
1 answer

Why is editing a staged question so different from editing a posted question?

I tried to fix code formatting of this staged question I didn't manage to get the formatting right, because there is no preview, and the top bar ...
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33 votes
1 answer

Should we burninate [class-names]?

The tag class-names has 79 questions in it, has no wiki or wiki excerpt, and is used for questions where the questions refer to different things. Running through the burnination criteria: Does it ...
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1 answer

Is it okay to ask questions about specific APIs with explanation?

My question that I'm trying to find an answer to is, in a broad sense, How to use Google Drive/Form's authentication process. I would provide more details such as what I'm trying to do, what I have so ...
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Even asking a good question and answering it yourself causes downvotes => moderator intervention? [duplicate]

I'm a regular member of Stack Overflow. I have experience in Delphi, C++, Java, Python and now I'm working with C#, based on XAML. Despite my Delphi experience, I'm having some issues with XAML ...
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1 answer

Collectives Update: WSO2

The WSO2 Collective will be decommissioned on July 17. Questions and answers that were part of the Collective will not be affected, apart from the removal of collective-specific markup. All published ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Why were my comments deleted but not the comments I'm tagged in and responding to?

When this question was first posted, it was almost immediately upvoted, which shocked me because a question requires at least a ?. I posted a comment asking why someone would upvote it because there ...
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-12 votes
2 answers

What details are missing in this question?

The question How to create a layout for a quote with image and caption? (closed) has -4 votes and was closed for lacking details. What details are missing?
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37 votes
2 answers

What to do about the [wss] tag?

The wss tag is currently described as referring to "Windows SharePoint Services", but almost all of the recent questions under this tag refer to the "WebSocket Secure" (which uses ...
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-7 votes
1 answer

How can I improve this answer to an HTTP spec question?

I received a downvote to this answer to a question about the HTTP spec that I don't understand. Given that my answer is directly copied from the spec, the only reasons I could think for the downvote ...
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11 votes
2 answers

How can I improve this answer to a regex question?

I recently provided this answer (screenshot for <10k users) to a question about a regex, and it received a downvote fairly quickly. I'd rather get ahead of bad posting habits if I can, so I was ...
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Synonymize [taskscheduler] with [windows-task-scheduler]

There are two tags whose wiki/excerpt say they are about the Windows Task Scheduler OS-level utility, taskscheduler (currently some ~270 questions) and windows-task-scheduler (currently ~940 questions)...
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4 votes
1 answer

Synonymize [aad-b2c] to [azure-ad-b2c]

At some point the tag aad-b2c popped up, but it's an (undefined/undescribed, other than to say that it's a duplicate/synonym) exact synonym of the much more-used, better-named, and better-defined tag ...
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38 votes
3 answers

Are questions about preventing LLM hallucinations on topic?

I've seen a few questions on this topic and I'd like the community's opinion. Here's my analysis of a recent question that asks about LLM hallucinations interfering with their program behavior: The C#...
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32 votes
2 answers

Staging Ground post-launch insights and understanding question quality

TL;DR: In this post, we will recap the launch of Staging Ground and share updates, bug fixes, and early metrics. We will also discuss the topic of question quality, where we want to head, and how you ...
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-23 votes
2 answers

Is the "Meta effect" good or bad? [duplicate]

For years, many people have said here on Meta that the so-called "Meta effect" is the reason why otherwise good (or at least decent) questions and answers might be down-voted. It seems to ...
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What to do about a user who keeps editing all my questions and answers? [duplicate]

The same person has been editing many of my questions and answers for several months in what appears to be a targeted and unreasonable manner. Is there anything I can do about it? Prevent WordPress....
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10 votes
2 answers

Why is this question bad? And why are my comments asking for feedback deleted?

I asked How to have a fragment to both fade-in and highlight-red? and got a couple downvotes in just minutes. I asked why was that the case and the comment got deleted. I asked again and the new one ...
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17 votes
1 answer

I'm a bit [salt]y about these tags

The tag salt is supposed to refer to the cryptography concept: Cryptography function that takes random bits and a string (typically a password) and uses a one-way hash to provide a new string that ...
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2 votes
1 answer

SEDE SQL Query suggestion for user votes cast this month/week?

