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This tag is for discussion of the process of deleting posts - its "why", "when", etc.

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What can I do to improve questions that have been downvoted but also answered? [duplicate]

This question is mainly to see if there are any new responses or methods from similar questions asked quite a while ago, particularly this question, asked 5 years ago, and this one, modified 5 years ...
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Should self-deleted posts by users who violate rules be flagged?

Consider a user who creates a post on the site which violates one of the many rules, permanent or temporary, such as: They post content generated by ChatGPT They post copied content without ...
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Why were my answers to a CSS question marked for deletion?

My recent answer, to an old question about centering an element, substantially improves the knowledge base, since it styles only 1 element instead of 2. I even found a way to do it in the technology ...
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How was this question with a previously upvoted and accepted answer deleted?

I answered this question and my answer was upvoted and accepted but the question has since been deleted. The message on the deleted post says "This post is hidden. It was deleted ... by the post ...
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Should I delete my off-topic question? [closed]

My question appears to be off-topic. I want to delete it to avoid directing people toward a cul de sac question. However, we are warned not to delete questions... How should I proceed?
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A question got deleted while I was updating my answer

My knowledge was that I cannot delete a question if it has an answer, because members of the community have invested their effort in answering it. Also, the question can still be of value to future ...
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Should a single flag be able to delete a comment from the post owner that includes the word "downvote" (or variation thereof)?

I'm not sure how prevalent this is network wide, but we see a lot of comments on Stack Overflow from the owner of a post that goes something like this: Would the downvoter care to comment? There are ...
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Should I delete my old question with no answers? [duplicate]

My question How to configure pybuilder's and pytest's paths right has no answers, no worthwhile comment, it is more than 3 years old, and software specific (about pybuilder and pytest). I ...
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What is the hold up on account deletion? [duplicate]

I have deleted all my SO accounts and all have gone through in around 24 hours, except the one for Stack Overflow. This one has been "scheduled" since Nov 5, well over a week ago. I signed out of ...
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"I've thought better of my QUESTION" message when deleting an ANSWER

When deleting my sixth answer on a given day I am presented with the following message (emphasis mine): You have already deleted 5 of your own posts today; further deletes are blocked. See "I've ...
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Delete button showing up as the word "delete" rather than the normal X

Just now, when I went to delete one of my comments, I noticed the normal "X" to delete it was replaced by the actual word "delete": Is this a bug? If not, why was it changed?
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Problem when deleting an answer [duplicate]

When I try to delete my answer here, I get this error message : Why is the answer still shown, and why can't I delete my answer?
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Do Teams questions need the same safeguards to prevent deletion as regular site questions? [closed]

Right now, on Teams, the same rules for question deletion seem to be required as on any site (from the FAQ on MSE for post deletion): You can't delete your own question when it: has an ...
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Why doesn't the revision history of this answer say it was deleted?

I noticed something strange in this answer's revision history. It says that the answer was undeleted, but it doesn't say that it was deleted: I also checked the timeline, and the timeline doesn't ...
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When to delete your own answer [duplicate]

I posted an answer to this question, but I realized that my initial approach didn't work. I did some research and found a better answer. I posted it as a second answer, since the answer was ...
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Tighten rules for deleting dupe-hammered questions

I think the rules for deleting dupe-hammered questions should be tightened to require at least five users to make a vote to close or delete. Dupe-hammered questions can be deleted by votes of only ...
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38 votes
3 answers

How to flag a question for deletion?

Should I do so? Or should I confine myself to flag only for closing and downvote the question. (and then the question gets deleted by its own after time) I did it with the "need moderator ...
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What does it mean if my flag was "removed during a deletion"?

I recently flagged a question as a duplicate of another question asked by the same user. When I go into my flagging history, it says that my flag was "removed during a deletion": I first thought that ...
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Delete a low-quality off-topic question with an up-voted answer

When I was a relatively new user, I asked a question which I think is low-quality and off-topic (the problem was caused by a simple typo), and apparently other people agree with me since they down-...
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Would this workaround enable deleting a question?

If I had a question for which the community is showing it does not need it by downvoting it, will the following work to delete it if it has an answer which was accepted and upvoted only by me? ...
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Someone deleted their answer to my question, which probably solved the issue. What can I do about this?

I asked a question about pandas, a python library, and user @ayhan posted an answer that was probably correct. I did not have time to implement it or respond at the time, and then the user deleted the ...
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Why was Documentation topic (CSS z-index) deleted? [closed]

I noticed a negative rep change on my page from the deletion a documentation page that had gotten an upvote previously. I was somewhat dismayed, because I had spent much time authoring much of the ...
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Two answers on same question from same user

This question is good (7 votes) and very old (3 years old), and has just been recently answered by Jay, a user with 1 reputation. Their answer was of a low quality... or should I say answers? Jay ...
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Should I delete a question which was caused by a typo but yet could be useful! [duplicate]

I asked a question in which I asked why an HTML button doesn't work in the presence of float attribute in its style or its container style. After some try, I realized that in the container style I ...
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Question got deleted by community while having a bounty on it

I asked a question a month ago. It had 2 downvotes, I edited my question. A week after the edit I placed a bounty to get some attention on the question. Today I saw it got deleted by the Community ...
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Why is a post with six recommended deletion votes still not deleted? [duplicate]

I see that this post review has six recommend deletion votes. I thought it would be deleted by now. Is there a reason it is not deleted? The review screen shot in case the post gets deleted:
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Answer deleted with two hours' notice as being link-only, but the links are valid

There was only a two hour window before the moderator decided to delete the answer. In the spirit of making the answer more informative, I have provided an update that addresses the specific part of ...
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Are posters of low-score questions on meta encouraged to delete them?

With reference to one of the discussions on different meaning of votes on meta - the thought in the title of this question came to mind. Simply put - let there be a question, be it a regular or a ...
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