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refers to all questions deleted from Stack Overflow. The tag "specific-question" should also be used when referencing a specific question that has been deleted.

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Deleting a valid question on purpose [duplicate]

I've seen this couple of times, but this time (10k+) it hit me and I decided to get attention on how some users are misusing Stack Overflow for their own purpose. In short, it looks like some ...
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1 answer

Question and answer removed, was a useful bookmark

There was a Stack Overflow question that was so useful for us that we had it as a Slackbot response. It was recently taken down. Here it is on the Way Back Machine: it has an accepted answer with 3194 ...
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1 answer

Why is Stack Overflow deleting even well-received questions?

My question is inspired by this question: Deleted question audit 2018. So we can see what are the well-received questions (defined by either having high number of upvotes or many views) that are ...
20 votes
2 answers

Can answers deleted as a consequence of a deleted question affect the answer ban algorithm?

I wrote an answer to a question. After sometime, the question was deleted by the user himself and as a result my answer also got deleted. After researching about deleted answers, I came to know that ...
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0 answers

Please help me undelete this Community♦-deleted question [closed]

I asked this question and somehow missed the fact that it was answered. A few days ago the question got automatically deleted (RemoveAbandonedQuestions). But I want to add a comment as well as upvote ...
11 votes
1 answer

Where Can One Find their Deleted Questions Or Answers? [duplicate]

I would like to undelete one of my deleted past questions, but I can't find where they are located.. Where I can see all my deleted questions? (And then undelete)
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Is there any method to bring back my old deleted question to edit? [duplicate]

I accidentally deleted my question. I can't currently change it because I am now question banned, but the question helper is telling me to edit my question in order to get approval. How can I get my ...
19 votes
1 answer

Deleting dead questions from my account

I have several dead questions on my account; meaning that they all fall into the category of: No upvotes or downvotes. No answers. More than one month old. Less than 40 views. They definitely fall ...
67 votes
3 answers

Page Not Found for questions deleted via moderation needs updating

For <10k users, when you click on a deleted question instead of seeing the question, you are presented with a page saying "Page Not Found" with a few links to similar questions and also information ...
16 votes
1 answer

How to view our old questions that were deleted by community or by ourselves?

I want to view my old questions that are not present in my questions history. I don't remember whether they were deleted by myself or by the community. I want to use that question's logic in my new ...
89 votes
4 answers

Caveat emptor. Making students aware they cannot delete their homework questions

It's the usual trick of people asking a homework question, then as soon as it's answered, they delete it. For example: How can you put 20 turtles on a circle in Python? Visualize a sparse matrix using ...
88 votes
1 answer

Why was "Convert Decimal to Double?" deleted?

I noticed that the second question ever asked on Stack Overflow was deleted a few months ago. I'm curious as to why. I don't see anything about it to make it worthy of moderator deletion.
30 votes
0 answers

Standardize the "deleted by" formatting on questions and answers

When visiting an owner-deleted question, we get: deleted by Username 3 mins ago but when viewing an owner-deleted answer, we get: deleted by owner Oct 11 '12 at 8:34 I personally prefer "...
55 votes
3 answers

What to do about this deleted "canonical" question and its duplicates?

While looking at the result of my SEDE query for find duplicates of deleted questions, I noticed a rather large number of java questions about ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsExceptions that were all orphaned ...
9 votes
0 answers

Is this lorem ipsum post an issue? [duplicate]

I recently came across a post from a 1 rep user that contained only "lorem ipsum..." in its body. (Screenshot.) I flagged it but the OP deleted it very quickly, even apologised, and I don't know if ...
23 votes
2 answers

Can't re-flag a comment after the answer is deleted and then undeleted

An answer was posted, it was then down-voted and then the OP of the answer commented saying: Why Downvote ???? Thereafter the answer was deleted and my flag was helpful but not because the comment ...
-11 votes
1 answer

Why is this question about "magic comments in go" still considered off topic?

Note: This is a deliberate split from Why was this question deleted (instead of reviewed)? not a duplicate of it. That question confusingly asked both this question, "why is the post off topic", and "...
-21 votes
1 answer

Meta question deleted for no known reason in less than 2 days it was asked

Edit - question is deleted by myself after it was reopened One of my question (on meta Stack Overflow with feature request) got deleted in less than 2 days it was asked, without warning or ...
-25 votes
1 answer

Question deletion

I was wondering why this question was deleted without any reason. Although they closed it by stating it as too broad, I fail to understand the reason behind it. My understanding was cause maybe the OP ...
8 votes
1 answer

Why was question "How to get the average colors used in a photo..." deleted (without giving a reason)?

Why was this two year old SO question: How to get the average colors used in a photo with RMagick in Rails? deleted (along with all the answers), even though question and answers had upvotes only (no ...
44 votes
2 answers

Why was this question with upvoted answers deleted?

According to this link the author can't delete a question if it has an answer with upvotes. To my understanding the question was not deleted by the system itself either. So my question is, why was ...
7 votes
1 answer

Question deleted due to DMCA notice

A question I've answered was deleted due to DMCA notice. From my original post on meta I've figured out TestDome claims the question infringes their copyright. TestDome should've provided some ...
14 votes
1 answer

Has the policy on ongoing competition or job interview questions changed?

I just noticed that this upvoted question and my accepted answer to it have been deleted by a diamond ♦ moderator/SO employee. It may not have been a particularly good question, but the asker ...
23 votes
1 answer

A non-deleted answer to a deleted question?

Something weird is going on with this answer. It's an answer on a question that got an answer on SO, then got migrated to MSO, rejected, and then deleted. However, it seems the answer hasn't been ...
-8 votes
2 answers

Deleted post deleted my painstakingly crafted answer

I worked really hard to create an answer to a question. There was an in-depth response, a fully functional working code example that took 4+ hours to create. Then I watched as the "deleted by" popup ...
42 votes
1 answer

Why did Community delete this upvoted question with an upvoted answer?

