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refers to all questions deleted from Stack Overflow. The tag "specific-question" should also be used when referencing a specific question that has been deleted.

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I want to see all deleted posts in my voting history

You can see your own voting history from your profile, if you click your profile and under the Activity tab, votes. If you reach 10K reputation, you gain the privilege to see deleted posts. Now in ...
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Why was this question deleted? I can find neither spam nor rude/abusive behavior in it

The explanation to my newly acquired privilege of viewing deleted posts says: Make sure what is being deleted should have been deleted, and bring unnecessary or harmful deletions to the attention of ...
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Question with some problematic traits (little practical use / setting restrictions on method), but is it sufficient reason for closing it?

I recently asked a purely theoretical, and possibly useless, question about Java stream expressions. Specifically I'm refering to Is it possible to construct a Java stream expression to return a 2D ...
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Why was technical C++ question deleted, apparently by non-C++ users?

I asked a technical but precise post about how C++ handles certain regular expressions, What is the position of an unmatched group in C++? . The post was answered by
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What parameters do we want when deleting duplicate questions?

Looking in the delete queue - there's always many duplicates. Now some truly bring no value to the site. They have no or one poor answer (if judging answers by votes) and they won't be missed being ...
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Why would a question be deleted if it's on topic and not extremely low quality?

According to the help center post on deleted questions it states: Questions that are extremely off topic, or of very low quality, may be removed at the discretion of the community and moderators. ...
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How can I see a deleted question with less than 10k rep?

Some time ago, I bookmarked this question. At that time, I used resources/answers from it to design an API. Now I want to upgrade my API. Because the question was deleted, I can't access it anymore. ...
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Question with answer deleted?

There is a question I am pretty sure I posted an answer for it. However by checking the question later today it was deleted to my surprize. This is the link to a comment of the deleted question: ...
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I can't find my deleted questions [duplicate]

I was able in past to view my deleted questions by clicking recent deleted questions but I can't now, I need to migrate one to another site. I knew that I can't see deleted questions past 60 days, ...
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Unable to delete question with answers even with dialog that says it has answers

Here is the bug: Delete this answered question? We do not recommend deleting questions with answers because doing so deprives future readers of this knowledge. Repeated deletion of answered questions ...
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A deleted and migrated question is permanently stuck in Stack Overflow search results

I have found a question that was erroneously posted onto Stack Overflow, migrated here to Meta, and then deleted eventually by the community, as it was a pointless duplicate. I can find this post in ...
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Is it legit to link to a deleted question via (or any similar service)?

After searching for some information, I found a question, where the (current) accepted answer has a link to a deleted question. Someone with more than 10k reputation fixed this by putting a link to ...
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Show reasons for deleting a question

When questions are closed, they're closed for a stated reason: too broad, off topic, etc. But when a question is deleted, there's no reason stated on the question page. Why is this? It makes it ...
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Does an auto-deleted question count toward a question ban?

I asked a question on SO that received many downvotes and was eventually closed. I edited the question to clarify my problem and to meet the guidelines. It began to be upvoted and many people voted to ...
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Question deleted by original poster even though it has an answer from another user [duplicate]

I answered a question which later got deleted by the original poster. I thought threads couldn't get deleted if there had been at least one answer. Is that still true? If so, what happened to this ...
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As a question-banned user on Stack Overflow should I delete my bad questions or edit them to ask some other question in their place? [duplicate]

A while back I asked some rather obvious questions and ended up deleting them after they were downvoted and after having read the comments by the Stack Overflow community. The questions I am ...
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Why are some questions locked while others are deleted?

Browsing my old ★'d questions, I noticed that several, while very popular, have been deemed off-topic. But some are locked, remaining visible for everyone to see, while others are deleted outright. (...
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What happens when you vote on a deleted question/answer?

If I down-vote, or up-vote, a question or answer, and then it is subsequently deleted, does the vote still count towards the total vote count on my profile? Or does it revert back to the original ...
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Post deleted having an answer that could be useful

Few days ago I answered this question. But the question has now been deleted, but I think my answer, which is the only answer, could be useful to somebody else in future (at least in my perspective). ...
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Did one of my questions (maybe older than the deleted recently page's period) get deleted recently and is therefore not shown on that page?

In an answer on on Oct 28 '19 at 18:49 I mentioned having asked 41 questions in my entire SO lifetime. Right now I saw that there are only 40. The deleted recently page is empty. (OTH, I can ...
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Should we allow deletion of conflicted questions?

Deletion seems like it is something of an extreme action. If the community is in conflict over a question, should it be allowed to deleted? For example: A question is posted, quickly gets +4/-10 ...
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Does flagging on deleted posts work?

I edited my post some days ago I do not know ...
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Old dead meta links - should we encourage screenshots when posting links to questions?

I frequently come across questions (mostly on meta) which have deleted linked questions. Since the links do not disappear on their own (i.e. a viewer can still tell it's a link, albeit a dead one), a ...
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Can I view comments of a deleted post?

Someone replied to my comment on a post that was deleted because it's a duplicate (my name is mentioned in the comment). Is there any way to read that comment?
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Where do we see our deleted posts in the latest ui on My Android 11 device?

