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For question regarding the design of the Stack Overflow website, e.g. for issues with the layout, use this tag.

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'Your Teams are moving' dialog box ji-ji-ji-jitters when I scroll

Firefox 106.0.1 Chrome 106.0.5249.119
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Is there a way to make the website's main content column wider? [duplicate]

Many people have a wider screen that can take advantage of more usable space on the Stack Exchange websites, especially when reading code on Stack Overflow, Super User, etc. Unfortunately, the website ...
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Please fix the contrast between visited and unvisited links

The contrast difference when a link is visited is completely unusable. Here's two questions side-by-side, where one is visited and the other isn't: For comparison, here's Ecosia: And here's two ...
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Misleading link color: unvisited questions look visited

Question links of (additionally) watched questions are light blue, as if I had visited them. Example from Questions tagged [python] I didn't visit "does pip..." but did visit "API ...
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Can the user profile's reputation tab distinguish between upvotes on questions vs answers?

TL;DR Is it possible to clarify if a reputation change on the user reputation tab was for a question or an answer? Long Story I just tricked myself into believing an answer by me is being serial ...
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Auto-focus the revealed text input upon clicks on the filter button in the review queues

Currently, after I click the filter button in the review queue and the text input appears, document.activeElement is document.body. It would be a nice quality of life feature if the text input element ...
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The guide to Markdown syntax should be explicit about how to create key-cap markup

In reference to and To create "key-cap" formatting like Ctrl + Z, I discovered that it is necessary to use the ...
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How can I include HTML and JavaScript code on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I want to post my first question here, and I would like to insert HTML and JavaScript code. I've been checking questions to different answers, and there is a "run code" button that runs both ...
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Dark scroll bar in dark theme in Chromium-based browsers

Could you please make a dark scroll bar in Chromium-based browsers in a dark theme by adding the color-scheme: dark; property to the dark theme CSS file?
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When viewing a question's edit history that includes tag edits, the opacity is broken when hovering over a tag

I noticed that when you view the edit history of a question with tag edits and hover over a tag that the opacity of the popup is broken.
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Icons within the community menu are oddly misaligned

This is my screenshot of this bug. But there are more than 100 bugged images (on Role-playing Games, etc...). And some images are not bugged.
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The search dropdown does not hide when it loses focus

To reproduce: Open the Stack Overflow home page. Tab into the search bar. A dropdown panel will open like it should. Press tab thrice to move to the profile icon on the navbar. The panel should close ...
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Question link color in dark mode is hard to read

I'm usually using dark mode on every website if it's possible. For me, on SO questions become really hard to read because of the bad contrast of link colors - so i switched back to light mode. EDIT: ...
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The info icons in the left sidebar on Stack Overflow are misaligned

In the left sidebar on Stack Overflow, the info icons () next to the Teams and Collectives headings are misaligned:
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Partial option box visible issue in "Users and permissions" page [closed]

On the "Users and permissions" page, the "ROLES" option dialogue box is partially visible due to the grid's height. I can see the full content by scrolling the dialogue box, but it ...
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Enhance close and delete links [duplicate]

While we are currently running A/B testing on button styling for vote arrows, I am wondering whether the Close and Delete links on posts could also be enhanced in terms of UX. Here is how the Close ...
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Revert to the old Upvote-Downvote buttons' design

Old: New: This doesn't look good and doesn't match Stack Overflow's UI standard and design style. Please revert to the old design. Edit: After the revert to the old buttons, the revert back to the ...
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Extremely low contrast in 2022 Developer Survey results [duplicate]

The "All countries" tab in the "Geography" section of the 2022 Developer Survey has extremely low contrast. This affects readability. On low brightness, it is hard to see that ...
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Wrong icons shown in reputation drop down

While on the academia SE, I clicked on the reputation button and saw this: I actually don't recognise the icon next to all those StackOverflow reputation changes, but it's obviously not correct. On ...
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Prevent Bulletins from following the White Rabbit

Please do something about the size of the Bulletin headers in Collectives. The header takes about 1/3 of the viewport on any decently-sized monitor. While we are at it, please fix the sizing of the ...
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What is the red circle on review queue for? [duplicate]

Sometimes, I'd see the red circle and when I click it there'd be nothing to review as in the image below: But sometimes, there'd be no red circle but when I click the tab, there'd be posts to review ...
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Button Overflow™ on bottom sign-up banner at some browser widths

The bottom banner asking you to sign up is responsive, but at some widths the leftmost sign-up button and the close button are only partially visible: (Safari 15.5 on macOS 12.4)
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Where did the "Share" link go? [closed]

I'm trying to link to another user's answer here on Meta. There used to be 2 ways to obtain a direct link to any question / answer: If I recall correctly, there used to be a "share" link ...
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On mobile; comment menu has items of varying size, and rotating the phone changes them

For some reason just one of my comment notifications is larger than the rest: If I rotate the phone from portrait to landscape nothing much changes: But oddly, when I rotate it back, everything in ...
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White text color on white background in companies filter search bar

On the "Best Companies hiring developers" page, when I was adding tags to filter the companies, I noticed that when a dark theme is selected the colour of the text and filter-search bar both ...
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Strange line break in "Track next privilege/tag badge" popup

