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Please notify users when their comment is deleted

I recently was on a highly downvoted question where the user posted a huge code dump and said something along the lines of: This is for an assignment, and I really don't have time to do it right ...
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Removing comments that are no longer relevant (but were at the time of posting)

Sometimes I miss something in an answer or I get something wrong. There comes a comment along the line: you missed this / You are wrong here and my answer - if it is not immediately fixable - is: ...
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Make the automatic deletion of "possible duplicate of" comments more precise

Proposal: Change the criteria for automatic deletion of comments generated by duplicate votes so that only comments that begin exactly with "Possible duplicate of [link to a question]" are deleted. ...
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Are "Why the downvote?" comments ever automatically deleted?

I answered a question on StackOverflow yesterday. Another user happened to answer the same question at about the same time - our answers are very similar. Both our answers received a single downvote ...
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Do not automatically remove hand-written comments when closing as duplicate

I believe there is a auto-magical process that removes all comments that refer to "duplicate" question when "closed as duplicate" is chosen (existence for auto-generated comments covered in comment ...
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Can high-rep users see deleted comments?

Can high-rep users see deleted comments? If so, at what reputation level? Otherwise, Should it be possible? Would it be useful? Where do comments go when they die - do comments get removed from ...
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Why was my comment removed from this question?

On this question, I posted a comment which went roughly along the lines of: Consider learning the basics of PHP first before using a framework. and I was confused as to why it was deleted. I'm ...
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Has there been a change in the moderation of comments (by the mods)?

Just to quickly clarify: this is not about unfriendly, welcoming, or anything else of that nature in regards to SE the company's policy, but rather our own community moderator's policy: After being ...
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Comment disappeared?

I'm fairly sure I made another comment on the accepted answer at this question. However, it no longer appears on the question page. What happened?
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Allow users to view flagged comments

Comments get silently removed from a user's visible history so it is unclear what comments are perceived as "rude or abusive" or "racist or hateful", or – possibly – "in need ...
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Do deleted comments disappear from the targeted user's inbox?

Suppose someone posts a comment to one of my questions. I guess that comment would then appear in my SO inbox. Now suppose the commenter deletes their comment. Will the comment also disappear from my ...
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If Stack Overflow is about building a Q&A library - how to communicate and uphold that?

I love Stack Overflow and it has helped me tremendously. I have only asked 25 questions, but I cannot count the number of times an existing Q&A has been helpful for me. I am a firm believer that ...
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What is the Meta consensus on comments that self-promote answers to old questions?

When answering an old question, when is it appropriate to add a comment under the question promoting your answer? In my experience answering old questions in the pandas tag, I have come across other ...
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Do not delete comments when question is marked as duplicate

If a comment underneath a question contains a link to another question and the question is subsequently closed as duplicate of this question, the comment containing this link is automatically deleted. ...
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2 answers

Why was my comment deleted?

A few days ago I added one comment on this answer Glide-4.0.0 Missing placeholder, error, GlideApp and does not resolve its method placeholder, error I asked some question to the user about his answer ...
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Delete button showing up as the word "delete" rather than the normal X

Just now, when I went to delete one of my comments, I noticed the normal "X" to delete it was replaced by the actual word "delete": Is this a bug? If not, why was it changed?
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Notification about deleted comments [duplicate]

Today (or yesterday) a comment I gave as a reply to a comment on one of my answers got deleted. I not only have an idea on why, but would have never noticed, had not someone else commented the answer ...
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Should I leave comments suggesting that posters improve their formatting?

Earlier today, I came across a question which I felt was poorly formatted. I left a comment on that question. Shortly after, I thought that my comment might be considered rude, and I added a bit of ...
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What is the site-wide ratio of deleted comments?

What is the site-wide ratio of deleted comments? In addition, it would be also nice to know: A breakdown of the deleted comments by deletion trigger, including the various flag types as well as self-...
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Is there a way I can find back my comments deleted by others on

I have a comment on a post on which was deleted by someone long time ago. Now I'd like to find back the post to view some information, but I don't see that comment on my comments ...
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Does comment deletion affect my privileges?

I am asking if increased number of deleted comments affect my privilege of writing comments? (I have deleted a huge number of comments in the past and I still can write comments either to my post or ...
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Deleted comments

Earlier today, I left a couple of comments on this question pointing out a couple of security problems with what this user was doing. They seem to have been deleted. Any idea why? Was it automatic?
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Comments under my answer disappeared automatically

Well a couple of days back I answered this question here and there were lot of comments suggested to improve my answer which was accepted. Around 10-15 I can say. Comments of OP, one more user and ...
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The revision history matters [closed]

This question has been revised so many times and the OP has totally turned things around to his/her advantage. The original problem/question was: Shouldn't "precognitive" badge be marked as "...
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Why are my comments disappearing on my question?

