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For question regarding the design of the Stack Overflow website, e.g. for issues with the layout, use this tag.

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Feedback Requested: Stack Overflow design update of 2014 [closed]

As you can see, Meta.SO looks a bit different today. Over the years I've gotten a lot of requests to "redesign" Stack Overflow. I've always felt SO's site design had good usability and was very ...
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415 votes
154 answers

Dark Mode Beta - help us root out low-contrast and un-converted bits

With the full launch of Dark Mode on 17 June 2020, we've shut down this post as a way to get feedback and bug reports. Thank you to the many people who have posted answers, comments, and done the ...
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108 votes
2 answers

When I look at the review icon, I see red

I like the new notification version of the review icon, which I'm guessing is still undergoing A/B testing: It does a better job at saying "attention here, please" than the old icon which was almost ...
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9 votes
1 answer

"How to Format" sidebar overlaps footer

I just found it now. It is really doesn't matter the back end but it is OK to fix this. Here is the image:
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55 votes
2 answers

Profile display gets cut off for users with lots of badges

I was just reading an answer by Jon Skeet and noticed this: Removing overflow: hidden fixes it. The whole <div> is just a few pixels too far to the right.
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44 votes
3 answers

One-line codeblock scrollbars won't disappear

This appears to be an issue exclusively on Chrome for Mac OS X, but for code blocks that contain a single line of code larger than the viewport, when I try to scroll them and the large scrollbar ...
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35 votes
1 answer

The re-design has borked the user flag history page

It seems like the design changed very recently, and I'm pretty sure this is not how the flag history is supposed to look: All the vote counts are on displayed on a separate line and there is no ...
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24 votes
1 answer

People reached popup chopped off by top bar

This isn't major and is probably picky but I happened to notice and so thought it would make sense to report. See screenshot: I'm using Chrome Version 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit) and zoom is 100% ...
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1 answer

z-index issue in "Review First Post"

When scrolling, the guide gets fixed position. There is an issue with z-index so the box is going under the post's textarea
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57 votes
6 answers

Buggy UI when a badge is earned

I just earned the Commentator badge, and this is what the UI looked like: Is this right? You can't even read the text at the bottom unless you hover over each of those buttons. Surely there must be ...
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73 votes
2 answers

Move Favourite Tags above the Community Bulletin & Careers?

With the expansion of Community Bulletin items and Careers on SO, the Favourite Tags section in the right hand pane of the main questions page has been pushed down the pecking order somewhat and on my ...
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19 votes
0 answers

Scrolling through "similar questions" resulted in visual tearing/overlap

I started to type a question and when I scrolled through the similar questions box there was some sort of overlapping visual bug:
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53 votes
2 answers

Redesigned sidebar appearing on Meta Stack Overflow

On June 5th, the redesigned left-sidebar started appearing for me on Meta Stack Overflow. The sidebar doesn't seem to be appearing on the main Stack Overflow site. I didn't see an announcement for ...
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Styles are broken on comments section when inserting a part of code with spaces?

Probably spaces aren't trimmed or trimmed incorrect and comments area isn't limited as well Link to the comment Navigator -> User Agent Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_15_5) AppleWebKit/...
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410 votes
6 answers

Why was the Profile page changed to be objectively worse? (lower information density)

The redesign of this page is currently being discussed on Meta Stack Exchange. If you have a bug report about the design, post it as an answer there. The SO profile page seems to have been updated ...
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325 votes
3 answers

Should Stack Overflow revisit the dark mode question in light of new situations in 2019 vs 2013 when it was first asked?

