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Questions tagged [deleted-users]

For questions about user accounts that have been deleted or the process of that deletion.

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Grace Period to recover deleted answer content (User Removed)

Is there a way to place answers about to be deleted from User Removed events into some sort of Limbo for a short period, say 7 days. On several occasions I have seen a question I know I have answered ...
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29 votes
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User deletion, suspension should remove the users from chatrooms

There was recently quite a number of new users with the swastika as the avatar created by one spammer - they then joined into many of the rooms in the SO chat. Now the issue is that as a user is ...
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18 votes
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A deleted answer is shown in the top spot and still shows as accepted

I was doing some research and I ran across What is the 'cls' variable used in python classes?. When I opened the question I was very surprised to see a deleted, accepted, answer showing as ...
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13 votes
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User removal bug - repeated notifications?

Is this a bug, or did the Mighty AdminsTM summarily dismiss 9 people from the site on one day?
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10 votes
0 answers

Why are the upvotes of deleted user is subtracted from reputation in a single day?

I was just going through Jon Skeet's profile and I noticed a bug (to me, a solid one) in the StackOverflow reputation system. Then, going through Gordon Linoff's reputations, I realized something even ...
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Improve "user was removed" display in achievements panel

When I looked at my achievements and saw a -10 User was removed, I racked my brain trying to think of when I asked or answered a question with that title, and why it had so many downvotes. When I ...
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Posts deleted as spam are listed in "10k Tools - Recently Deleted" section, until the user is deleted?

In the 10k Tools - Recently Deleted section, posts spam-nuked (red-flagged) by users are displayed there alongside other deleted posts. I found one such instance of such a post, and proceeded to ...
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What is wrong with my Stack Overflow account?

This morning I tried to connect to Stack Overflow and it suggested that I create a new account... I created it, and I saw this: (screenshot). You can see that on the menu I have a history, with ...
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4 votes
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"Suggested edit approval overridden" reversion and -2 for old post that still shows as edited by me

A couple years ago, I suggested an edit to this post. I was checking my rep history today to see how much I'd lost to answer downvotes that hadn't been deleted, and discovered that there was a pair of ...
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Point deduction after user deletion is wrongly displayed

From my point history: -9 Feb 6 -10 18:32 removed User was removed (learn more) +1 15:15 upvote Exiting Vim Prior to that day I was at 7k points, after the deletion 30 points were removed ...
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Account restarted on forgot password

Previously i created account and reached more than 800+ reputations. One day i logged out from my account automatically. I tried to login but it shows incorrect password Then i recover using forgot ...
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