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Questions tagged [deleted-answers]

Deleted answers refers to all answers deleted from Stack Overflow. The tag "specific-answer" should also be used when referencing a specific answer that has been deleted.

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How to recover useful answers from automatically deleted questions

TLDR: Stack Exchange automatically deleted useful reference information. How do I recover it? About five years ago, I asked a question about .NET Localization. It received a bunch of upvotes and some ...
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Grace Period to recover deleted answer content (User Removed)

Is there a way to place answers about to be deleted from User Removed events into some sort of Limbo for a short period, say 7 days. On several occasions I have seen a question I know I have answered ...
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Let me see the source of my own answers that have been deleted, please

This is a follow-up of a previous question. In the comments, we found out that I can access the revision history of the deleted answer but not the source code. Those initial links were given by a 10k+ ...
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38 votes
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Low-rep users should not see usernames of people who voted for deletion of their question or answer in the banner

In this feature request I would like to propose that the usernames of delete-voters get hidden from low-rep users in the deletion banner, similarly to how the usernames of close-voters already are not ...
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Updates to deleted answers should not bump a question

After asking this question: Post modified but nothing has changed I found out that if a user updates a deleted answer, it bumps the question as it updates the last modified time. For users under 10k ...
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Unable to reverse downvote after answer undeleted

I noticed something rather strange just now, specifically with this answer. Originally, the answerer (which doesn't show in the edit history, as it happened rather quickly after posting) had misread ...
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30 votes
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Standardize the "deleted by" formatting on questions and answers

When visiting an owner-deleted question, we get: deleted by Username 3 mins ago but when viewing an owner-deleted answer, we get: deleted by owner Oct 11 '12 at 8:34 I personally prefer "...
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Enable pagination based on the total number of answers not the number of undeleted answers

Generally, questions that have a large number of answers have their answers paged so that only 30 are ever displayed to the user at one time. Take, for example, What does "use strict" do in ...
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Spam/Offensive-deleted answer is still showing "Show more comments" link, until you click it

I noticed some odd behavior on this "deleted as offensive" answer: When I load the page, it tells me "comments are disabled on deleted / locked posts / reviews", but it gives me the option to "show 9 ...
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23 votes
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Grey background doesn't appear for code in deleted answers

The grey background for code seems to have disappeared for deleted answers. For example, this deleted answer looks like this: This happens on meta as well Bug? I'm using the latest version of ...
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Show me my own deleted questions and answers on my profile page

First off let me start by saying I know about a highly popular request on the main meta. However that is status-declined and hasn't had any official response for a while now. I have also seen related ...
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18 votes
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A deleted answer is shown in the top spot and still shows as accepted

I was doing some research and I ran across What is the 'cls' variable used in python classes?. When I opened the question I was very surprised to see a deleted, accepted, answer showing as ...
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Does this answer answer the question?

I had a review audit (don't worry, my post isn't about the actual audit) that gave me this answer in the First Posts queue: It was really badly worded, so I tried to edit to improve but I was told ...
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14 votes
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Is this a faulty audit?

Is this a faulty audit? (10K to see the answer) Assigning an object to C++ array Image of the now-deleted answer: Here is the body of the question: The question is mainly asking "it won't ...
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Deleting an undeleted LQP review reports deletions incorrectly

So we have this deleted answer (10k+ if that wasn't obvious). The chain of events here is The answer was reported as LQP and deleted The user then undeleted their answer (which is sometimes possible, ...
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13 votes
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Can't unfollow deleted answer

Pretty sure this issue is different from this one, as I don't get a popup. (Though with the new UI, who knows?) Recently, I followed a couple of answers that later got deleted. Since I don't have the ...
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Reputation notifications not showing after my answer was deleted

Recently, a question that I had answered was closed and deleted (along with my answer) for being a duplicate, and I lost all the reputation (105 points) I'd gained from my answer. That's no problem, ...
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Why didn't I get back my reputation after I deleted my downvoted answer?

Yesterday I deleted an answer with 2 downvotes, but it seems that I didn't get back my last reputation. I started with a score of 346 and now I have 341, after I got some down votes, but I removed the ...
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12 votes
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Why was this answer to "numpy-like-package-for-node" deleted?

About a month ago, I posted an answer to this question: I created my own library here: Usage: var lynx = require("lynx-js") var arr = new lynx.NdArray([...
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Can a moderator un-delete this answer which I think still contains a valid solution?

This concerns The original text is as follows: i had the same problem with sharepoint 2016 on windows server 2019. It's helped me:
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10 votes
0 answers

An answer disappeared?

I am a 10k+ user so I should be able to see deleted answers. I was answering Joda-Time: Strange behavior for leap year in Period calculation. When I started entering my answer there were already two ...
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9 votes
0 answers

Why is this answer that does not even have a link spam or offensive?

I got a 'STOP! Look and listen.' from clicking Looks OK here. For whatever reason the answer is considered spam and was deleted as such. Sometimes the answers have a link to an undisclosed affiliated ...
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Is there a way to recover my answer to another users deleted question?

A few times I have experienced that I spent time writing an answer to a question only to find that the question was deleted. This seems to cause my answer to simply disappear from the universe. Is ...
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Privilege to convert deleted answer to comment?

