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The Stack Exchange Data Explorer (SEDE) allows you to create and run queries against copies of the databases of popular Stack Exchange sites.

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Realtime visualization dashboard for questions and answers on a geographical map

It would be cool to have a real-time visualization similar to IPViking Live1 with questions being asked and questions being answered/accepted geographically. Plus in the profile tab there could be a ...
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Where have all the close votes gone?

Following my contention that review motivation is waning, I wanted to get some hard data from the data exchange to see how many close votes are being cast every day. I tried this query. However, the ...
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How to find which websites are the most cited in accepted answers?

Is there a way to find which websites are the most often linked to or cited in good quality answers on Stack Exchange? The problem I'm trying to solve is: given a website which I know nothing about ...
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Tag usage over time

I want to find out the tag usage over time, across all tags. As my first step I wrote the following query to give me the tag usage for "sql" over time. SELECT --TOP 20 convert(varchar, ...
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Are there any consumable statistics regarding closed questions?

I'm wondering if I can find out which question was closed in the least amount of time when compared to all questions that were closed. So, if we have a set of closed questions, can I find the question ...
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Get total number of views for my contribution

Is there a query in data explorer to calculate total number of views on all of my questions and those questions in which I participated by answering ? What I like to do is: Get all posts with my ...
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What is the meaning of Posts.Id and how I look the corresponding post from

I have downloaded the datadump of Stack Overflow. And I want to retrieve the question from by like if the data dump said its id is 305223, then I look for URL https://...
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