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Questions tagged [deleted-users]

For questions about user accounts that have been deleted or the process of that deletion.

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How does SO attribute questions and answers to deleted users?

The CC license under which SO posts are made requires attribution. As explained at the Creative Commons link, ...
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Why, exactly, is opting to delete your account, then opting to later return to the site, not recommended if you are question banned?

If you are question banned, rate limited to 1 question per 6 months, and then you delete and recreate your account, you will be limited 1 question per week. This is by design because otherwise they ...
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5 votes
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I am scheduling a deletion on my account; will this delete my other Stack Exchange accounts too?

I am deleting my Stack Overflow account, but I am paranoid that it will delete my Arqade account as well. Will it be deleted or will it stay there?
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97 votes
1 answer

How can we handle a user who sabotaged dozens of their old questions and answers and then deleted their account?

Recently I noticed a user had edited dozens of their old questions and answers. In many cases they were removing code and just leaving some short amount of original text. I flagged one of the ...
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-22 votes
1 answer

Canceling points on answers to deleted users' questions acts as disincentive to answering to new and low-reputation users

I lost 35 reputation points received on an answer to a question posted by a deleted user. For an established SO user this is not much, but I am relatively new and reputation points do provide ...
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How should we handle deleted users with intentionally destroyed questions?

I was working with some data from the SEDE and happened to notice that this question was edited by the OP to contain just the text EDITEDITEDITEDITEDITEDITEDITEDIT I've now rolled back the question ...
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Why was my Stack Overflow account deleted? What happened to my old account?

This account existed for years. I was in undergraduate courses in the IT area for more than 8 years before 2015. But today, when I logged in (with the email and password I knew), the site told me that ...
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1 answer

My account got deleted/cleared [duplicate]

Yesterday after I finished posting my question/answer to a problem, I closed my computer and went to bed. The next day (today) I come back to Stack Overflow to see that I was logged out. Okay, not ...
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Why are the upvotes of deleted user is subtracted from reputation in a single day?

I was just going through Jon Skeet's profile and I noticed a bug (to me, a solid one) in the StackOverflow reputation system. Then, going through Gordon Linoff's reputations, I realized something even ...
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How can I remove my Stack Overflow account? I made a mistake [duplicate]

I absently made a Stack Overflow account and I don't want it. How do I delete it? Please help. I am getting spammed with email. My "special" email is only for "special" things ;), ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Why can't I see details of deleted answers?

On this question, I posted some comments, and later a full answer. The OP and I had some normal back-and-forth discussion in the comments. I later noticed that there were two deleted answers, which I ...
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1 answer

I received a comment from non-existing user

A few minutes ago I received a comment on one of my posts by user which seems to be unregistered or deleted his account right after the post (there is no link to his username) This took me a bit by ...
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Posts deleted as spam are listed in "10k Tools - Recently Deleted" section, until the user is deleted?

In the 10k Tools - Recently Deleted section, posts spam-nuked (red-flagged) by users are displayed there alongside other deleted posts. I found one such instance of such a post, and proceeded to ...
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1 answer

My Stack Overflow account is deleted

I did not delete or recreate my account, but I see there is no question/answer from my history, I have been a member for more than six months for the ...
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What does it mean that upon cancelling a team "team members will no longer be able to log in to Stack Overflow"? [closed]

Stackoverflow for Teams is really nice, but it didn't catch in our company, so we're considering cancelling it. However, next to the option to cancel the subscription, appears the following text (...
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What is wrong with my Stack Overflow account?

This morning I tried to connect to Stack Overflow and it suggested that I create a new account... I created it, and I saw this: (screenshot). You can see that on the menu I have a history, with ...
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SO account is not deleted one week after it was requested [duplicate]

Is it ok?
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Is it possible to merge another DELETED user to my user?

I know it is possible to merge two users' accounts into one of them. I read about this concept in the help center. And I should request to merge them. But can I request a merge if one of the user ...
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What can be the cause of a user deletion?

I've come across this question: Angular 8: Create Facade Pattern for Subject-Observable design, Publish/Subscribe which has been asked 3 days ago and has an active bounty since yesterday. The user is ...
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I'm deleting my profile

I don't expect to be missed (or for this post to survive). For the record, I'm leaving over SE management's removal of a moderator. A moderator I never knew and never interacted with. But whose ...
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4 votes
1 answer

What is the site's policy on moderators revoking a user's request for deletion? [closed]

What is the site's policy on moderators revoking a user's request to delete their entire account? I wanted to be gone after 24 hours, but ~39 hours later, here I am. I've already reapplied for ...
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61 votes
1 answer

Do sock-puppeteers get to keep rep from answers accepted by their sock-puppet account?

I'll keep it hypothetical for now, but it relates to a real situation. In this case, the sock-puppeteer is temporarily suspended (common practice, it seems) and the sock-puppet(s) is (are) deleted. ...
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Account not deleted after 24h with active session [duplicate]

I'm scheduled for delete my Stackoverflow account, but after 24h time is up and I was still logged in. Now page for 'account delete' says that 'account will by deleted 4 minutes ago' and time is ...
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User before and now turns into a `user` and followed by number with an empty score [duplicate]

I'm just confused why a user has no score while he/she answered the question and accepted. As we observed, I had a comment below from the image which is it is answered by @Stephen. But why now, the ...
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User removal: Is there a way to preserve important knowledge?

