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For question regarding the design of the Stack Overflow website, e.g. for issues with the layout, use this tag.

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Better support for sample data and perhaps table schemas in SQL questions

I've been around SO since almost the beginning, and in that time I've answered a LOT of SQL related questions. One point of pain in this area has always been posting sample data or query results. We'...
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Please improve the criteria for the "Welcome back" message

The message to a user to remember to vote on questions and answers is a good thing, for those users that do not know to do so. It is very annoying to many users, as evidenced by Disable "don'...
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Reverse the timeline in election history

I would appreciate if the newest election results were at the top on the community moderator election page. That list will only become longer and needs more scrolling to see the results of the recent ...
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Ridiculously popular questions break sidebar on SO

In the related sidebar list, this question is so popular the vote counter is too wide: Can we run these vote counts through the magnitude machine?
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Can the "edited" information always be kept to the left of the post owner's information?

tl;dr: Could the "edited" information be kept to the left of the post owner information (instead of reflowing to be above it) until it's too narrow to fit? If not, could the 32x32 px div for the ...
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The Hot Meta Posts vote counter is too narrow

Following the redesign of the Hot Meta Posts pane, the padding around the vote count is (still) too small, resulting in the vote count closing in on the question title when the vote count exceeds 100: ...
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Ugly formatting with accept/bounty warning next to question

When a question has been ignored by the user long enough, this warning shows up: IMO, this is pretty bad formatting. The questions should be aligned horizontally, and I believe that the warning ...
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Hot Meta Questions link color is too bright & doesn't meet accessibility standards

Links in the Featured on Meta/Hot Meta Posts sidebar are #0095ff, while other links on the page are #07c. Does anyone else think this looks weird? The sidebar links are the same color as the Ask ...
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"Top Questions" is Pointless

I'll admit that when Stack Overflow changes their layout I usually don't like it at first. Sometimes the changes grow on me, other times they linger and fester at which point you either just have to ...
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In memory of the Yellow CSS Box

Oh yellow box of error How I miss your background hue Parsing your words of terror From the many to the few Now replaced by a simple line That's vertical and grey A designer thought it fine But to me ...
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Please add support for the <samp> tag

From MDN, <samp> The HTML <samp> element is an element intended to identify sample output from a computer program. It is usually displayed in the browser's default monotype font (...
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Un-gray questions in review queues when hovering over them

Since we now are returning a post to normal highlighting when hovering can we implement this in the review queues as well. For myself it is not too bad but it still strains the eyes trying to read ...
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67 votes
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Bold text in the wrong place in Marked As Duplicate!

Today I came across a question that has been marked as duplicate and the message shows like this: I found this very strange. I thought the bold text would be "duplicate", not "marked". That just ...
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Reserve space for job advertisement before loading

I'm not sure it's only me or all the others, but I've suffered from clicking on the job related advertisement on the right pane on SO accidentally. It's mainly because when I open the SO page and ...
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Titles that are exceedingly long extend too far into the right and may crowd the poor "Ask Question" button

See the image. A question with long title made the "Ask Question" appear to be the part of that question!! The "Ask Question" button intrudes inside Question title unintentionally. Please provide it a ...
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The 10k tools could do with some love

Related posts: Filter 10k tools by a tag Give some features to the “Late Answers” page Looking at the 10k tools used for reviewing, users are presented with this monstrosity: Could this page and ...
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Increase the contrast for the "pressed" election buttons

I have reasonably good sight, but I'm still having problems recognizing which button is pressed in the election. I know there's a list on the right side, but it's not anchored and disappears when you ...
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Stack Exchange logo not visible in chat

The one-box image of is transparent and not visible boldly unlike the one-box image. It looks clear only when you look close. Perhaps it needs the ...
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Profile page is very empty, revert to old version?

This is what my profile page looks like: Before today Today There is a lot of blank space on the right side where the links/stats used to be. Can we put it back there?
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Escaped HTML in comment error popup

I tried to use to shorten a long link, and was blocked by the system. The popup error contained some non-rendered HTML. It looks like this should have been rendered as a new line and bold, but ...
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Stack Overflow Sidebar is a leftist

I just noticed that the sidebar on both Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Overflow has no background, which under normal circumstances may not be a problem, but to guys with a large monitor and poor ...
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Hero header on "About Us" page overlaps navigation bar menus

When visiting the About Us page for SO, I noticed the menus display behind the big blue "Learn, Share, Build" banner. See below. The same thing happens with each menu item. Browser: Google Chrome ...
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48 votes
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"Hot Meta Posts" with a 4-digit score wrap onto a second line

I think this is a bug. In my list of "Hot Meta Posts" there was a random 8 all snuggled up to the previous post, but the 8 post had no name, and I couldn't click on it. I assume this is a bug: It's ...
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Helpful flags should be shown in the same layout as votes cast

It would be nice if "helpful flags" will be shown in the same layout as "votes cast" and "post edited". Actually if I look at the votes cast I can see the header and navigate to other pages. If I ...
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Dark theme got high contrast colors

I noticed today that the color scheme was changed on Stack Overflow website, at least for Dark theme. The new color scheme is much more high contrast (relatively) than it was before. I even went to my ...
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Add margin-top to headings and reduce their margin-bottom

TL;DR: Headings currently have a CSS margin-bottom value, but not a margin-top value resulting in a distance to the following paragraph. I propose to add a margin-top and reduce the margin-bottom of ...
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How did Stack Overflow decide its navbar height?

