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Deleted answers refers to all answers deleted from Stack Overflow. The tag "specific-answer" should also be used when referencing a specific answer that has been deleted.

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Does the same answer imply that the questions should be closed as duplicate?

Yesterday, I answered a question about C++ input with an answer that described the very common problem of mixing cin >> and getline in the same program and the confusion that ensues. Three ...
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135 votes
5 answers

Did we really have to delete this 80-vote community wiki answer after three years?

What are alternatives to ExtJS? The question had 65 upvotes and 57 stars. The top answer had 82 upvotes and it was community wiki. The question had also been closed for three years. A few days ago it ...
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126 votes
1 answer

What posts get deleted, and why?

A fair number of posts get deleted on Stack Overflow each month, for a wide variety of reasons and by a diverse set of methods. Because these posts are, by definition, not visible and not searchable,...
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10 answers

Should old, high-rep, link-only, accepted answers be deleted?

Exhibit A: Highlight a word with jQuery NOTE: Don't get itchy with your duplicate trigger finger. I'm trying to find out if the community genuinely believes that high-rep, accepted, link-only ...
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29 votes
4 answers

Can we please clear misunderstanding that deleting old highly upvoted posts causes reputation loss?

One of the reasons I've heard for not wanting to delete old posts that are really not up to today's standards is that the reputation will be lost. An example (and I'm not trying to pick on a moderator ...
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106 votes
9 answers

Should we avoid rhetorical questions in answers?

My answer was flagged by users that thought I'm asking OP for clarification. However, this is not the case. If you read my answer, you can easily understand that these questions actually helped OP ...
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127 votes
2 answers

Please implement clause 7b of the CC-by-SA license

Inspired by recent events, I'm more than a little distraught at what happened, and I'd like to see some provision to be made to allow an SO user to disassociate themselves from a post. Quoting the ...
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218 votes
7 answers

Why is the popular "How much research effort is expected" answer deleted?

This answer has been deleted as of yesterday. Similar to Jon Skeet's Stack Overflow question checklist, this answer has been used by many users as a go-to link to comment when a question with no ...
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Why am I allowed to edit my deleted answer but not question?

If I delete my answer, I can edit it deleted. But to edit my deleted question I must undelete it. Why this inconsistency?
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27 votes
3 answers

Some deleted posts show up in search results

In 2016 this question was asked: Custom search incorrectly returns deleted questions and in the comments Oded in his capacity as SE developer re-assured the issue would resolve itself after an re-...
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57 votes
1 answer

Removing deleted answers from view

I recently gained access to moderator tools. One of the privileges is viewing deleted posts. I understand why it's important for experienced users to have this feature. As stated in the description, ...
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27 votes
3 answers

Is it possible to see your deleted questions or answers anywhere?

I was wondering if there is anyway to view your deleted questions or answers as sometimes I remove an answer or question but would like to see it at a later date
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40 votes
1 answer

Is it OK to repost deleted answers as new answers?

This answer had 2 downvotes and was deleted (you'll need 10k rep to see it). But then the answerer posted the same answer (with a slight edit) as a completely new answer, and it removed his/her ...
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20 votes
7 answers

What to do with answers in a different programming language than the one asked for? [duplicate]

I stumbled on an old, too broad Java question yesterday (no effort asking for an algorithm). Having quite some votes, views and answers, I decided to browse through them, and found three answers which ...
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4 answers

Why was this answer deleted? This is a perfectly fine, totally accurate answer. Why on Earth was it deleted by the moderator?
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3 answers

What if I think a deleted answer is worthwhile?

If someone deletes their answer because they think it's unhelpful, but I (as the question owner or interested party) believe it does add something, what is the right thing to do?
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Add an option to hide deleted answers when we reach 10k? [duplicate]

Now that I have 10k rep, I see the deleted answers. I'd rather not see them unless I ask to. Is there a way to hide them? Short of starting some bounties, that is.
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26 votes
2 answers

When/Why a question with accepted answer and more answers is deleted?

I was wondering why a thread (question with answers) is completely removed even if an answer was accepted with 7 upvotes. I noticed that my reputation decreased 71 points and didn't know why until I ...
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22 votes
2 answers

Deleting an answer and the effects on my reputation

Does deleting my answer to a question affect my reputation points? If it does affect my reputation points, how much?
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17 votes
1 answer

Post modified but nothing has changed

This question, which is in one of the tags I follow was back on top of the knockout "active" list this morning, stating it was modified: When I navigate to the question though, I can't see any edits ...
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How to undelete an answer deleted by a moderator [duplicate]

I have asked a perfect question and got the solution. I posted it on the blog which is published on my company's website. I gave the link and explained the main components of the solution. It was even ...
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1 answer

Why are duplicate answers deleted? [duplicate]

I found a frustrating issue today and after one hour I found a solution. There was no answer on Stack Overflow. I then identified 5 similar questions asking about exactly the same problem. I answered ...
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67 votes
1 answer

Change the delete user option so that it doesn't remove questions with upvoted answers

An issue has been raised where a user was deleted, but potentially useful content was removed along with the account: Can we not delete great answers when an account is deleted by a moderator? When ...
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64 votes
3 answers

Page for editing a deleted post for users with less than 10k reputation

When a user with less than 10k reputation* tries to directly access the edit page of a post that's been removed, this message appears: This post is deleted and cannot be edited. And it looks like ...
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0 answers

Updates to deleted answers should not bump a question

After asking this question: Post modified but nothing has changed I found out that if a user updates a deleted answer, it bumps the question as it updates the last modified time. For users under 10k ...
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35 votes
3 answers

Is it possible to search my deleted questions?