Comments in my question (if I remember correctly, not only mine) keep disappearing but I didn't delete them myself. Is is possible that comments are deleted automatically if a word in them is on a ...
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Mark comments as hidden instead of completely deleting them

The purpose of comments on a question it to gather further information from the user asking the question. @deceze writes in this meta post that the: purpose of comments is to provide feedback to a ...
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How do the new comment flags affect our comments?

The not relevant flag has an entirely different connotation to the no longer needed flag. It implies that any discussion about the post is relevant and can therefore stay. Well that's my thinking. ...
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2 answers

Is it a good practice to delete your own comments under different questions or answers?

I think that everyone, at least once, has been in a situation where you post an inappropriate comment under some question or answer. For example, you misunderstood the author's point or just were ...
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I lost my temper - did I?

Ok, I'm the guy in the "too much" hat for today... A question that I found to be - despite its correct looks - without effort made me ask for details. I admit it was not in a nice tone, that's clear. ...
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Why is one specific moderator deleting his own comments and high-value comments by others while leaving replies?

(I'm sorry to call out a mod by name, but since this is about a pattern of behaviour by a single mod, I'm not sure what else to do.) George Stocker has recently started deleting comments on Meta more ...
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Technical comment removed?

I left a comment on this answer Basically it provided a different perspective, pointing out one small fact that had been omitted from an otherwise very ...
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Reason for comment deletion

Can someone explain to me why I had a comment deleted on this answer? It was still listed in my mobile app, so I have it verbatim: @perissf I amended my answer to hopefully clarify a bit. As far ...
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My second comment on a question disappeared

I made two comments on this question. The first was asking for clarification (the original version was just a code dump), and then, once more details was added to the question, I commented with a link ...
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Can users be educated without it being branded a "slinging match"?

By "educated" I mean: "be aided in their personal improvement as a developer, and their use of the site" but that was a bit wordy. I don't mean it in a condescending way. This evening I happened upon ...
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Should you delete comments about an error that was fixed?

Are comments considered historical record and should not be deleted even if they are no longer relevant (as in the case below), or are they simply temporary communication methods and should be removed ...
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Comment option disappears after deleting comment

On a mobile device if I add a comment to a post and then delete the comment, the option to add a comment again (to the same post) is hidden. The comment link appears again after the page is ...
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Is it intended that I can delete my comment that resulted from a duplicate vote?

When flagging a question as duplicate, a comment appears, notifying the OP about a possible duplicate. I noticed that it is possible to delete that comment, even without removing the duplicate flag ...
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Do I have a superpower? [duplicate]

A high-rep answerer posted two comments in the question asking the OP to accept the answer. I thought two comments were too much noise and asking for acceptance is not good etiquette. So I flagged ...
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Is there an arbitration process regarding flagged comments?

I did take a break of several years from answering, so I'm not really familiar with the latest fashion, but it seems to me that comments are deleted like crazy, and many of them despite being relevant ...
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Can I see if my comment was deleted for violating rules? [duplicate]

I commented on this question My nested for loop breaks 3 loops back instead of one. I pointed out the ambiguities of the question and my reason to vote to close because of syntax errors in the ...
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What happens to log history of comments done on a deleted post? [duplicate]

Today I was reviewing a low quality answer from review queue. It seems the poster deleted the post afterwards as it already had 3 downvotes. Now that post is not visible to me when I go to that thread ...
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Repeatedly re-posting a comment to 'bump' an answer [duplicate]

On a few questions the same SO user has posted answers or comments. As far as I can tell, each day they are commenting asking me to review their response, and deleting the previous comment - thus ...
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Did one of my questions (maybe older than the deleted recently page's period) get deleted recently and is therefore not shown on that page?

In an answer on on Oct 28 '19 at 18:49 I mentioned having asked 41 questions in my entire SO lifetime. Right now I saw that there are only 40. The deleted recently page is empty. (OTH, I can ...
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An answer and comments just disappear?

I've seen other Meta posts about answers and comments disappearing due to moderator intervention or by the author, but I'm surprised here -- I have a question here, and (unless I'm just going crazy) ...
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Did my comment just disappear?

I posted a comment on this question about an hour ago, asking for some clarification. When I refreshed the page (habit), after doing other things for a while, I noticed that my comment was not there ...
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Deleted comment

My comment under this question was deleted, and I don't know why. Intercept (using metatable(_G)) access to pre_models() and run this script. Print serialized m on every invocation of intercepted ...
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How to dispute a deleted comment?

On a question I posted a comment which now is deleted. There's no record of the deletion (other than the comment missing). How does one dispute a comment deletion? Or get the comment restored?
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What is the policy of who can delete comments?

What is the policy of who can delete comments? And how does it guard against one or two persons being able to delete comments (or each other's comments) that otherwise may not be favorable to him ...
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What are the guidelines for comments on meta?

I cannot seem to find any guidelines on when comments on this meta site will be deleted. What are the rough circumstances when a moderator will delete meta comments? I did find one post about ...
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Comment removed with no explanation

Can a moderator explain why my comment was removed from this post? I posted "what effort have you made?"
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