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Questions tagged [developer-story]

For discussions related to the Developer Story feature. Developer Story was discontinued in 2022.

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Just because I've read it doesn't mean I recommend it

When I put in all these things I had read, that was not the title of the section. Why has it been changed in Developer Story?
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In Developer Stories, jobs shouldn't be displayed as points in time

In contrary to top-answers/certifications/etc., I find quite irrelevant that jobs/educations/etc. are displayed as points in time, one-off events. I believe they should be displayed as periods, ...
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What is a top 1% user in a tag?

Update: The criteria described here have now been implemented in the Developer Story. Just like the classic Careers CV, the Developer Story can show "Top X%" percentiles that show where a user is in ...
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Developer Story won't let me add a new position unless my old position has an end date

I've just changed jobs and I tried to update my developer story. However, I could not add my start date to June 2019 (neither May 2019). When I start typing, it automatically fills with 2018 and I ...
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Developer Story looks poorly readable on mobile

My developer story came up in conversation at the conference and I opened it on my phone. Result looked about like this (screenshot generated with Chrome dev tools): They were highly unimpressed. :) ...
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Don't feature "I prefer not to work with" just to hide ads

As of now, if I don't want to see ads for, say, AngularJS, I need to add it to my "I prefer not to work with" section, which means my profile looks like this: I'd rather not have to publicly show ...
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Small bug on "Traditional view" of Developer Story site

This is a very small bug so I don't know if it's worth mentioning. On the "Traditional view" of Stack Overflow's Developer Story at the Job Status section, there is a missing space. To recreate you ...
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How to represent two positions in parallel in Developer Story?

I was an exchange student for a few months. Is there a way to show that in Developer Story? Right now, my exchange semester (from september 2016 to december 2016) is displayed BEFORE my school (from ...
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Timeline is hard to read

The new developer story is pretty cool. I like that you can see my progression through different technologies and how they relate to the work I was doing professionally. I do have a couple ...
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How does "TOP 10%" work in the Developer Story?

In my Developer Story, I'm currently in the top 10% of the AngularJS tag, and before that I was in the top 20%. I checked my percentile for other tags with this query and apparently I'm in the top 20% ...
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Add a save button for the beta programs

Currently, in your profile settings, there are checkboxes that state what beta programs you are currently in. If you accidentally press one of those checkboxes, the information will automatically ...
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Weird difference in behaviour in Developer Story

Noticed that all the "Add a new item" options have the default tooltip besides the "milestone". So just thought I'd report it. on Windows Windows 10 Chrome Version 55.0.2883.87 m (64-bit) on OS X ...
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"Choose your tech stack" tag box bug

The "Personal tech stack" tag box on the first stage of the "Choose your tech stack" section of the developer story isn't scrollable. You can click into the white space and use the arrow keys to ...
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Add a sensible sorting to developer story company listings (and social graph tags)

I work for a company which has plenty of Stack Overflow users, and its developer story company page would benefit from a couple of improvements: It's not clear to me what the sort order is: creation ...
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Careers import to developer story changing semantics of books

When I import my books from my CV to the developer story, the point of adding a book has changed from "books that influenced me" to "recommended reading". I wouldn't recommend half the books that ...
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Why don't PluralSight IQ scores show up to employers on Stack Overflow?

This Pluralsight IQ thing doesn't show up on the developer story being sent to employers in my case. I tried downloading a version of the one sent to the employer and nothing regards the Pluralsight ...
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The "Save as PDF" option in the Developer Story section does not properly handle long links

When I export my developer story as a PDF, there are some links that exceed a single line in the PDF. When that happens, upon clicking on the link through the PDF, the link gets broken. For example: ...
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The Stack Overflow DS company page gave me the power of bilocation

While I'm very flattered and feel more important, I do think I don't deserve to be given the power of bilocation. I think someone forgot a DISTINCT somewhere, because I appear both on page 1 and page ...
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Edit CV in Traditional view and not only in Story view

After introduction of Developer Story the only way to edit CV is via Story view. But for some users it is more comfortable to edit CV via Traditional view. Please, add ability to edit data not only ...
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In Developer Story, make university graduation dates optional

I do not care to reveal my date of graduation from university. Please make the date fields optional. Meanwhile, my developer story does none of us any good, because it looks like I did not go to ...
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Developer story job - current job range calculation

It's saying that from April to now it's 11 months long, which is totally false. Any logical explanation I'm missing? This info is in my developer story view. EDIT: Due to "reasons" I've made my ...
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How should we represent a Stack Exchange moderator position on our Stack Overflow Jobs profile?

For the purposes of this question, we will assume that it's a good idea to put your Stack Exchange site moderator position on your Developer Story or CV. The only options that make sense would be ...
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Embedding the developer story

I'd like to embed the developer story on my own website. This doesn't currently seem to be supported though. Are there any plans to support this? I've tried some ways of bypassing all safety-features ...
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Developer story tags are pretending to be clickable

So I was browsing my developer story and wanted to click the tags I had gathered there. To my surprise they are non-functional, but do display a hover effect, as if they are clickable. My suggestion ...
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Markdown Editing Helper in Developer Story

Stack Overflow has a very useful Markdown editing helper, especially for someone who doesn't have a strong HTML background: I think it would be good if this toolbar and inline help was also added in ...
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CV font size is not readable when printed

I tried to print my CV, and it didn't turn out so well: There is an "Export to PDF" function; but that doesn't allow me to modify the size of the text. Can you have an Export to .docx or something I ...
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How to hide my CV profile from being indexed by Search Engines, but still can be accessed using public URL?