As I write this, Stack Overflow and SO Meta seem to have a navbar height of 60px, Stack Exchange Meta seems to have a navbar height of 40px, and other Stack Exchange sites (Law, Electrical Engineering)...
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Wrong page title in unanswered list questions page

There seems to be a problem of title management on SO: In fact, the title displayed when visiting the Unanswered page on SO is "Highest Votes Questions", instead of "Unanswered Questions". The ...
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Bad CSS on quoted code on Meta

As seen in How to include code inside a quotation? A very quick investigation (literally, right-click, Inspect Element :D) found the cause. For some reason, the minifier has interpreted tabs to be ...
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Revert to the old Upvote-Downvote buttons' design

Old: New: This doesn't look good and doesn't match Stack Overflow's UI standard and design style. Please revert to the old design. Edit: After the revert to the old buttons, the revert back to the ...
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Make the space between the time value and the units a non-breaking one

In rare cases, a comment of a certain magical length will cause the time stamp to wrap onto the next line in a confusing way: (Image shamelessly stolen from Shadow Wizard, exploiting his hard ...
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Facebook avatars are displayed in HiDPI/Retina, but other avatars are not

Users that log in through Facebook get to have the avatars in their signature blocks displayed in HiDPI/Retina: they have 200x200 pixels of image data displayed in 32x32 logical/CSS pixels (6.25x). A ...
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"Answer deleted" message floats above "question should be closed" dialog

I wanted to close a question, but at that moment a answer got removed. This caused the "answer was deleted" box to be shown above the "close dialog". This is a bug, because the "close dialog" should ...
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Hiding the left navigation is making the question page grid too small

I don't like changes so I decided to hide the new shiny left navigation and to keep the good old design with 2 columns instead of 3. After hiding the left navigation I noticed that the main Q&A ...
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Close the tracking privilege popup with the Esc key or a click outside

On one's Profile page, clicking on this gear button opens up a pop up, which doesn't close when the "Esc" key is pressed or when one clicks outside the popup. To close this list, you have to click on ...
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Why are we telling people to upvote answers solely on the basis of the question being helpful?

I was just using Google and wandered onto SO and happened to see this pop-up: Welcome back! If you found this question useful, don't forget to vote both the question and the answers up. This ...
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Why are the answerer's and editor's names swapped on the mobile app?

I noticed this morning reading my news letter in bed that on the Android mobile app, the answerers name is displayed on the left, and the editor on the right. On the web though, it is the other way ...
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New design: "X votes" should be "X score"

Apparently, we have a new design for the question list. The left block, containing a summary of the question's "statistics", looks like this: That line that says "38 votes" is ...
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Placeholder text for tags is cut off on Meta Stack Overflow

As you can see the placeholder text is cut off. This is only happening on Meta Stack Overflow.
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Left menu on Teams page overlaps the footer

I just viewed the Stack Overflow Team page and noticed a user interface issue. When I scroll the page to the bottom, the left menu overlaps the info in the page footer:
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Mouse hover on dupe hammer causes repeated open and close of popup

If a gold badge user closes a question as duplicate using their hammer after others have already voted to close it as a duplicate the banner moves slightly over the badge. If the mouse is then in the ...
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High-rep user cards wrapping again

It seems the bug reported in User profile badge text wrapping issue is happening again (or still?). This is what I see at default magnification in FF 43 on Win 10: Based on the above linked question, ...
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Darker color for favorite tags

On the Stack Overflow site, right now, the css used for favorite tags is this: .tagged-interesting { rgba(255,245,222,0.7) } I recommend a darker color or removing the opacity: .tagged-...
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Font specifying location of job offer is badly readable due to bad kerning

The font and style that is used to display the location of a job offer is badly readable. It is very difficult to tell apart an rn from a m. In the specific case shown below both readings lead to ...
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Minor formatting issue when a question has > 10,000 votes

I was browsing the forums at, and I noticed user Greywolf had answered one of my questions there. I thought I had seen the name before over on Stack Overflow, so I searched for user '...
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Styling of description lists on Stack Overflow

According to this answer on Meta Stack Exchange, the <dl> (description list) HTML tag can be used in posts on Stack Exchange sites. When I tried to use it in a Stack Overflow post, the contents ...
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The many shades of green

This question is a follow up to Colors of reputation points graph and tag advances not matching. The above question addressed the fact that the green color used in the reputation graph and tag ...
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Please remove scrollbar-width: thin from code blocks AND fix the missing ends

Horizontal scrolling of code blocks is a thing to say the least. foo bar baz buzz foo bar baz buzz foo bar baz buzz foo bar baz buzz foo bar baz buzz foo bar baz buzz foo bar baz buzz foo bar baz ...
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The "contact us" link is hidden behind a "sign up" banner for people who don't have accounts

I was testing something in as an unregistered user and spotted that the "contact us" link is hidden behind the "sign up" banner: Can the link be moved to the top of the "Company" list? People shouldn'...
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Large rep value on new Top Bar obscures adjacent inbox value

I just saw the top-nav bar for the first time. The reputation number was incorrect, showing +1013 when it should have been on the order of +20. This was especially noticeable because the width of "+...
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