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For questions about user accounts that have been deleted or the process of that deletion.

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Can we do anything better about users under 13?

Currently to comply with US law (COPPA) moderators are told to report any accounts of users under 13 to the CM team for a super special deletion to comply with this law. I do this as required, but ...
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My account on the Stack Overflow community has been deleted

I had an account on the Stack Overflow community with around 300+ reputation points, but today I noted that I did no longer belong to this community (I still belong to the Server Fault and ...
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I'm deleting my profile

I don't expect to be missed (or for this post to survive). For the record, I'm leaving over SE management's removal of a moderator. A moderator I never knew and never interacted with. But whose ...
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How can we handle a user who sabotaged dozens of their old questions and answers and then deleted their account?

Recently I noticed a user had edited dozens of their old questions and answers. In many cases they were removing code and just leaving some short amount of original text. I flagged one of the ...
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Curious User Activity

I've seen this screen name on at least 3 different occasions and on each occasion, the account had never been more than a day old. While it's not out of the realm of possibility that each instance I'd ...
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User was removed. -10, OK, but on which answer?

You all know this: -10 N hours ago removed User was removed (learn more) Just out of curiosity, since logically one of our answers lost rep points can we see what's the related answer that ...
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Did I just lose three fans? Or just one?

Here's what I've got in the achievements menu: -10, then -5, then -30. Is there some kind of grouping explaining this in a detailed list or were three distinct users removed at the same time? Note ...
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Grace Period to recover deleted answer content (User Removed)

Is there a way to place answers about to be deleted from User Removed events into some sort of Limbo for a short period, say 7 days. On several occasions I have seen a question I know I have answered ...
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What happens to election votes when a sock puppet is deleted?

I discovered a larger sock puppet network today. I flagged the user and they were nicely cleaned up (thank you!), so everything's fine here. However, I noticed that even the few socks I could find ...
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Change the delete user option so that it doesn't remove questions with upvoted answers

An issue has been raised where a user was deleted, but potentially useful content was removed along with the account: Can we not delete great answers when an account is deleted by a moderator? When ...
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For "User was removed" event, why are editing reputation points rolled back? It can be sort of unfair?

I got this message today: So I tapped to learn more and then read the description of the event on this page. The most important thing was this: As a result, all of their votes were removed, and ...
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How should we handle deleted users with intentionally destroyed questions?

I was working with some data from the SEDE and happened to notice that this question was edited by the OP to contain just the text EDITEDITEDITEDITEDITEDITEDITEDIT I've now rolled back the question ...
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Do sock-puppeteers get to keep rep from answers accepted by their sock-puppet account?

I'll keep it hypothetical for now, but it relates to a real situation. In this case, the sock-puppeteer is temporarily suspended (common practice, it seems) and the sock-puppet(s) is (are) deleted. ...
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-10 For User was Removed

I had 308 reputation. However, upon logging in today I noticed only 298. I go to my user page, and click the reputation tag. I see -10 for "User was Removed". What is this? What does it mean?...
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Number of "User was removed" increasing rapidly

I know what "User was removed" means clearly. But for some days I am seeing this message very often. Around 6 times in a week. Does that mean that I have something to do?
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Why did Community delete this upvoted question with an upvoted answer?

A question (screenshot) was asked yesterday. It received two upvotes and an answer with six upvotes. According to the post timeline, the user was destroyed. This caused the question to be deleted by ...
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Previously-deleted rude user back with new account

I flagged a rude comment (calling me stupid) from a user I was trying to help - go figure :), and subsequently, that user account appeared to be deleted and my flag marked as "helpful". (edit: I'm not ...
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Why does this deleted user have no name?

If you go here, you'll see this: Why is the name blank? Shouldn't there be a placeholder? Edit: I inspected the page source. A normal deleted user looks like this: <div class="user-details"> ...
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Names of deleted users missing from bounty notices

In light of a recent sockpuppetry case, I discovered a question whose author started a bounty (which was resolved) before being deleted. The resulting revision history is quite strange: As you can ...
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How to cancel profile deletion?

Yesterday, I went through the process of cancelling my profile. This morning I received a message where it said I should click a button to confirm the deletion. I've since changed my mind and I want ...
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2 answers

Why is there a user without profile link, reputation and badges on Stack Overflow?

When I was looking for a solution to my problem I saw a user on an answer with no link visible: What is going on here?
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Is my account data deleted on account deletion?

Does Stack Overflow delete all personal data on account deletion?
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What does it mean that upon cancelling a team "team members will no longer be able to log in to Stack Overflow"? [closed]

Stackoverflow for Teams is really nice, but it didn't catch in our company, so we're considering cancelling it. However, next to the option to cancel the subscription, appears the following text (...
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Name of deleted user still visible on self-deleted post

This question was asked and deleted by a now-deleted user. His usercard shows the usual "user6513320" but the banner with the "deleted by" message still contains the real username: Shouldn't the ...
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How can I delete a Stack Exchange account of mine?

