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Questions tagged [developer-story]

For discussions related to the Developer Story feature. Developer Story was discontinued in 2022.

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Missing location in Developer Story experience section

The location of the company you have worked in, is not present inside the Developer story experience section . A story without places isn't a story ... ;-)
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Edited part needs to be focusable?

While accessing DeveloperStoryBeta I tried to add data regarding my Position but what I found is when I save the form or cancel the form then it looses its focus and left me where that forms end lie. ...
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2 votes
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Minor bug with tags tooltips

When I add / remove tags in my developer story fields, the tooltip of the tags doesn't disappear immediately. The tooltip is stuck until I click elsewhere or I mouse enter then mouse leave the tooltip....
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Closing button for add a logo doesn't work

In developer story's story view from Add new item section, some items have a Click to add a logo section, including a close button at the top right side. I expect that close button to close the Click ...
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Clicking tab to navigate through input fields skips 'Title' in 'story view'

I tried to edit my profile, so I clicked on Display Name, and as usual, followed navigation through the fields using the tab key. It jumped as expected to Real name, but then it jumped to Where you ...
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The user icon won't change except in the developer story section [duplicate]

I changed my profile picture a couple of hours ago. It changed only in the developer story section. But the old profile picture is still there. Is that a bug or I need a certain privilege to ...
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Allow adding PDF certificates to Developer Story

Add a feature to have the possibility to add some PDF certificates from massive open online courses to developer story. It would be nice to have an alternative to the mainstream recruitment sites. ...
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1 vote
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Cannot update developer story [duplicate]

My profile is here - The story ends with Crawford And Co. I'm trying to add my current contract. When I click save the UI doesn't report any errors, and the ...
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Developer story won't let me add past Positions [duplicate]

I want to create a resume on Stack Overflow with past positions. But if I try to add a past position, the UI just gives me the possibility to add one position (my current position) to my developer ...
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Create new roles on developers history doesn't take effect [duplicate]

I'm creating the entry on user story but when click on the save button nothing happens. The network /submit respond 200 but refreshing the page the entry disappears.
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How to correct employer's name (developer story)

My company's name starts with a capital D and not with a d: How can we correct this error? I found the following ...
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The Ramda.JS tag is missing from the top users's Developer Story

Looking at the Developer Story of Scott Sauyet - the top user in ramda.js - you don't see ramda.js. Why is this? Is this a bug? Do you need to have more questions or answers in ramda.js to make it ...
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1 vote
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Company selection behaves unexpectedly [duplicate]

I am trying to add this company ( in which I am currently employed in my developer story, however whenever I write the company name, it does not ...
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Developer story GitHub stats are not dynamic [duplicate]

Okay, so I know that this issue may not be new, but I thought I'd point it out and check your guys opinion. I noticed that one GitHub project that I have on my developer story isn't getting updated ...
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1 vote
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Developer story Traditional view needs Skill IQ [duplicate]

With the blog post Pluralsight & Stack Overflow: Helping the World’s Developers Learn New Skills and this meta post, Add an assessment to your Developer Story The SO Developer Story has got a new ...
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Support svg images for company images in developer story [duplicate]

At the moment, when editing/adding a company position to your developer story and trying to upload a SVG company logo using their "link from the web" or uploading manually, it will results in the ...
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Data import from Careers to Developer Story is broken

Until recently, I had a Stack Overflow Careers profile. (Not publicly linked to my Stack Exchange identity.) Now this seems to have gone. I have a Developer Story instead. (Not publicly linked; does ...
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Show open-source elements as ending on the last contribution date

I have a lot of old open-source projects showing near the top of my 'story' that I haven't even looked at in years. It would make sense to end them at the time of my last commit so that they are ...
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Developer story profile shows "StackOverflow.Models.User+TopTagPercentile" instead of the actual tags [duplicate] shows some StackOverflow.Models.User+TopTagPercentile instead of the actual tags: Why?
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How do you export Stack Overflow Developer Story data? [duplicate]

Developer Story is sunsetting on Apr 1, 2022. I'd like to know all the ways to export my data. I realize there's the PDF export, but you lose certain data, like the Pluralsight assessments, for ...
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3 answers

Can we show off questions in the developer story? [closed]

Reasoning: It shows that we crave knowledge and are able to work as a "team" with the community to solve our questions. Note: this is not about top questions. This is about the questions you're ...
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1 answer

Let blogs terminate in Developer Story

I'd like to be able to define an end date for blogs. Why? Because I have written blogs for companies I no longer work for. It may also happen for private blogs, e.g. you might blog about Android and ...
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Books thumbnails [duplicate]

Actually, this is not a question; it is feedback about developer story. In the previous version (on CV at in section "READINGS": Was not only title and description But ...
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Is it worthwhile to post Udemy courses on your Developer Story? [closed]

I was recently working on filling out my developer story, and I have taken a bunch of classes on Udemy since I worked on it last. However, I was unsure if it was a good idea to post those on there ...
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Page Not Found bug or SO showing wrong URL in story preferences screen

I got page not found error when I go to these below links. I already cleared the catch and also I have opened and checked this in a ...
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-3 votes
2 answers

Very weird UI-UX bug in developer story

Yesterday I've created the developer story in my user account (seen that option in the survey). Today I entered just to check how it looks like, and then I see some very weird bug, below the fields ...
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Adding a PluralSight assessment to Developer Story [closed]

I'm unable to add any assessment. Looking for an answer, I did try resizing the window and to dig into the HTML code as some users mentioned in various questions/comments. But as I can see, the option ...
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4000 characters limit on Developer Story

Recntly I decided to make some changes in my CV. I wanted to modify a "Position" entry by adding some stuff about the interesting projects I worked on. However, when attempting to save my input I was ...
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What does this mean in the Stack Overflow survey?

I recently did the Stack Overflow developer survey. I see and think this question shouldn't be in the survey list, because it doesn't make any sense to me: Do you have Stack Overflow account? ...
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-56 votes
31 answers

Introducing the Developer Story

TL;DR; We're replacing CVs with something you can use even if you aren't currently looking for a job. Update (Jan 4): added an FAQ section to address some common questions & concerns We've had a ...
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Sunsetting Jobs & Developer Story

TL;DR – On March 31, 2022, we will discontinue Stack Overflow Jobs and Developer Story. This includes all job listings, saved searches, applications, messages, recommended job matches, job ads, ...
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