A question (screenshot) was asked yesterday. It received two upvotes and an answer with six upvotes. According to the post timeline, the user was destroyed. This caused the question to be deleted by ...
-19 votes
1 answer

Why were those question with up-voted answers deleted

Why were the below question deleted? I don't know how to provide links to the questions, but you can find them by navigating to my profile, if you have >10k rep. Link Link
-13 votes
3 answers

Contrary to the wording of my original post, I was really looking for a term for what I described [duplicate]

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post What would you call source control management software that makes full versions of changes. I am out of my element here I think; I am not sure exactly. ...
-9 votes
6 answers

Should a question remain open simply because it's cited as a source in a published work?

While reading Mark Seeman's book, "Dependency Injection in .NET", I discovered he'd quoted a question from Stack Overflow that related to explaining DI to a person in very simple terms, and he'd cited ...
5 votes
1 answer

Does a user get notified of question deletion

Assuming we have a user on the platform who posts a bad question which gets closed and deleted within 15 minutes. The user comes back 20 minutes later. What does he see / get? Does he still see the ...
12 votes
1 answer

No comments on deleted questions means no way to tell the poster they shouldn't have deleted the question

I'm sure most if not all of us have had the experience of posting a "dumb" question on Stack Overflow, and then wanting to delete our question as a result. But at the same time, questions that you ...
18 votes
4 answers

Question deleted after being closed for no apparent reason

Please read this older answer by a SO moderator about another question, a widely visited community wiki. This post is regarding this question (image here) This question was recently deleted (edit: ...
65 votes
1 answer

Why was the early question about time zone detection deleted?

This long-standing question was recently deleted, with no apparent explanation. Determine a User's Timezone Though some of the answers are outdated, there are a lot of good ones there as well ...
8 votes
1 answer

Can I somehow see what I commented or answered to a question deleted by author?

I received a comment from another user that referred to a comment or answer of mine regarding that user's question. Unfortunately - as you can see if you click the link in question - the question was ...
5 votes
1 answer

Why are reputation points lost for deleted questions? [duplicate]

This is the question I am referring to: Is jQuery dead? Reputation points can be lost for downvotes. But if any question is deleted, shouldn't the the user get back his/her reputation points?
13 votes
2 answers

I flagged a question when it was deleted after receiving an answer, the flag is still pending 5 days later, is there anything else I can do? [duplicate]

This question: QString replace characters outside of quotes was removed by its author 4 minutes after a working solution has been proposed by me. This is enough time to copy the code, having in mind ...
7 votes
1 answer

How long does it take for a deleted post to get permanently deleted?

I had to delete a question today. How long will it take for it to get permanently deleted and no longer viewable/accessible by anyone?
67 votes
1 answer

Change the delete user option so that it doesn't remove questions with upvoted answers

An issue has been raised where a user was deleted, but potentially useful content was removed along with the account: Can we not delete great answers when an account is deleted by a moderator? When ...
-3 votes
3 answers

Why was this question under discussion on meta.SO deleted?

The duplicate status of the question: Create new branch to begin work on a new feature is currently under discussion on meta.SO: Why is this question a duplicate? To my reading, the top voted post ...
-12 votes
2 answers

How to distinguish a question from its marked duplicates [duplicate]

If a question has marked duplicates, where is the best place to distinguish the question from its dupe targets? In the question itself In the comments Or doesn't it matter? I ask because this meta ...
-1 votes
1 answer

Duplicate of a deleted question? [duplicate]

I asked a question then realized I gave it a wrong tag (hence few views). In order to have views again I decided to delete the question and ask new one (same question). But I got error that this new ...
6 votes
2 answers

Links to good answers which are subsequently deleted

In an answer of mine here I referenced another answer from 2 years earlier. This second answer was later deleted along with the entire question. For those who can't view that deleted Q&A, the ...
-13 votes
1 answer

What did I done wrong in my Question [duplicate]

So in the end my Question got deleted (screenshot). I am not complaining I just want to know what i did wrong. So let me explain what happend: I asked a question about what advantages Eto has in ...
16 votes
1 answer

Message notification (ping) from a moderator not received inside a question after a question was deleted

Edit/update: Turns out that rene caught this: the mod added a space between the @ and the username. I don't think that qualifies as a valid @-reply. No inbox notifications are expected in that case....
3 votes
1 answer

Why did my question get deleted? [duplicate]

I checked my reputation history recently and discovered that my question, Convert JSON strings to normalized schema in SQL Server was deleted. I think the question was decent, even though it never ...
39 votes
1 answer

Why is this question deleted after only 11 minutes?

Regarding this question: Send message as UDP traffic From what I understand, it's unclear and therefore correctly closed. But what's the reason for instantly deleting it? I would assume the OP has ...
15 votes
7 answers

Can we decrease the roomba times for auto deletion of bad questions?

In an attempt to improve the quality of content on the site, expediting the speedy deletion of low quality questions, while taking pressure off the community. Can we decrease the roomba times for auto ...
2 votes
0 answers

Should the meta question be removed from "HOT META POSTS" if it is deleted for any reason?

Following question is visible in "HOT META POSTS": When I click on that,...
8 votes
0 answers

Poster deleting their own good question [duplicate]

Many times I've been in a situation where I start to write an answer for a good question. But the question is deleted by its poster before anyone got the time to answer. The user most likely found ...
47 votes
1 answer

Roomba ate my question, but I still want an answer. What now?

30 days ago, I asked Undo “Install Certificates.command” . I thought it was a decent question, but it drew a downvote. Now Roomba has come along and deleted it. What are askers supposed to do when ...

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