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Deleted answers refers to all answers deleted from Stack Overflow. The tag "specific-answer" should also be used when referencing a specific answer that has been deleted.

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Post deletion banner lists incorrect users

When a post was deleted via review and then later undeleted and deleted again, the deletion banner lists the users who took part in the original review rather than whoever deleted it afterwards. While ...
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Why did a moderator delete a highly voted answer and nobody answered the flag I raised?

Recently a moderator deleted my answer with 37 upvotes and it said: This answer was marked as spam or rude or abusive and is therefore not shown - you can see the revision history for details. I ...
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Why a useful answer got deleted?

This was a hard to find solution that took me a few days to figure out. I have solved this issue before in my line of work, so I posted an answer so others can benefit. It started getting up votes and ...
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Deletion of a valid answer by a mod

This answer was deleted by moderators, I believe by mistake. While it's short, it absolutely perfectly answers the question. The question currently has no other answers. Related to this: I think ...
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An accepted answer was deleted yet the user was not deleted

My question held G Clark's post as the accepted answer for nearly two years with ~40 upvotes. I now notice that their answer has disappeared even though G Clark's account still exists with their ...
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What to do with a leftover question after a ragedelete?

A (very) recent user posted this question. It was deemed unclear and several user requested clarifications. Apparently not understanding why we didn't understand him, he finally deleted all his ...
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An answer where I invested time was suddenly deleted without feedback

My answer to a question about Xamarin.Forms TabBar's Height was deleted without a single comment even though, as I see it, provided a valuable alternative solution for the OP. Why did this happen?
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Are flags still reviewed if the post is deleted?

I downvoted this answer (only 10k+ can view) that was a simple copy-paste of a portion of the official documentation (with one sentence of the user's own). I also flagged the answer as it did not ...
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Some Stack Exchange assets do not load due to CORS errors for* URLs

When performing Low Quality Posts reviews I often view the vote count on a post as a quick way to determine if the review task that I'm looking at is an audit. When it is an audit and the post has ...
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Is there any reason to keep a self answered question about an issue with beta software now resolved in the release version? [duplicate]

While working on some code using some new APIs in a beta release of Xcode 15 and iOS 17, I came across a bug and an ugly workaround. So I posted a question and a self-answer based on the issue and my ...
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Why was this answer marked as spam or rude/abusive? [duplicate]

Today I have found that this answer was deleted by a mod as spam or rude/abusive. Here is the content in that answer: You have forgot to name the array list name it some thing Just like this: ...
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Does this answer answer the question?

I had a review audit (don't worry, my post isn't about the actual audit) that gave me this answer in the First Posts queue: It was really badly worded, so I tried to edit to improve but I was told ...
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Why didn't the moderator remove the SPAM?

I have seen an answer which was SPAM. However, a moderator edited it to SPAM content removed Why wasn't the post deleted too? First I thought that at that time (the edit dates 2010), he hadn't ...
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Why was this answer deleted? For obsolete reason?

This answer was deleted not by its author but by two other users, one of them a moderator. It's an alright answer, the author put good effort into it, and it has five upvotes. I think at least some of ...
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Why was this JSP answer deleted by a moderator?

I originally found a question I was looking for an answer to, and once I found the solution I added this answer. I then realised that question was a duplicate of an even older one, so I closed the ...
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What happens to answer flags when their question is deleted?

Recently I flagged an answer as "not an answer". Later on, I found my flag had been declined with the generic: declined - a moderator reviewed your flag, but found no evidence to support it I ...
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2 answers

History of deleted posts by community user

From this post , I see an answer was deleted by user community (as it was most likely a spam). But the text, that replaced it, says I can look at revision history for details (I thought it's like when ...
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Why was this valid answer diamond-moderator-deleted? The question asks for a problem involving numbers and this answer gives a valid solution, suggesting modulo instead of a loop. What's more, this is a new ...
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Delete Questions/Answers too often? [duplicate]

Is it generally a bad thing to do, if you hypothetically delete a little bit too much of your own Q/A? Is there a limit? Are there some consequences given it is interpreted as not helpful? PS: I ...
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The rep history shows over 500 rep in one day, even though there are no accepts

Inevitably, this happened. Somehow that caused this: With the rep cap at 200, this makes absolutely no sense. It did make sense before that. I had ~200 rep yesterday and another ~200 today. Now it ...
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NAA flag declined on an answer that a mod later removed

I recently flagged this post as NAA (Sentinel record for those under 10k), because it should have been a comment. It had previously made it through a removal review (3x Recommend Deletion), so I ...
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Is this a faulty audit?

Is this a faulty audit? (10K to see the answer) Assigning an object to C++ array Image of the now-deleted answer: Here is the body of the question: The question is mainly asking "it won't ...
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Deleting an undeleted LQP review reports deletions incorrectly

So we have this deleted answer (10k+ if that wasn't obvious). The chain of events here is The answer was reported as LQP and deleted The user then undeleted their answer (which is sometimes possible, ...
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Can users see comments on deleted answers?

Technically, this is a very rare occasion, but I was struggling to find an official statement to this: Now, I know that deleted answers are visible to >10k rep users, but I was wondering, recently I ...
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Deleting an answer on a low quality question?