I tried to find a Q&A of mine that I found extremely useful (I even awarded the answer a bounty if I remember correctly). However I'm unable to find it. It seems that it's been removed, and it's ...
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3 answers

Please stop deleting our content without coherent reasons (regex tag)

After becoming aware through other users that questions might get deleted just because they do not fit into the mood of some (few) others I dug into my own answers and noticed a considerable number of ...
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11 votes
1 answer

How do I undelete my answers?

I have many deleted answers. How can I undelete them? I've seen other answers that say you can undelete them, but I don't know how to do this.
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5 votes
2 answers

Can an answer which was deleted due to presence of plagiarized parts from Mozilla & several SO answers be undeleted if plagiarized parts are removed?

I am pretty much new to Stack Overflow. But I am going through a different experience all together. The day I started learning I created my account here. Then there had been some outstanding ...
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191 votes
4 answers

What can I do if a user removes a question after I've written an extended answer? [duplicate]

Yesterday I was helping a guy (user in4001 ) with a programming question in this site. The question was titled "FBX transformation". I gave him code, answered his comments and extended code mutiple ...
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144 votes
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Can we allow users with 500 <= reputation < 10k to view deleted posts that they personally reviewed? [duplicate]

Reasoning I feel it's a missed opportunity for learning and improving the reviewer base. If I want to scroll back through my browser history/list of recent reviews -- to see how other people ...
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72 votes
6 answers

Are 10K users less gullible?

In Stack Snippets Sandbox, Pacerier posted an answer to demonstrate that code snippets can be used to do phishing attacks. See his explanation. For those who don't have 10K, the post says that if you ...
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1 answer

Grace Period to recover deleted answer content (User Removed)

Is there a way to place answers about to be deleted from User Removed events into some sort of Limbo for a short period, say 7 days. On several occasions I have seen a question I know I have answered ...
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68 votes
3 answers

Allow retracting flags on deleted posts even if you can't view deleted posts

Now that we have the ability to retract flags, I would like to make use of it to retract flags that would most likely be marked helpful but would have no further actionable effect on a post. Problem ...
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66 votes
3 answers

Dodging downvotes by deletion and repost

I've noticed over time that a certain user, if downvoted, always deletes and immediately reposts his answers verbatim. Is this legitimate behavior? If no, then what's the appropriate flag, if any?
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55 votes
6 answers

Self-vandalizing deleted answers

I have noticed that some users, when they delete an answer (for whatever reason), also replace the content with something along the lines of deleted deleted deleted deleted I'll refrain from ...
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45 votes
2 answers

How can one do more than 40 down-votes per day?

I have been reading about Stack Exchange dying due to negative atmosphere, lack of fairness and civility: Why is Stack ...
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42 votes
2 answers

Approved edit on deleted post still awards +2 rep

I was monitoring this suggested edit on a post that got deleted while the edit was in the review queue. When the edit got approved the user was awarded +2 reputation, which does not make much sense ...
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0 answers

Show me my own deleted questions and answers on my profile page

First off let me start by saying I know about a highly popular request on the main meta. However that is status-declined and hasn't had any official response for a while now. I have also seen related ...
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-8 votes
2 answers

Why was my answer deleted by a moderator?

I answered this question: How to make thread sleep for 1 day? My answer was: You can make a Windows Task to run your application by delay It actually has 6 upvotes and 0 downvotes A moderator ...
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266 votes
1 answer

Grant access to deleted singleton-answer & question also to <10K rep answerers when question is deleted by owner

Motivation This proposal comes from the discussion that occurred on this question: How did OP delete his question which has an answer? This answer on an other question states: when a question ...
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131 votes
1 answer

Show recently-deleted posts instead of deleted recent-posts

Currently the "deleted recent answers" and "deleted recent questions" page only show deleted posts that have been created in the past 60 days. If a post which had been created over 60 days ago gets ...
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121 votes
3 answers

Allow post-banned users to see all of their posts, including the old deleted ones

A few times per month week, we get a post from a banned user asking how can (s)he be banned with only a single "bad" question. That invariably resolves itself with a moderator looking up the old posts ...
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101 votes
7 answers

Initial Edits and Fastest Gun in the West

I've noticed a form of abuse recently. Take a look at this revision history I've noticed this user as well as several others often do the following: Leave an empty answer that does not contribute to ...
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55 votes
4 answers

What do you think about shifting all deleted answers to the bottom of a page disregard of the order by settings?

For 10K+ who can see deleted answers it's rather distracting and throwing off a bit seeing deleted answers in between the accepted answer and the next non-deleted answer specially when I'd still like ...
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52 votes
0 answers

Let me see the source of my own answers that have been deleted, please

This is a follow-up of a previous question. In the comments, we found out that I can access the revision history of the deleted answer but not the source code. Those initial links were given by a 10k+ ...
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24 votes
1 answer

Search for own deleted answer [duplicate]

Yesterday I answered a question but figured my answer was wrong, so I deleted it. Now I'd like to do some more research. But the answer is not listed in the "Answers" tab of my profile. Is there a ...
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Can I undelete my own self-deleted post?

For editing let's say comments in Stack Overflow, one has 5 minutes to do so. How does it work for deleting posts? Is there a time limit to undelete a post that one has deleted or can it be undeleted ...
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15 votes
2 answers

Why a useful answer got deleted?

This was a hard to find solution that took me a few days to figure out. I have solved this issue before in my line of work, so I posted an answer so others can benefit. It started getting up votes and ...
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Is it acceptable if I delete my answers that didn't get any response?

I have this habit of deleting my answers which do not appear to get any feedback. Feedback can be either in terms of votes (up/down) or any comment or getting accepted. I usually feel that such an ...
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