I don't want my CV profile on Stack Overflow Careers get indexed by search engines. But I want to be able to share it to other people via public accessible URL. Is it possible to do so? n.b. I can't ...
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Adding top contributed repositories

Currently, it looks like the "open source" option in Developer Story suggests that the "open source" you add was created by you. Can you please add an option to add repositories you contributed to but ...
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Publicly available careers CV silently made private?

My public SO careers page was the primary part of my professional web presence, referenced all over the place, on printed media, emailed bios and similar places where I have no ability to change the ...
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Shorten or use Title as link on developer story exported resume - traditional view?

When applying for a job a resume is attached. I am not certain if it is the traditional view or some other view (as you guys have made the wording / terminology so confusing introducing the verbiage '...
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Add link to LinkedIn profile in new Developer Story profile

I've seen that in the new developer story profile page there are options to add : Personal website Twitter profile Github profile Why LinkedIn profile is missing here ? It would be nice to have .
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The edit/delete dropdown on the developer story items feels weird

When currently editing your position in the developer story, one moves their cursor to the small edit icon in the top right of the box. However, I tried scrolling to the center of the 'edit' button (...
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Developer Story is a nice thing, but why is it not visible in mobile web view?

The story view of Developer Story is an awesome thing and should be in mobile web view.
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Remove Pluralsight IQ from timeline or header

I feel that it's a bad thing that the results of Pluralsight IQ tests are displayed both at the header of my Developer Story and on my timeline. Is this duplication really necessary? It directs user ...
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Add social media link and professional link to CV

I'm pretty sure right now we can't add social media and professional links to our CV that made through developer story. Why can't we? I really hope my recruiters can see my Stack Overflow link, ...
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In Developer Story, Jan..Sep counts as only 8 months

Alleged bug: The Developer Story counts Jan..Sep as only 8 months. Expected: Count the stated months in their entirety; the stated months should implicitly be interpreted as "first day of the ...
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Add a "default view" Developer Story preference

As covered many times in discussions about the Developer Story, part of the idea behind having a "story" view and a "traditional" view (I'll come back to the information design problem of those not ...
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Pluralsight's "AWS Cloud Compute" skill does not have tags on the Stack Overflow badge

I passed the assessment for "AWS Cloud Compute" skill on Pluralsight. I tried to add the badge of this to my Stack Overflow dev story. I noticed that badge does not have any tags. It is an issue ...
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Any progress on separating public and jobs location?

According to balpha's answer (posted on 2016-04-07) Now, your point about not making the location public (i.e. to only show it to employers interested in hiring you, but not everyone viewing your ...
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Make developer story and the traditional view mobile-friendly

Let me tell you, people are using SO job profile as their professional CV, they link to it. And people are checking out CVs on their phones. Recently, I've been through a job hunting session and I've ...
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Developer Stories' Personal Statement seems cluttered

This is what one's personal statement looks like in Careers. I rather like this. It's clean, professional, and not really all that cluttered (although I will be wordsmithing this later on this ...
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Cropping/centering problems with logos in Developer Story

If you provide an image that is taller than it is wide, its height is not correctly scaled to fit the 64x64 pixel box: Using very tall images, the problem gets worse (distortion is mine, I just ...
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How do I stop recruiters bothering me with clearly unsuitable positions?

I get quite a few messages from recruiters through stack overflow. It often starts with them saying how great my profile looks and how they think I'd be a great fit for a position they have. The ...
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Can I hide Developer Story entries in the CV View?

I am happy to show many of my personal projects in my Developer Story, but when I export the CV, I would really prefer that only the "professional" ones are listed. How can I hide or reorder events ...
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The warning about my Private Information is inaccurate; name changes don't affect my developer story

If I begin changing my name in my Private Information on the Edit Profile & Settings page, the following notice shows up (bold present in the original): ⚠️ Updates to your Full name will be ...
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Request for some features to remain after sunsetting developer story

It is announced the sunsetting of the jobs and developer story in the near future. Could Stack Overflow team consider to keep some features from the developer story? More specifically there is a ...
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Duplicates in "Company Name" dropdown under "Current position" on Stack Overflow profile page

In the "Edit profile" page on Stack Overflow, I see that there are multiple "Experis IT" and "EXPERIS - MANPOWER GROUP" options in the drop-down list for "Company Name" (see screenshot below). How ...
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Some css is broken on developer story page

Some css is broken on developer story page (Recommended reading section). Browser: Google Chrome (Version 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit)) Link and text heading out of designed box.
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How can I change the email of the printed version of resume?

I am trying to change the email that is on the printed version of the resume. There is a section "Email Settings" under Edit Profile and Settings. I have changed the my current email from there, But ...
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Incorrect auto generated "Stack Overflow join" date in developer story

I used to have two accounts, one that I created in 2011, and one I created in 2014. Towards the end of last year, I had these two accounts merged. Today, I created a developer story for the first ...
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