I recently answered a question which was poor quality, it was pointed out to me that I shouldn't have done this. I commented asking whether to delete it but I think the question itself was removed ...
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Can't unfollow deleted answer

Pretty sure this issue is different from this one, as I don't get a popup. (Though with the new UI, who knows?) Recently, I followed a couple of answers that later got deleted. Since I don't have the ...
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Reputation notifications not showing after my answer was deleted

Recently, a question that I had answered was closed and deleted (along with my answer) for being a duplicate, and I lost all the reputation (105 points) I'd gained from my answer. That's no problem, ...
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Why didn't I get back my reputation after I deleted my downvoted answer?

Yesterday I deleted an answer with 2 downvotes, but it seems that I didn't get back my last reputation. I started with a score of 346 and now I have 341, after I got some down votes, but I removed the ...
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Is it acceptable if I delete my answers that didn't get any response?

I have this habit of deleting my answers which do not appear to get any feedback. Feedback can be either in terms of votes (up/down) or any comment or getting accepted. I usually feel that such an ...
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Deleting an accepted answer with a negative score

A while back, I answered a question and it got accepted but I keep getting downvotes on it. People say the answer doesn't make sense (which could totally be right). I decided to delete the answer, but ...
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Detailed and accepted answer deleted by a moderator - why?

I am referring to this question for which I produced a detailed self-contained answer (no link), which was accepted by the person who raised the question. So far so good. But now I notice that my ...
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SO etiquette - should answer be removed on OP request to improve visibilty

Is it common for users to ask to remove answers to not distract other people from answering the question when answer does not satisfy poster? If it is, what is typical / established response? I ...
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Why was this answer to "numpy-like-package-for-node" deleted?

About a month ago, I posted an answer to this question: I created my own library here: Usage: var lynx = require("lynx-js") var arr = new lynx.NdArray([...
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Ability to hide deleted answers [closed]

As admin of SO Team, I see all deleted answers on the question page. They disturb me - oftenly they appear above not deleted answers, and when I use search with Ctrl-F, it walks through all deleted ...
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Is it possible to actually delete deleted post that is only hidden?

I made an answer on SO that got deleted. However, now this answer is actually hidden, meaning I can see it, as well as moderators I think. Though it's no big deal really, I don't see the point of ...
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First timer's answer pointing to open source code and disclosing affiliation, deleted by mod

GPS location is always offset in China asks how to solve a very difficult problem - correcting random map offsets in China due to cold war era regulations and/or protectionism1, 2. The answer is far ...
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Someone just deleted their answers and ragequit over the navbar redesign. Can we make sure we undelete their answers?

In the comments at, AndryDude claims to have ragequit after deleting their top answers: Assuming that no automatic ...
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How do I undelete my answers?

I have many deleted answers. How can I undelete them? I've seen other answers that say you can undelete them, but I don't know how to do this.
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2 answers

“This post has been deleted” banner appears multiple times if post is undeleted between deletions

I encountered this issue when flaggin a question as dupe and suggesting the OP to rephrase his question or write a new one alltogether since it turned out they needed information on a different topic. ...
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Old highly scored plagiarised answers don't result in reputation loss when deleted [duplicate]

I flagged an answer(10k+, score was +7/-0 if I remember rightly) for moderator deletion due to the source of the answer being plagiarised. As a result of this the answer was deleted, however the user ...
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Situation of deletion up to come [duplicate]

I'm quite new to Stack Overflow, and whatever the quality (high or low) of the question, I noticed frequent deletions of questions once a satisfying answer is given (not only in threads I've been ...
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Can a moderator un-delete this answer which I think still contains a valid solution?

This concerns The original text is as follows: i had the same problem with sharepoint 2016 on windows server 2019. It's helped me:
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Why has a moderator deleted this very good and informative post? [duplicate]

What's wrong with the following post? It's the most informative one among the other answers. I tried to vote to undelete it but it says that: A ...
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Are questions and answers deleted by the system still visible by the original poster?

The Stack Overflow FAQ states: What happens when a post is deleted? Once a post has been deleted, it will disappear for all users except developers, moderators, and other fellow users with this ...
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How can I undelete an answer after improving its quality?

There are many questions related to Phonegap; some of these were asked quite a long time ago, but nobody answered them. As I happen to have the domain knowledge and have found a good solution ...
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Why can't I mention my projects as answers?

So, I saw people asking questions on SO and decided to help. Instead of just talking about the solutions, I created the solutions as open source projects and provide to them as answers. People used ...
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An answer disappeared?

I am a 10k+ user so I should be able to see deleted answers. I was answering Joda-Time: Strange behavior for leap year in Period calculation. When I started entering my answer there were already two ...
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Should I duplicate a solution that is an answer for two different questions?

I wrote code by following an answer from SqlException from Entity Framework - New transaction is not allowed because there are other threads running in the session. However after 50,000 records I've ...
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How can I find out my posts (questions or answers) deleted (not necessarily last active) in the past 24 hours?

Is it possible to find out all of my posts (questions or answers) deleted (not last active) in a time frame, such as in the past 24 or 48 hours? Let me emphasize again: recently deleted but not ...
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Broken First Post review audit

I just got an audit for a (deleted) answer to this question. Tried flagging it got an error. Tried voting down got an error. Tried commenting and got an error. Lastly I tried clicking No Action ...
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