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Questions tagged [diff]

Apply when the topic is the display of differences between revisions and arising from suggested edits.

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Remove the strikethrough on the edit review page

When going through the edit review, it's hard for me to compare code before and after because of the strikethroughs in the red marked code. It's harder for me to digest/compare the old code to the ...
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Color splash transition (inline-diff) as a highlight after retrieving edits

I know that clicking on the Edited N minutes ago button after an edit to a post works perfectly like this: I want to suggest a feature that would help a lot once implemented. The Feature After ...
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Could we see edits in rendered output without highlighting, please?

In the review queue we can view the changes as "rendered output" or "markdown". Sometimes I come across reviews that look like this: I find this hard to read with all the green highlighting going on....
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Diff bug if only white-space was removed

The "revisions" section's difference highlighting marks too mutch as changed whenever only white-space was removed, for example: Also, sometimes the wrong lines are considered as added, ...
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What happened to this question when I edited it?

This question had a critical Markdown issue, where the post had an image and a code block, and the image link was accidentally included in the code block, causing the image not to render. I opened the ...
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Is the diff algorithm for post titles broken?

This question's original title is: Problem in Ionic 4 with asycronity when making a http post, how to wait? but this is what the Suggested Edits page looks like: which would suggest to me that ...
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Blank Revision in Revision History with no Diff Tool buttons

I was looking at the revision history of 2017 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire and came across a strange revision. If you look at the list of revisions, the 8th revision appears blank. Not ...
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Side-by-side comparison is misleading when duplicate space is removed

This suggested edit queue item: Marks the word "understand" changed here: But in reality, a duplicate space after the word "to&...
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Additional spaces displayed differently in markdown and rendered output diff

When removing one of two consecutive spaces, like here before the word "declaring", rendered-output-diff highlights the entire subsequent word "declaring", whereas the markdown-diff more accurately ...
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How does the Stack Overflow diff-between-versions mechanism work?

I'm writing a web app that needs many users to work on the same contents. So there's high probability that one user overwrites another user's changes du to a race condition. Ruby on Rails provides an ...
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Suggested difference highlights title difference by line not by word

Suggested Edits Expected: Only the insert word is highlighted
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