As far as I have understood the primary objective of Stack Overflow is to be a system for knowledge management and also preserving knowledge for others. This is why I usually update questions with ...
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Why did Community delete this upvoted question with an upvoted answer?

A question (screenshot) was asked yesterday. It received two upvotes and an answer with six upvotes. According to the post timeline, the user was destroyed. This caused the question to be deleted by ...
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My account on Stack Overflow has been deleted [closed]

Today's morning I opened my Stack Overflow account, and I came to know that there is no me on Stack Overflow. I thought this could be a mistake, so I clicked on "Join this Community" again. ...
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42 votes
1 answer

Number of "User was removed" increasing rapidly

I know what "User was removed" means clearly. But for some days I am seeing this message very often. Around 6 times in a week. Does that mean that I have something to do?
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A deleted user's display name is not user12345

Deleted users' display names are like user12345 but the one who asked this question is named "somebody." Was that their real display name? If so, why do some deleted users get to keep their names and ...
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What is meant by 'high reputation user' on the 'User was removed' page?

The second paragraph of Why do I have a reputation change on my reputation page that says 'User was removed'? states: This removal occurs whenever a user is deleted, unless that user had a very ...
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14 votes
1 answer

How does the Code of Conduct define expulsion?

The current draft of the Code of Conduct contains following image which describes issues handling process. The last part states: Account Expulsion For very rare cases, or moderators will ...
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2 answers

Why "User Removed" Affects the reputation of the user who has received the up-votes/down-votes by the user?

I want to know why "User deletion" affects the reputation of user who has received upvotes and downvotes by the user , IMO it shouldn't affect the user.All the Ups & Downs user are done by him at ...
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1 answer

Missing user accounts

Are there more deleted user accounts than the number of registered accounts minus the highest user account ID? A highest current user account: user: 10,317,846 When getting Stack Overflow ...
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3 answers

Unable to recover account after suspension period

Almost two weeks ago, my SO account was suspended because someone up-voted my questions or answers (about which I know nothing). Up on suspension, I was logged-out automatically. When I login again, I ...
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67 votes
1 answer

Change the delete user option so that it doesn't remove questions with upvoted answers

An issue has been raised where a user was deleted, but potentially useful content was removed along with the account: Can we not delete great answers when an account is deleted by a moderator? When ...
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1 answer

Collect questions raised by a removed user

I have an account which was removed by the system. I value the questions of that account, whereas I'm not able to search and collect them all. Is it possible to search all the questions of a removed ...
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31 votes
1 answer

Is my account data deleted on account deletion?

Does Stack Overflow delete all personal data on account deletion?
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1 answer

-2 because of "user was removed" [duplicate]

I got -2 on the name of "user was removed" but I do not understand from where this -2 comes because, from my understanding, if a user is removed then I will get: -5 if they upvoted on my ...
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-10 votes
1 answer

On User and Post Deletions Shouldn't There Be An Explanation Provided?

I answered to a user to what appeared to be a legitimate question yesterday, only to find the user and the question deleted by the SO Admin today with no explanation. Why is there no explanation ...
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-1 For User Removed

I fully understand what the message means and why it happened. My curiosity is about the -1. This means the removed person had caused me a gain of 1 rep point which has now been removed. How does a ...
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"Suggested edit approval overridden" reversion and -2 for old post that still shows as edited by me

A couple years ago, I suggested an edit to this post. I was checking my rep history today to see how much I'd lost to answer downvotes that hadn't been deleted, and discovered that there was a pair of ...
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What happens to election votes when a sock puppet is deleted?

I discovered a larger sock puppet network today. I flagged the user and they were nicely cleaned up (thank you!), so everything's fine here. However, I noticed that even the few socks I could find ...
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1 answer

What should I enter for the profile link in /contact?

I can't seem to get my correct profile link for the Contact Support: The error I get is "oops! this isn't a link to a valid profile" I've tried these and more....
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2 votes
0 answers

Point deduction after user deletion is wrongly displayed

From my point history: -9 Feb 6 -10 18:32 removed User was removed (learn more) +1 15:15 upvote Exiting Vim Prior to that day I was at 7k points, after the deletion 30 points were removed ...
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1 answer

Why I was banned from chat?

I am a new user. I got chat access today after this, I don't know why I was banned in chat for 75 days. May I know the reason?
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-18 votes
1 answer

Possible to suspend account and reactivate?

Related to : We'll always endeavor to do what's right. We'll try to do It better next time Given the position of StackOverflow that it has the right to push (and heavily encourage) a ...
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17 votes
1 answer

Add safeguards to the account deletion process

I was trying to delete some SE profiles I didn't use that were associated with my account, and, while figuring out the process of doing this for a specific SE site, I accidentally made a request to ...
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3 answers

How do I quit Meta?

I want to remove my account from Meta. How can I do that?
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Will removing my account remove all the answers and comments?

Does deleting/removing my account remove all the answers and comments?
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A deleted answer is shown in the top spot and still shows as accepted

I was doing some research and I ran across What is the 'cls' variable used in python classes?. When I opened the question I was very surprised to see a deleted, accepted, answer showing as ...
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