As shown in the image below, the popup seems to be too small for the text. I encountered this same issue on Opera, Edge and Chrome browsers.
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Link in inline code not changing color when visited

In the screenshot below, both links have been visited, but the color of the second link still remains a darker blue. I think this is fixed in light mode, but I couldn't really tell because my eyes ...
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Layout changed after I created a team. How can I get the old layout back? [closed]

I created a team yesterday. Since then, the layout of the page where it shows all the questions on the searched thing has changed. Now it shows both answers and questions and does not show the filters ...
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Can we talk about the color of Collectives banners on dark mode

I'm an avid dark mode user, and for the most part I'm pleased with it. But take a look at this page I encountered earlier today. Tell me where your eyes immediately wander on this page. I see a bunch ...
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Vote duplicate for Gold tag badge when I added tag myself, shows HTML content in message

I just voted duplicate on a question and got this popup. Why is it showing HTML tags? Note: I know what the popup is for, and why I got the popup is not the issue here. The HTML content in the popup ...
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"Your Daily Reviews" progress bar floats left in Triage, since there's no "Filter" button

When looking at the review queues, there are four that are available to <2k rep users: The daily reviews has a progress bar justified to the right. For the Triage queue, you can see the progress ...
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Word breaking in question titles of question list is too aggressive

Recently a change was made that resulted in question titles in the question list having word breaks, presumably to resolve issues with question titles with an incredibly long "word" in them. ...
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Comment with `code` renders way out of container [duplicate]

Dont know if this is a well known issue for some older comments (after the change to highlight.js), but have not seen this before myself : The comment in question is this. Absolutely nothing is wrong,...
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SO mobile site showing scrollbars

Running: Android 10 OnePlus 5 Brave Browser I'm seeing these scrollbars when opening the site. The first one seems like more of an issue in Portrait mode: In landscape, the side bar just auto opens ...
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Badge tracker on profile wraps oddly

On my profile page, where I am currently tracking the jenkins badge, it's basically impossible to see that the progress bars are associated with the badge. The wrapping is probably caused by my ...
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HTML Tags showing in text area

I tried deleting my question after it got closed and it gave me an error saying that I can't delete it due to people having invested time into it. However, the <a> tag is visible inside the text ...
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The search field in the top bar is tiny

Recently, the Stack Overflow search field has become tiny. This screen shot is from Mobile Safari on my iPad in portrait orientation: The tiny search field doesn't expand when I tap in it, so it's ...
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Log in / Sign up buttons very close

The buttons "Log in" and "Sign up" are very close to each other, there is no margin: I think, this used to be different.
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Problem with upvote warning message [duplicate]

I don't know if this is the right way to bring it to notice, but when upvoting your own question (I know you can't) the warning message displayed is scrambled with special characters. Some problem ...
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Stack Overflow Error Message <a> tags likely not being displayed correctly [duplicate]

Consider: This is how I am seeing the <a> tag in the notification of not enough reputation points. Is this intended?
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You need at least 15 <a href="/help/whats-reputation">reputation</a> to cast a vote, but your feedback has been recorded [duplicate]

First post here. Very minor UI bug - was upvoting the question here. I don't have enough reputation though. A popup comes up like this. The popup contains raw HTML rather than text. Tried refreshing ...
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1 answer

Text in pop-up notification messages is incorrectly encoded (renders with HTML escape characters)

Very minor UI bug - was voting to delete an answer here (5 years late, and doesn't add anything new) but could not due to misclick, and saw in UI that an apostrophe character is rendered with html ...
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Can normal people suggest their own filter design? [closed]

Today we can see that there are many cool designs available for the user interface with some people's names. For example, "Bookface by Tom" and so on. Are they staff or moderators or just ...
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46 votes
4 answers

How do I disable Stack Overflow Filters (the April Fools themes)? [closed]

I just logged on to Stack Overflow, and there was a message introducing filters. But for some reason I didn't think and reloaded the page, and then there was no filters menu. I also looked in settings,...
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Frisa Lank: The most readable Stack Overflow yet! [duplicate]

Many thanks to whomever designed the "Frisa Lank" April Fool's Day theme for Stack Overflow! It's by far the most readable and usable Stack Overflow CSS update I've seen yet! Nice contrast....
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New reputation activity indicator looks unfinished

A new activity indicator design has been available on Stack Overflow for a few minutes now. I know people have different tastes, but this activity indicator doesn’t look good. It looks a bit ...
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Please make the 'select your next badge' modal normal-sized again, at least for full-size devices

Today I have noticed the "Select your next badge" modal window has become tiny, cramped, and hard to read due to smaller font-size. I am not sure when this changed (I do utilize custom user ...
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What is the point of showing the "sorted by" options when there is only 1 answer?

What is the point of showing the "sorted by" options when there is only 1 answer?
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Close button when trying snippets on full screen might not be noticable

On my recent question, since I was trying the stack overflow snippet in full screen for the first time I couldn't notice that there was a close button on the top right corner, and that would be the ...
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Typing out nicely formatted code on a cellphone is a far more awkward experience on the responsive UI than the old mobile site was

The box I'm typing in right now, on my iPhone 11 mini, seems to be 36 characters wide before it wraps. That's less than half the width of a 1970s punch card; I think it's fair to say writing code into ...
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