Previously,we could see our deleted posts like answers and questions in a particular place (at the bottom of our profile page). But, we find it nowhere in the latest ui. So, where are they now? Or ...
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Unexpected loss of reputation

I made a comment earlier today on a post requesting more detail. The question was removed and I lost two reputation points. I am puzzled. How can I lose points for requesting an improvement to a ...
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Why did I gain one reputation point when a question was removed?

I recently voted down a bad answer and paid one reputation for doing so. The question was removed from SO some time later. I presume that when a question is removed, some reputation changes are ...
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Why was this question deleted so quickly? [duplicate]

About an hour ago I answered the question: Wrong output for sum of digits using loop c++. Easy beginner question, easy answer. I came back to the browser tab just now and reloaded, but instead of ...
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Why was this question deleted?

Recently I saw that a question I had answered had been deleted. Images for users under 10k: I'm wondering why this was. Both the question and my answer (which was accepted) had upvotes. This meta ...
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What can be the reason behind the removal of questions at the same time?

I was going through my reputation changes one day and found out this: Now, I am in doubt whether why these questions were removed and I remembered that these questions were fairly accepted and were ...
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How many times has the roomba overriden human votes?

As most readers here probably already know, there is a script that automatically deletes questions based on some criteria, known as the roomba script. But this meta-question: “Community” bot deleted ...
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Delete down voted question [duplicate]

Pretty simple question, really... I raised a couple of questions that received some down votes due to too broad, opinion based, etc. Basically nobody answered them and there's probably nothing useful ...
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Request to undelete community auto delete

I asked this question on Jan 6 and forgot to check for updates on it. It took me a while to realize it had been deleted as it was over 30 days old and had a score of -1. In my opinion this is a ...
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Was it necessary to delete this (rightly) closed question so quickly?

Earlier today I came across this question (10k only). Around an hour after being posted, it was rightly closed for being opinion-based and objectively unanswerable, as the issue boils down to ...
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Should a question with constructive comments be prevented from deletion?

Twice lately I posted helpful comments on a couple of questions (same OP for both, second question actually being a followup of the first). Those comments were more like spot-on quick tips than ...
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Please warn users before they delete a question if someone is writing an answer

Every now and then I'm writing an answer to a question and before I can finish the question is deleted. It's really frustrating because there's nothing I can do: I can't post the answer, write a ...
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Can I merge an off-topic and deleted self-answered question with an on-topic answer of the same content?

I have a bunch of very similar self-answered questions in my recent deletions. At first, they were off-topic since I had asked for a software recommendation.
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Serial Deletion: To infinity... and beyond!

This question comes after a lot of flagging by me to reverse illegitimate deletions (e.g.: Does the string contain ASCII zenkaku? undeleted by a Moderator because it is clearly legit, then reopened). ...
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Should a question remain open simply because it's cited as a source in a published work?

While reading Mark Seeman's book, "Dependency Injection in .NET", I discovered he'd quoted a question from Stack Overflow that related to explaining DI to a person in very simple terms, and he'd cited ...
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On User and Post Deletions Shouldn't There Be An Explanation Provided?

I answered to a user to what appeared to be a legitimate question yesterday, only to find the user and the question deleted by the SO Admin today with no explanation. Why is there no explanation ...
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How to distinguish a question from its marked duplicates [duplicate]

If a question has marked duplicates, where is the best place to distinguish the question from its dupe targets? In the question itself In the comments Or doesn't it matter? I ask because this meta ...
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Contrary to the wording of my original post, I was really looking for a term for what I described [duplicate]

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post What would you call source control management software that makes full versions of changes. I am out of my element here I think; I am not sure exactly. ...
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I think this old, deleted question should be undeleted and historically locked instead This question has 27,000 views and a score of over 700. Typically, such questions ...
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How can I delete my question if it has an answer?

How can I delete my Meta question that already has an answer? When I try to delete it, it says: So I flagged it for moderator attention, but no one responds. What should I do now?
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Merge three deleted questions (with one answer each, and all Q/As very similar) into one deleted Q/A?

This is a spin-off from Can I merge an off-topic and deleted self-answered question with an on-topic answer of the same content?. I have a bunch of very similar self-answered questions in my recent ...
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Did we really have to delete good content again?

At What does AngularJS do better than jQuery?: This is a highly useful question. I understand closing for (some) subjectivity, but did it really have to be deleted? – Dan Dascalescu (In the ...
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Was deleting this question the right choice?

This question (screenshots below) that I answered a few weeks ago was closed as a typo and deleted earlier today. And here's my answer: I can understand why the question could be seen as being ...
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Are deleted questions actually salvageable?

I'm currently under a five-day question ban. It hinders my learning progress. I have so much more questions to ask! As I understand, it's because some of my questions were downvoted, though I'm not ...
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Is closing XY problem trollish? [closed]

The meta question: Should I flag questions w/ XY problem? suggest that we do not flag XY problem. Would flagging a question like this with XY problem:
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Question deletion

I was wondering why this question was deleted without any reason. Although they closed it by stating it as too broad, I fail to understand the reason behind it. My understanding was cause maybe the OP ...
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