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For discussions related to the Developer Story feature. Developer Story was discontinued in 2022.

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A Post-Mortem on the Recent Developer Story Information Leak

We'd first like to take a moment to thank everyone for their patience while we put this together. Your restraint was a very big help in us handling this incident with the degree of diligence that all ...
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The Developer Story Part 2: We didn't explain that very well

Recently, we presented the community with our idea for the Developer Story to get your thoughts and feedback; and feedback we got! We appreciate all the comments and answers on the original post. In ...
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Incorrect questions in Pluralsight IQ test

I just did the Pluralsight IQ test after seeing fellow chat members do it and reading the featured SO statements. The questions in the test I took (was JavaScript) were awful, some of them were ...
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What if I'm NOT Rear Admiral Grace Hopper, but a regular developer? What does Developer story do for me?

What does Developer story do for me (as opposed to regular bulleted resume format, including that used by SE careers site before) if I'm NOT Rear Admiral Grace Hopper, but a regular, boring, non-...
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The Developer Story: Private Beta has started! [closed]

Update: Private beta has started. The initial invites were sent to some of the users who opted in. As mentioned below, we'll be inviting users in batches to monitor load and allow us to watch for ...
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Select Company or organization: Did I mean Google? Or Google? Or maybe Google? Perhaps I meant Google? Or one of another two Googles? I have no idea

Did I mean: I don't know. There's no way to tell what, if any, the difference is.
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Don't force me to provide a month

I don't want to include specific months on my developer story items (only years). The old CV allowed you to save items without months, and the story format clearly works with monthless items (since ...
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Why do we have only GitHub and Twitter in developer story?

In developer story there is the possibility of adding social links, but they are limited to only GitHub and Twitter. If there is Twitter, why don't we have other socials? Someone pointed out that ...
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Sensitive Info Disclosure

Today I've googled for my phone number and received an unexpected result (the 3rd one here): I'm concerned about a few things now: I don't remember when I provided my phone number to Stack ...
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Show me how many views my developer story has received [closed]

I would like to be able to see how many times my Developer Story has been viewed. Even better would be: Views in story vs traditional mode Views per referrer (filterable by date) Let me create ...
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Moderators can't delete spammers or puppets with attached Developer Stories

It appears that moderators cannot currently delete any accounts that have a Developer Story associated with them. We are locked out of all deletion options. Unfortunately, this has prevented myself ...
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Let me comment my top answers in Developer Story [closed]

In the Developer Story, you can add summaries or comments to most of the entry types, even to blogs and videos. However, you can not comment on the top answers you chose to show. Often, you don't just ...
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"What was your first love personal computer?" Really?

Moderator note Please refrain from answering or commenting about your first computer/love/both. This is not the place for that. Please keep the discussion on topic. I was trying out a developer ...
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Can we have a "My Best Answers" section?

When I am solving a programming problem or learning to do a new task, I often add new answers at Stack Overflow because teaching other people helps me to learn myself. Some of these answers are short ...
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What happens to an account after you die?

What happens to Stack Overflow accounts when the owner dies? Is there a process for marking an account In Memoriam and allowing an account of someone who has died to remain for as long as Stack&...
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The story view and traditional view have two very different presentations of my preferred tech

It's pretty minor but I personally make a big distinction between these 2 sentences: I like working with (story view) Tech you want to work with (traditional view) The first one implies that I have ...
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Just because I've read it doesn't mean I recommend it

When I put in all these things I had read, that was not the title of the section. Why has it been changed in Developer Story?
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In Developer Stories, jobs shouldn't be displayed as points in time

In contrary to top-answers/certifications/etc., I find quite irrelevant that jobs/educations/etc. are displayed as points in time, one-off events. I believe they should be displayed as periods, ...
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Can I find a job on Stack Overflow as a self-taught programmer with no professional experience?

I'm currently looking for a remote job, and I thought that Stack Overflow might be a good place to find it. However, I'm completely self-taught and have no professional experience yet, but the ...
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Rename Developer Story "disliked" tags to something neutral [closed]

The Developer Story page includes a list of preferred tags under the heading "Personal tech stack", as well as a list of tags you would prefer not to work with, currently prefixed with I dislike. In ...
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What is a top 1% user in a tag?

Update: The criteria described here have now been implemented in the Developer Story. Just like the classic Careers CV, the Developer Story can show "Top X%" percentiles that show where a user is in ...
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My Developer Story — Let me show it off! [closed]

The Developer Story isn't just a place for people sifting through resumes. It is a place for developers to show off our accomplishments and to share what we're working on alongside with what we do ...
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Developer Story for Community ♦

This is more of a statement than a question... I was bitterly disappointed today when I found that Community ♦'s Developer Story doesn't contain any information about its history, whether it be; ...
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Are there any facilities to let us see what the employer sees when we apply for a job posting via SO? [closed]

I would like to view a sample of what an employer sees when I apply for a position. I want to make sure the information is correct so I can decide wether to apply via SO or directly. Apparently, when ...
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Developer Story: Open source should allow issues or PRs to be selected [closed]

Currently when adding a new "Open source" item to your developer story timeline, it only allows a repository to be selected. It could be that I contributed an awesome PR or issue to a project that I ...
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Position shows as '3 years, 12 months' instead of '4 years'

