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For discussions related to the Developer Story feature. Developer Story was discontinued in 2022.

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Sunsetting Jobs & Developer Story [closed]

TL;DR – On March 31, 2022, we will discontinue Stack Overflow Jobs and Developer Story. This includes all job listings, saved searches, applications, messages, recommended job matches, job ads, ...
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Introducing the Developer Story [closed]

TL;DR; We're replacing CVs with something you can use even if you aren't currently looking for a job. Update (Jan 4): added an FAQ section to address some common questions & concerns We've had a ...
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The Developer Story Part 2: We didn't explain that very well

Recently, we presented the community with our idea for the Developer Story to get your thoughts and feedback; and feedback we got! We appreciate all the comments and answers on the original post. In ...
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How can I find my exact percentile in a tag in developer story?

Where can I find the query to find my exact percentile of a tag like in the developer story?
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Is editing job descriptions broken?

I'm trying to update my jobs descriptions as I updated my resume, but when I try to edit, even though I change the text in the Responsibilities field, it doesn't update when I click Save. In fact the ...
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Incorrect questions in Pluralsight IQ test

I just did the Pluralsight IQ test after seeing fellow chat members do it and reading the featured SO statements. The questions in the test I took (was JavaScript) were awful, some of them were ...
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Add an assessment to your Developer Story

TL;DR We’ve added a new item type called ‘Assessments’ to Developer Story. You can take a free skill assessment on Pluralsight and add your Pluralsight Skill IQ to your Developer Story. WHY ...
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How do I flag a developer story for moderator attention?

I have just seen a developer story that was pure spam. It was just publishing links to a fake movie site. So, how do I flag a developer story for moderator attention?
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PDF Export lacks essential customizations [closed]

With the Developer Story seemingly out of private beta, I think it's worth posting a newer version of this question. The original post regarding the developer story contained this: Will I still be ...
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How do I control what parts of my "Developer Story" get exported to PDF? [duplicate]

The "traditional" CV functionality had a very useful feature where you could actually fine-tune which items you wanted to include when exporting to PDF (and I think it also let you control the order ...
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How do you export Stack Overflow Developer Story data? [duplicate]

Developer Story is sunsetting on Apr 1, 2022. I'd like to know all the ways to export my data. I realize there's the PDF export, but you lose certain data, like the Pluralsight assessments, for ...
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The Developer Story: Private Beta has started! [closed]

Update: Private beta has started. The initial invites were sent to some of the users who opted in. As mentioned below, we'll be inviting users in batches to monitor load and allow us to watch for ...
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2 answers

Sensitive Info Disclosure

Today I've googled for my phone number and received an unexpected result (the 3rd one here): I'm concerned about a few things now: I don't remember when I provided my phone number to Stack ...
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I don't want developer story

Just today, I got an email from you guys that my CV will look like a Facebook time line story. It bugged me a lot; please don't give me this. Even if it's a big thing for you, take confirmation from ...
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Small bug on "Traditional view" of Developer Story site

This is a very small bug so I don't know if it's worth mentioning. On the "Traditional view" of Stack Overflow's Developer Story at the Job Status section, there is a missing space. To recreate you ...
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Display book cover for recommended reading

On the developer story at the end is a section Recommended Reading if the book has a cover associated with it can that be displayed instead of the generic one that is currently displayed: Amazon's ...
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Allow reorder of items in developer story

When there are items that overlap on a developer story, I think it could be useful to give us the option to rearrange them as we want so that we can have our story make sense. Check out my story, ...
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In Developer Story, make university graduation dates optional

I do not care to reveal my date of graduation from university. Please make the date fields optional. Meanwhile, my developer story does none of us any good, because it looks like I did not go to ...
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Developer Story is a nice thing, but why is it not visible in mobile web view?

The story view of Developer Story is an awesome thing and should be in mobile web view.
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In Developer Story, Jan..Sep counts as only 8 months

Alleged bug: The Developer Story counts Jan..Sep as only 8 months. Expected: Count the stated months in their entirety; the stated months should implicitly be interpreted as "first day of the ...
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Wrong site icons are displaying in the Developer Story - Story and Traditional view

Wrong site icons are displaying in the Developer Story - Story and Traditional view. Story view: Traditional view:
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Edit/Delete Button in Developer Story disappears after Edit then Save

In the Developer Story > Story View, each card initially has a gear button at the top right to show the Edit/Delete popup: When I click on the gear button, then Edit, then Save it (it does not ...
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Page Displays 404 against the Get Skill IQ button

I was trying to add the "IQ Skills" from Pluralsight via my Stack Overflow profile but turns up that it is giving 404. Steps Click on "Find out with Pluralsight IQ - take a free assessment now" ...
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How are all of these title/position fields correlated?

There are four fields that confuse me greatly and I don't think I have a correct understanding of how they are supposed to correlate. Could someone please explain with a clear example that will ...
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Duplicated master data of companies, universities, etc. in Developer Story

Developer Story suggestions contain a lot of duplicated master data, e.g. companies, universities: Of course, there might be the same university but different schools/faculties, but since this field ...
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What is a top 1% user in a tag?