Original issue from 2013: Why is there no dark theme on SO? It's 2019. Operating Systems have started having a user preference setting for a light UI or a dark UI. Windows 10, iOS 13 and MacOS 10.14 ...
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102 votes
2 answers

New Styles? New shade of green for accepted answers? It's not easy... being green

Stack Overflow just got updated with some new styles. This includes a new, more vibrant shade of green for accepted answers, and questions with existing answers are now denoted by only a square: ...
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35 votes
0 answers

Left menu on Teams page overlaps the footer

I just viewed the Stack Overflow Team page and noticed a user interface issue. When I scroll the page to the bottom, the left menu overlaps the info in the page footer:
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27 votes
2 answers

Right border missing on search input

Today I noticed a strange behavior of the right border of the search input in Chromium based browsers. At the first load the right border is missing: If I focus the input, the border appears and ...
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204 votes
5 answers

Top Questions re-design in home page

I just noticed the new design for Top Questions at Home page. I feel that the previous design was much better. The new question statistic is too small and it's not easy to see all relevant question ...
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58 votes
3 answers

Flag window is semi-transparent for downvoted answers

On an answer with 3 or more downvotes, the flag window is semi-transparent, like the answer, which makes the flag options hard to read and select: The problem is also visible with the share window (...
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44 votes
1 answer

Post highlighting in the review queues is not usable under dark mode

This was first reported on March 30th. Here's a gif demonstration of the issue: This happens only with answers and it happens in three review queues: First Posts (answers only). Low Quality Posts (...
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16 votes
0 answers

Move tags field to top when creating/editing a question

Since we have a common problem with people putting tags in the title wouldn't it make sense to have the editor hint that isn't appropriate by the flow? I think we could move the tags at the top to ...
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77 votes
0 answers

The Hot Meta Posts vote counter is too narrow

Following the redesign of the Hot Meta Posts pane, the padding around the vote count is (still) too small, resulting in the vote count closing in on the question title when the vote count exceeds 100: ...
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54 votes
2 answers

Another bug in the profile page (questions/answers_list)___[I_will_make_this_title_long_enough_to_be_able_to_reproduce_the_issue_on_meta]

Here is another bug 2 Also on meta with this question: As we can see, when the title of the question is very long, the accepted icon is truncated and the time text is taking 2 lines. This is a ...
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22 votes
1 answer

Tag Badge Hover Font

Has anyone noticed the font of the details in the tag badges when hovered? Here's the link. I viewed it using Google Chrome Version 53.0.2785.143 m It's kinda different based on the font family ...
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20 votes
2 answers

User profile badge text wrapping issue

I was browsing a question which was answered by Jon Skeet when I noticed this: The container which consists of the reputation and badges appears to not be large enough to fit everything in there. It ...
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241 votes
2 answers

Bring the "last seen" field back on "profile" page, please

N. B.: This is not a duplicate of How could we know “last seen” and “profile views” in profile?, as this is a feature-request to return the "last seen" like it was presented before, w/o ...
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228 votes
4 answers

Can we have darker <code> blocks in <blockquotes>?

Currently, blockquotes, inline code and code blocks have the same background colour. That doesn't work very well when you have a code block or inline code in a block quote. Sure, the ...
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55 votes
3 answers

Too much whitespace at MSO's top

The new navigation changed the way MSO looks, and left quite a lot of empty whitespace at the top, between the "Top Questions" heading and the buttons: Or, to put it more bluntly: Perhaps we could ...
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49 votes
3 answers

Please make an option to have post width responsive

A SO post width is 660px. As a code related website, with plenty of code snippets all over, many of which are very wide, it requires using the horizontal scrollbar to be able to see what's "under the ...
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48 votes
2 answers

Why is the color of a bounty number in the "Reputation" tab dark green (not white)?

I recently just looked at my "Reputation" tab, and realized that it's so hard to read the bounty number since it is so dark, here is an image: I am just curious if this is a bug or not, if so, why is ...
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47 votes
2 answers

What's this grey gradient doing over here?