This is shown on my developer story. I am close to 4 years here; so I think it should either show 3 years 11 months or 4 years.
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I don't want developer story

Just today, I got an email from you guys that my CV will look like a Facebook time line story. It bugged me a lot; please don't give me this. Even if it's a big thing for you, take confirmation from ...
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Profile & Developer Story Usability Findings

In December, we did some internal analysis on what's displayed on both the current Profile and the Developer Story, and found that about 40% of the data is in both places. This led us to wonder if it'...
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Make creating a dev story part of the "new user" privilege

Users with developer stories (beyond very minimal stories) currently can't be destroyed by moderators. Spammers are using this (warning, spammer link) to circumvent destruction of their user accounts, ...
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Developer Story won't let me add a new position unless my old position has an end date

I've just changed jobs and I tried to update my developer story. However, I could not add my start date to June 2019 (neither May 2019). When I start typing, it automatically fills with 2018 and I ...
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Developer Story looks poorly readable on mobile

My developer story came up in conversation at the conference and I opened it on my phone. Result looked about like this (screenshot generated with Chrome dev tools): They were highly unimpressed. :) ...
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Allow to not disclose employer names (and don't generate a page for them)

We have the following companies already: Various companies Various (Various) Various Companies When adding a position, I would like to be able to select something like "Various companies" or "Don't ...
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Reserve Careers CV slugs in Developer Story if there's a chance they've ever been used

Right now, if I create a CV on Careers (or via the "edit CV" link on my Stack Overflow profile), I can reserve a "slug" that'll let me link to my CV via a custom URL of the form https://stackoverflow....
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Name change rate limit can be bypassed [closed]

Having recently changed my alias, I wasn't allowed to do so again until June 15. By changing my name in the "Display Name" field on my Developer Story, though, I was able to get around this time ...
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Don't feature "I prefer not to work with" just to hide ads

As of now, if I don't want to see ads for, say, AngularJS, I need to add it to my "I prefer not to work with" section, which means my profile looks like this: I'd rather not have to publicly show ...
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Add an assessment to your Developer Story

TL;DR We’ve added a new item type called ‘Assessments’ to Developer Story. You can take a free skill assessment on Pluralsight and add your Pluralsight Skill IQ to your Developer Story. WHY ...
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Developer story appears to show faulty dislikes, if left empty

If you leave the Tech you dislike field empty, (Take note of the placeholder javascript, c#, php) It translates into these 3 technologies you don't like: Which I suppose should not happen, because ...
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INR sign ₹ is missing in the Jobs Match Preferences section

In the Jobs -> Match Preferences -> Minimum annual compensation section the salary currency dropdownlist having country wise currency along with it's sign. Indian rupee sign is missing from this ...
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Method to prevent opening in Developer Story

I have chosen not to provide a great deal of information about myself in my profile and I have selected, not interested in Jobs. However, Stack Overflow seems determined to gain information about me. ...
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I don't like the new design on the CVs

I don't like the header on the new design. This kind of centered header is one of the worst trends in web design at the moment: Centered text looks like badly-formatted poetry For a job site, ...
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Small bug on "Traditional view" of Developer Story site

This is a very small bug so I don't know if it's worth mentioning. On the "Traditional view" of Stack Overflow's Developer Story at the Job Status section, there is a missing space. To recreate you ...
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PDF Export lacks essential customizations [closed]

With the Developer Story seemingly out of private beta, I think it's worth posting a newer version of this question. The original post regarding the developer story contained this: Will I still be ...
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How to represent two positions in parallel in Developer Story?

I was an exchange student for a few months. Is there a way to show that in Developer Story? Right now, my exchange semester (from september 2016 to december 2016) is displayed BEFORE my school (from ...
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Timeline is hard to read

The new developer story is pretty cool. I like that you can see my progression through different technologies and how they relate to the work I was doing professionally. I do have a couple ...
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Developer story: first impression

I've just experimented a little with the developer story, importing my SO Careers CV and creating stuff from scratch. However, if I put myself in the shoes of an employer who has 60 seconds to get a ...
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Display book cover for recommended reading

On the developer story at the end is a section Recommended Reading if the book has a cover associated with it can that be displayed instead of the generic one that is currently displayed: Amazon's ...
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Developer story has inconsistent job duration calculation [closed]

I'm editing a Jan 2017-Mar 2017 job experience entry. Based on the formula used elsewhere to calculate job creation, I would expect this to be marked as 3 months; however, it's instead marked as 2: ...
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GitHub is misspelled "Github" in the Developer Story page

I noticed a little typo in the Developer Story page: "GitHub" is incorrectly capitalized as "Github". The typo is in two places and perhaps more: If you don't have a GitHub profile linked, then it ...
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Private information (not shown publicly) -> they are... aren't they?

Under "Edit Profile & Settings" on the bottom in "Private information (not shown publicly)", I entered my full Name for SO job's related stuff, I thought this might be useful. After joining my ...
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Developer Story asks where I currently work. I don't

The second page of the developer story asks Where do you currently work? I am currently between jobs, so I don't work anywhere. Should it not ask for my current or most recent position?
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