Update: The criteria described here have now been implemented in the Developer Story. Just like the classic Careers CV, the Developer Story can show "Top X%" percentiles that show where a user is in ...
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Developer story: first impression

I've just experimented a little with the developer story, importing my SO Careers CV and creating stuff from scratch. However, if I put myself in the shoes of an employer who has 60 seconds to get a ...
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How to update "Last commit" in my developer story

Currently, my developer story includes the following GitHub repository reference: However, the last update is actually December 26th. How can I manually trigger an update, or (preferably) set it up ...
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Where can I view my top tag percentages once the developer story is gone?

The developer story has been sunset. One nice feature of the developer story is that it makes it easy to see which tags I am ranking well in, and what percentage I have there. This user is part of ...
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Include Pluralsight score in the Developer Story PDF [duplicate]

Right now, the Pluralsight Skill IQ verification appears in the Developer Story. However, when we save the story as a PDF, the verification is not included in that file. I think it would be reasonable ...
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Jobs developer story shows incorrect company logo [closed]

How do I tell jobs to not use an old logo for the company I am at? It keeps trying to tell me to use this: But our company name and logo changed about a year ago. I also manage job postings on SO ...
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How can I export the developer story/CV as Markdown? [closed]

There used to be an option to export the CV as Markdown (MD): User's page - Edit CV - Settings - Create MD I cannot find that link any longer - how can I get the MD export?
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"Company or organization" dropdown could do with some deduplication

I just got an email about my developer story CV thing, and I just so happen to have an update. However, I'm kind of spoiled for choice. The strange thing is that is a customer of yours, ...
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A Post-Mortem on the Recent Developer Story Information Leak

We'd first like to take a moment to thank everyone for their patience while we put this together. Your restraint was a very big help in us handling this incident with the degree of diligence that all ...
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Moderators can't delete spammers or puppets with attached Developer Stories

It appears that moderators cannot currently delete any accounts that have a Developer Story associated with them. We are locked out of all deletion options. Unfortunately, this has prevented myself ...
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What happens to an account after you die?

What happens to Stack Overflow accounts when the owner dies? Is there a process for marking an account In Memoriam and allowing an account of someone who has died to remain for as long as Stack&...
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Timeline is hard to read

The new developer story is pretty cool. I like that you can see my progression through different technologies and how they relate to the work I was doing professionally. I do have a couple ...
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Developer story has inconsistent job duration calculation [closed]

I'm editing a Jan 2017-Mar 2017 job experience entry. Based on the formula used elsewhere to calculate job creation, I would expect this to be marked as 3 months; however, it's instead marked as 2: ...
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How can I delete jobs/developer story part of my profile

I've been a long-time user of the Careers profile, but have not found it useful and had a few frustrating issues that required me to contact StackExchange support to fix with the Careers settings. I ...
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Why isn't there an unsubscribe link in SO marketing emails?

Just got an email from Stack Overflow about updates to the CV section of the careers site without an unsubscribe link. According to CAN-SPAM emails require: A visible and operable unsubscribe ...
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2 answers

Pluralsight IQ share gives suspicious request

I just took a couple of IQ tests on Pluralsight and would like to insert the results into my developer story, but it keeps giving me this error: I couldn't find any related informations about this, I ...
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1 answer

There are a few things in the Developer Story setup that don't seem quite right

For reference: My Developer Story: My Developer CV: When selecting the network sites to display, it lists meta ...
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Edit CV in Traditional view and not only in Story view

After introduction of Developer Story the only way to edit CV is via Story view. But for some users it is more comfortable to edit CV via Traditional view. Please, add ability to edit data not only ...
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1 answer

Developer story description is centered

Compare traditional and story view: The same text, both supporting markdown, but some markdown items (lists, code, tables) are not compatible with center-alignment. In general center-aligning user-...
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Job matches on hold because, Why?

Is there a reason that job matches — whatever that is — should be put on hold, simply because I do not have a location set? I believe not, and I hope that you'll change this. I ...
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I have added a mobile number to my developer story profile — who can see that?

I just updated my developer story with my mobile number, but it's not available from my friend's account also. What is the privilege to see that information?
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Developer Story was discontinued, but I didn't know. Can I still get it?

I just found out five days too late that the developer story feature is gone - Sunsetting Jobs & Developer Story Is there still a way I can export my data (for the developer story)?
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Improve formatting for the "likes" section on exported resumes

This line looks rather jumbled: Can we separate each tag that you "like" with [ ]'s? For example: Likes:   [sql-server]  [c#]  [reporting-services]  [asp....
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Request for some features to remain after sunsetting developer story

It is announced the sunsetting of the jobs and developer story in the near future. Could Stack Overflow team consider to keep some features from the developer story? More specifically there is a ...
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Developer Story - Still not ready for public time?

Just about a month ago, I asked who actually sees a Developer Story, and shog9 gave a beautiful answer: This allows you to help test the rest of the functionality without worrying that you're ...
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