In SEDE is there a table I can query or a SQL command that I can find the user votes cast this month/week? As Listed in the user's "Activity" page? Such as this:
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-8 votes
0 answers

Can/Should one self-answer one's own question inside the question? Should it not just be an answer on its own? [duplicate]

I wonder whether this was done right: someone self-answered the question inside the question (without even marking it right so that you fall into it only at second read), see How do you change date ...
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Split up the code formatting FAQ entry

Today, Bug in formatting code was posted, and closed as a duplicate. Following the links eventually leads to the FAQ entry, How do I format my code blocks? . The issue here is that the answer for the ...
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-35 votes
3 answers

Is it appropriate to explain why you think downvoters are missing something?

Question: Is there a way to invert a filter in Turbo? I made an edit that explains why the downvoters (-3 right now and it got downvoted fast) seem to be missing something. Someone tried to rollback ...
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-14 votes
2 answers

Should the AI policy explicitly ban recommendations to use GenAI?

I recently asked this meta question about recommending ChatGPT for fixing typos. The consensus was a very clear "recommending ChatGPT for typos is a bad idea." However, in this main question,...
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1 answer

Clarify the [cryptoapi] tag

My impression is that the cryptoapi tag is supposed to be about the subset of Windows API that deals with crypto (NCrypt, BCrypt, CAPICOM, CertEnroll and the like), and not about any API/library that ...
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Is it okay to post the text of a book being asked about in a question? [duplicate]

I'm learning Haskell using the book Thinking Functionally with Haskell. At times I've felt that some of the text is not very clear and the example a little too complex. Is it okay if I post the text ...
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Incorrect Article count on profile page when signed In

I've encountered a strange issue on my Stack Overflow profile. When I am signed in, my profile for articles shows that I have 1 article under the "Articles" tab, although I haven't written ...
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0 answers

What's the reason of locking a vote 12 hours after it was cast? [duplicate]

I often saw this when I tried to undo my vote: You last voted on this answer 12 hours ago. Your vote is now locked in unless this answer is edited. An answer seems good at first reading, and I vote ...
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-39 votes
3 answers

Is there actually a "welcome culture" here? [duplicate]

I wonder what some users or moderators do here (in Stack Overflow): I had asked a question, but got no comments. Instead, I got two close votes and one down-vote, still without any comment. Well, I'm ...
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0 answers

Should some tag synonyms (with many questions in both tags) be merged?

According to this SEDE query there are more that 950 tag synonyms having questions in both tags (essentially meaning they have not been merged). You can find such synonyms also in the list of all tag ...
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27 votes
4 answers

What should I do with a question if the answers all answer a subquestion that's more useful than the original question was?

A while ago, I was looking to do X. I thought that I might be able to solve the problem by doing Y, but was also open to other potential answers. So, in order to avoid the XY problem, I asked a ...
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-39 votes
1 answer

Should we recommend Generative AI for fixing basic logic errors or typos in code?

I've seen a lot of questions where someone has a very basic problem, like a simple logic error or a typo. These questions often get flagged as "not reproducible" and are basically useless ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Unsure how to improve the question

I understand that the close reason is generic and shouldn't be taken literally. That said, I believe that I've provided minimal example, accompanied with a fiddle to play with and description of the ...
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46 votes
19 answers

What makes a homepage useful for logged-in users

We are exploring updates to the homepage to offer logged-in users a more personalized, engaging, and informative experience. We want this new homepage to better serve users in finding content that ...
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7 answers

A new look for the logged-out marketing homepage

Today we’re launching a refreshed logged-out marketing homepage on Stack Overflow, which replaces the last iteration we introduced in 2021. (For reference, here’s what this page looked like until ...
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Guidance please - what is wrong with this question? [duplicate]

I am trying to figure out why in recent times I'm suddenly facing down & close votes on a lot of my questions. If you look at my score and history, I've gotten points more for questions than ...
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-29 votes
2 answers

Someone downvotes and votes to close my questions [closed]

All my last questions on SO with tag java were downvoted and voted to close as "Needs details or clarity". Always similar behavior: downvote + close "Needs details or clarity". I ...
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0 answers

Does embedding a hidden domain in a question help SEO rankings?

Say one posts a question that includes some sample HTML in a code block: <p> <a href="mailto:&#115;&#97;&#108;&#101;&#115;&#64;&#101;&#120;&#97;&#...
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27 votes
1 answer

Consistent name and wording for C++ containers tags

I desire to propose a complete and consistent name and wording for all the existing tags that refer to the C++ containers. They include stdarray, stdvector, stddeque, forward-list, stdlist, stdset, ...
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