I came across a deleted answer that I thought would make a good comment at I think it would have made a good comment because it was a one or two line ...
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I fail review audits by approving answers which appear blank *after* I review them

I was just given a 7-day audit ban for approving a potentially "low-quality" answer to this question: I thought that the original answer (...
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0 answers

Does removing a user's community wiki post count toward their question ban?

I recently stumbled across this post a few minutes ago on SO. It appears this question has been out there for some time and based on the comment string, may no longer contain reproducible code. It ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Why was my answer in meta deleted?

This answer on this question on Roomba was deleted. Why? I don't see any rule from the Help Center that I have infringed. Here was the answer, if you cannot see it from the link: Roomba should be ...
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Potential bug in answer display for a specific question

I recently answered a question. The question and the answer has no vote nor been marked as answered. Anyway the question list layout shows it as answered: While the answer is clearly not marked. ...
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Answer deleted with no reason

I wrote an answer on this question: MongoDB Fetching documents slow (Indexing used) a few months ago and someone has deleted it. I would like to know why because for me my answer is well related to ...
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1 answer

Recovering a deleted good answer on my own question

I asked a question earlier which got an answer from a well-respected (I'll speak for myself) contributor to the Haskell tag. The answer contributed to my understanding of the problem and generated ...
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Other undelete votes are not properly counted/displayed when a post owner self-undeletes a post

Yesterday I cast an undelete vote on an answer. This undelete vote is shown in the timeline, although it is unattributed so normal users can't tell whether it was an undelete vote by the post owner or ...
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Deleted code block rendering problem on recent update of Chrome

Browser bug, or site bug? Chrome just recently updated (to version 85.0.4183.121). After the update, code blocks found in deleted posts are rendered badly: Interestingly, if you select the text, it ...
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Accepted answer to my question deleted

A while back I asked a question and quickly got an answer that resolved it completely (and so I accepted it). If I recall correctly, it was the perfect pair of question and answer for the site, ...
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Deleted post that is still available in a review queue

I reviewed a post in the “Suggested edit” queue and got this case which was already deleted. I still had the ability to review this post although it has been already deleted. This is waste of time of ...
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Did one of my questions (maybe older than the deleted recently page's period) get deleted recently and is therefore not shown on that page?

In an answer on on Oct 28 '19 at 18:49 I mentioned having asked 41 questions in my entire SO lifetime. Right now I saw that there are only 40. The deleted recently page is empty. (OTH, I can ...
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5 votes
0 answers

Choosing which duplicate answer to delete

2-3 years ago I came across this question: Understanding colors on Android (six characters) I found the answer by BlondeFurious helpful and I decided to post an improved answer. It became a popular ...
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It's easy to robo-review questions and answers with comments!

Just upvote a comment on the answer or question in question. You'll get a nice dialog box telling you that it's already deleted, effectively declaring it's an audit.
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Collective membership text removed from user card between answer deletion and undeletion

Today, I posted an answer, deleted it, then undeleted it. Between the deletion and the undeletion, the text that indicates that I am in the PHP Collective has been removed from under my answer's user ...
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Deleting questions that promote understanding?

I just recognized and wondered that a question was deleted (Google cache) by some users that was less about code, but more about understanding. When I first read this question I was also confused and ...
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4 votes
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"I've thought better of my QUESTION" message when deleting an ANSWER

When deleting my sixth answer on a given day I am presented with the following message (emphasis mine): You have already deleted 5 of your own posts today; further deletes are blocked. See "I've ...
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Why can I edit others' deleted answers?

I just hit sweet 10k, so as a curious user, I instantly checked the famous first question on SO. To my surprise, the editing function actually worked for deleted answers that were not mine. I think ...
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4 votes
0 answers

Retrieving the accepted answer date fails when the answer is deleted

Example here. Hovering the accepted answer check mark displays this text: loading when this answer was accepted... The request to fails ...
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Identical answer on two different (not duplicate) questions

Recently I've found out that Microsoft's tool "Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer" can be used to rename containers, tables and file shares in Azure after looking its revision log. And for a while I was ...
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No straighforward way to access the text of deleted answer with a single revision

When I view this deleted answer (link won't work for users with less than 10k rep), it shows this text instead of the actual text of the answer:* This answer was marked as spam or offensive and is ...
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Useful bountied answer removed

I awarded a bounty on an answer to this question seleniumbase (undetected Chrome driver): how to set request header? but the relevant answer has disappeared, presumably deleted for some unknown reason....
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Should this answer have been deleted via the LQP Queue?

This post was recently deleted via the LQP Queue. For the <10k users: Should this post have been deleted? I feel while it was wrong that the LQP queue should have deleted this answer (It did ...
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Deleted answer for UPnP Port Forwarding on ESP8266

I have extensively thickened my answer after it was deleted, added a lot of explaining as to how the package and UPnP port forwarding works with IGD API: ESP8266 UPnP Port Forwarding - IoT Can ...
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Deleted answers are listed in the order they were posted - can this be changed?

Oftentimes I notice that the count of answers that I've written reduces (even though I did not explicitly delete any of my answers). Certainly, this happens when a question is deleted, but if the ...
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Why is text about deleted answer comments an anchor element?

A few days ago I deleted an answer and accidentally hovered over the text: comments disabled on deleted / locked posts / reviews To my surprise, the style of the text changed and made me believe ...
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"Active" does not change if an answer is deleted

A new answer has been posted to this question 3 days ago. This answer was deleted at some point today. The "Active" indicator was not updated, which is a bit misleading. I was expecting that the "...
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