I have an account on some Stack Exchange sites. I would like to remove one or more of my accounts. What is the process to delete my account(s)?
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-1 For User Removed

I fully understand what the message means and why it happened. My curiosity is about the -1. This means the removed person had caused me a gain of 1 rep point which has now been removed. How does a ...
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User deletion, suspension should remove the users from chatrooms

There was recently quite a number of new users with the swastika as the avatar created by one spammer - they then joined into many of the rooms in the SO chat. Now the issue is that as a user is ...
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Destroyed users break draft pages [closed]

I just destroyed the user who made this draft, and now the page 500's. I could maybe understand deleting a user's pending drafts, but then the page should return a 404. The 500 error seems to ...
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How frequently do new users self-delete their own accounts?

According to Help Center > My Account, it is possible for new users to delete their own account as long as they have not voted or posted more than once. Occasionally, this causes otherwise legitimate ...
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What is meant by 'high reputation user' on the 'User was removed' page?

The second paragraph of Why do I have a reputation change on my reputation page that says 'User was removed'? states: This removal occurs whenever a user is deleted, unless that user had a very ...
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New account or delete my posts?

After being in denial for many posts, I’ve learnt that my approach to asking/answering questions must be making a lot of mods and Stack Overflow members quite angry. I’m anxious that I’m getting quite ...
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My account on Stack Overflow has been deleted [closed]

Today's morning I opened my Stack Overflow account, and I came to know that there is no me on Stack Overflow. I thought this could be a mistake, so I clicked on "Join this Community" again. ...
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Community♦ user suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder

Looking at this edit history, I see that our hard-working friend Community♦ thoughtfully suggested an edit to a popular answer. Clicking through to the Review page for the edit, though, I see that she ...
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Are a user's comments deleted with their account?

Recently, a user made some comments on one of my answers, as well as a few others. I checked back a few times and found that the user in question now no longer exists, and their comments are gone. Is ...
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Why was this question deleted by community?

I only noticed the deletion because my answer was the accepted one. I really am not worried about the rep nor having the question re-instated. It was rather low quality so I don't even really disagree ...
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A deleted answer is shown in the top spot and still shows as accepted

I was doing some research and I ran across What is the 'cls' variable used in python classes?. When I opened the question I was very surprised to see a deleted, accepted, answer showing as ...
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Add safeguards to the account deletion process

I was trying to delete some SE profiles I didn't use that were associated with my account, and, while figuring out the process of doing this for a specific SE site, I accidentally made a request to ...
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How do I quit Meta?

I want to remove my account from Meta. How can I do that?
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User asked a question less than a minute ago, but does not exist?

I've never encountered this before - a user asked this question which was not migrated from another site. I viewed it almost immediately after it was asked (within the first minute) and edited to ...
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Community User Deleting Posts with Upvoted Answers [duplicate]

According to this meta post, the Community User (CU) shouldn't have deleted this Stack Overflow post. This action seems incorrect because: As I understand it, the Community User shouldn't be deleting ...
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How does the Code of Conduct define expulsion?

The current draft of the Code of Conduct contains following image which describes issues handling process. The last part states: Account Expulsion For very rare cases, or moderators will ...
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What happens when a user is deleted

If a user is deleted then all upvotes and downvotes cast by that user have been removed. If a deleted user has posted a good question or an accepted answer, what will happen then? When is a question ...
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User removal bug - repeated notifications?

Is this a bug, or did the Mighty AdminsTM summarily dismiss 9 people from the site on one day?
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Missing user accounts

Are there more deleted user accounts than the number of registered accounts minus the highest user account ID? A highest current user account: user: 10,317,846 When getting Stack Overflow ...
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When is a Stack Overflow profile automatically deleted?

Say there is a user which has a lot of contributions to Stack Overflow. When is such a user's account automatically deleted? I noticed somewhere if there are six months of inactivity the account gets ...
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My account got deleted/cleared [duplicate]

Yesterday after I finished posting my question/answer to a problem, I closed my computer and went to bed. The next day (today) I come back to Stack Overflow to see that I was logged out. Okay, not ...
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I received a comment from non-existing user

A few minutes ago I received a comment on one of my posts by user which seems to be unregistered or deleted his account right after the post (there is no link to his username) This took me a bit by ...
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Why are the upvotes of deleted user is subtracted from reputation in a single day?

I was just going through Jon Skeet's profile and I noticed a bug (to me, a solid one) in the StackOverflow reputation system. Then, going through Gordon Linoff's reputations, I realized something even ...
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Improve "user was removed" display in achievements panel

When I looked at my achievements and saw a -10 User was removed, I racked my brain trying to think of when I asked or answered a question with that title, and why it had so many downvotes. When I ...
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Posts deleted as spam are listed in "10k Tools - Recently Deleted" section, until the user is deleted?

In the 10k Tools - Recently Deleted section, posts spam-nuked (red-flagged) by users are displayed there alongside other deleted posts. I found one such instance of such a post, and proceeded to ...
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