This is second time I see this paranormal activity, going on, first time I ignored. I cannot reproduce it, but, I was just formatting my answer and the window scrolled down automatically, with a grey ...
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43 votes
0 answers

Earn reputation, example rep count is wrong [closed]

In the Documentation page, when click on the Earn Reputation section, there is some content about the reputation is displaying. There for the Example upvoted, the description is as All ...
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25 votes
2 answers

Make the new popups when hovering over votes less intrusive

There are a couple of popups that show when hovering over different vote buttons: As it is right now, these appear on the right side of the buttons, hiding a significant part of the Q/A's content, as ...
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24 votes
1 answer

The profile page is scrambled when using a wide image

All is said in the title, the profile page look horrible both on the main and meta site. I think this is due to the fact that I am using a wide image. If I remove the image it's fine: And ...
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23 votes
1 answer

Jon Skeet has too many badges!

Again, as our lord achieves 800k rep, and another swath of badges, He again has too many badges to fit the profile box. We must extend it. (again) Example from Why is subtracting these two times (in ...
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22 votes
0 answers

Please swap (or change) the styling colors of visited and non-visited links in dark mode

I'm not a UX expert, but in my experience, visited links are usually styled with a "more dull" color. With this new dark mode, it seems to be quite the opposite. In the CSS, --theme-link-...
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22 votes
1 answer

Text in pop-up notification messages is incorrectly encoded (renders with HTML escape characters)

Very minor UI bug - was voting to delete an answer here (5 years late, and doesn't add anything new) but could not due to misclick, and saw in UI that an apostrophe character is rendered with html ...
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19 votes
1 answer

Code in comment overflows

Due to the code in the comment to question Laravel install Agent with composer, the contents overflows the comment box. Removing white-space: pre-wrap fixes the problem. . This was found in Firefox ...
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17 votes
1 answer

Answer overlaps comments underneath

On this question the content shown in the first answer runs over the comments at the end of the post. Can anyone confirm whether this is a bug or is it just my machine? I'm running the latest ...
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16 votes
0 answers

The flag dialog for a comment on a downvoted answer is transparent

When I flag a comment on a downvoted answer, the flag dialog is semi-transparent, which makes it hard to use. Steps to reproduce: Find a downvoted answer with score <= 3 and at leat one ...
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108 votes
3 answers

How does the highlight.js change affect Stack Overflow specifically?

Update 2020-09-24 This is now live network-wide (including Stack Overflow). Update This is now live on Meta Stack Exchange and Meta Stack Overflow. Any bugs and feedback can be posted on the main post ...
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105 votes
2 answers

Invisible Revisions

I got a notice a few moments ago which said an edit had been made to Cleansing User Passwords. Upon checking the revision I saw no differences: Of course this made me more curious, so I copied the ...
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92 votes
4 answers

Revert new syntax highlighting

This morning I've noticed that the syntax highlighting has been completely redone. This post will cover C# in particular, but I'm sure there will be similar issues among other languages. Here's how ...
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81 votes
3 answers

Request for redesign to have better compatibility with 1024px-wide displays

The last time the 1024px issue was brought up was in early 2015. I wonder what the user metrics are now it's 2017. Personally, while I do have other machines with bigger displays, I'm currently ...
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61 votes
49 answers

High contrast mode beta

Today we’re introducing a beta of high contrast mode. You can enable it in your user preferences. This setting will allow us to make the site more accessible for folks who need a bit more contrast ...
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60 votes
0 answers

The 10k tools could do with some love

Related posts: Filter 10k tools by a tag Give some features to the “Late Answers” page Looking at the 10k tools used for reviewing, users are presented with this monstrosity: Could this page and ...
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42 votes
2 answers

Capitalize "possible duplicate of <x>" properly

So, there's this serious issue on SO. Frankly, this could risk the integrity of SO's servers: The "possible duplicate of <x>" automated message lacks any and all capitalization. Can some strings ...
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37 votes
2 answers

Bounty box overflows "add comment"

The "add comment" becomes hardly visible. I think it should be shifted down just a bit... I'm using Chrome version 35.0.1916.153 m
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