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The Stack Exchange Data Explorer (SEDE) allows you to create and run queries against copies of the databases of popular Stack Exchange sites.

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Filter out questions I've flagged in search

The [design] tag is being burninated I have enough reputation to edit posts directly but I'm below the threshold for close votes, so I can only flag for closure. Is there a way for me to filter out ...
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Does Stack Overflow release their views data by industry?

I'm curious on doing some deeper analysis on tags by industry; the closest analogy would be this piece on trends in government software developers where the author matched user views data with the IP ...
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Strange behavior of a SEDE query for Stack Overflow with Unicode characters

When I try to find users from China and use Location LIKE '%中国%', it shows some strange result, whose location is ???. Why? And SQL: ...
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Is there a way to find all interactions with a specific user? [duplicate]

Is there a query that allows me to find all the posts where there are interactions between me and another user? By "interactions" I mean: Their answers to / comments on my questions. My answers to / ...
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Help on SEDE query for count of the deleted answers for given user

I want to get count of the deleted answers for given user. I have written this SEDE query:
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Get referrers for a post

In the last week, I've seen a sudden influx of upvotes to my post RuntimeWarning: numpy.dtype size changed, may indicate binary incompatibility . Apparently, someone has shared it on some popular ...
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How to get all questions marked duplicate of a certain question through SEDE?

Is there a way to find out all the questions that have been marked duplicate of a specific question, given its ID via SEDE? I know there's a Linked section to every question that links to duplicates ...
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Can I calculate how effective my close votes are?

From my point of view, with the giant close votes queue leaving so many close votes attempts to a state of "aged away", I'd like to know if my close votes actions are meaningful or meaningless. ...
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How to download .csv or .xls data from Stack Overflow trends? [duplicate]

Is it possible to download .csv or .xls files of the data from the Stack Overflow Trends tool? Or is there a particular query I need to use to do this in the Data Explorer tool? I'm particularly ...
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Which users have a ton of badges, but have very little rep?

I came across a user today with 52 gold badges, but only 425 rep. I soon discovered that he was just giving away a lot of his rep via bounties, but it made me wonder: Which users have the highest ...
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Generating h-index rankings with SEDE

In academia, the h-index for an author is h if h is the largest number for which there are at least h papers cited at least h times. There has been interest in devising an h-index analogue for Stack ...
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Query Stack Overflow on how many days someone has been banned?

Maybe I missed it but, there does not seem to be a way to create a query on Query Stack Overflow for how many days someone has been banned since becoming a member. Any way to do this?
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Invalid column name 'Age' in Stack Exchange Data Explorer

I'm running the following query in SELECT TOP 1000 ROW_NUMBER() OVER(ORDER BY Users.Reputation DESC) AS [#], Users.Id AS [User Link], ...
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Which users have the highest rep to total posts ratio?

Which users have the highest rep to total posts ratio? I'm curious which users contributed the "least" (in terms of number of posts), but have accrued the most rep.
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How to search for two users?

How to search for interactions between two users? Example hits would be: user123 asked a question which user456 answered (or vice versa) user123 and user456 have both have an answer on the same ...
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What % of Python questions have the word "pythonic" in them? [closed]

It seems like every other Python question nowadays asks if some code they wrote is "pythonic" or how to make some code more "pythonic". This especially amuses me when the code in question is ...
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How to find out the ratio of helpful vs declined flags using data.SE?

Intro: I've got an idea to propose a badge, that will unlike existing flag badges (Citizen Patrol: First flagged post; Deputy: Raise 80 helpful flags; Marshal: Raise 500 helpful flags) encourage ...
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But not in [Browsername here] SEDE Query

So, regularly questions pop up with "It works in all Browsers But not in [browser]" In Google search "but not in chrome" Yields 38.000 results "but not in firefox" site:...
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Search for words in user profile content in SEDE

I'd like to find users who have a certain word in their bio, but I have no idea how to do this. For example, find all users who have "senior" in their bio. Is there a way to do this with SEDE?
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Can I get a user list of those who have asked the most unanswered questions using Data Explorer?

In other words: a user list ordered by unanswered question count (ignoring self-answered questions).
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SEDE query for questions that are only quote & code?

Is it possible to query on the questions that are made purely of: quoted content (starts with \n>...) and stops at a blank line \n\n) indented code (starts with \n ...
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Google reCAPTCHA shows a warning on the Data Explorer [closed]

I played around with the Data Explorer for StackOverflow. I get a Google reCAPTCHA to confirm I'm a human, but there was the following: This is working and I get the result of the query (with the ...
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How to include parameters and link to results in SEDE query?

I think there should be a further option at Stack Exchange Data Explorer while executing a query. For instance, I want to send this query (with the results). However, when I send the link to anyone ...
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How many suggested edits are suggested a day on Stack Overflow?

I've been active on the suggested edits queue recently, and I'm wondering just how many suggested edits Stack Overflow gets a day. I'd also like to learn how to use the Data Explorer look these kind ...
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Using SO questions/answers to track application/framework popularity

When looking at new tools I use Stack Overflow to make an informal guess as to its user base in the real world. A small number of questions likely means low usage, which means I'm not going to invest ...
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Difference Between AccountId and UserId in Stack Overflow?

I ran SQL query in Stack Exchange, SELECT * FROM Users WHERE Id=4453737 ORDER BY Reputation DESC; I got some fields in it including AccountId I know UserId is our unique ID then what ...
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Stack Exchange arithmetic overflow error

If you run the below query on, it gives an arithmetic overflow error which should not happen ideally. select avg(viewcount) as average from posts
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Data Query for Health.SE [duplicate]

Health is a relatively small site currently in beta. We fear that new users might misunderstand what we are there for, but do not have the numbers to back it up. As we are a small site, we currently ...
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Tags that I am in the Top 5 answerers

While reading the ssis tag info, I accidentally discover that I am listed in the 5 Top Answerers. Question Is there a way to know what are the tags that I am listed in the Top 5 Answerers? Also how ...
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Data explorer query for questions per year, 2009 - 2016

I'm on Query Stack Exchange. I'm trying to find the statistics for the number of questions asked each year from 2009 through 2016. On the right side of the page there is a box to select query items ...
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rising-stars-top-50-users-ordered-on-rep-per-day query not working

I found the following question on the Stack Exchange Data Explorer: I choose as site ...
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Calculate Year Rank in percent via

According to this answer on Meta your ranking value is determined by these factors: Take your position, then convert that position to a percentage for all users that qualify (only users with 200 ...
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Is there a way to check the contents of the latest version of body of a post with SEDE? [duplicate]

Based on the bug in tex.stackexchange site described here: I've made this query with SEDE (
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Why is my reputation wrong on [duplicate]

My current reputation on the top bar of Stack Overflow is 1850. But if I execute my entry appears in the results list ...
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Find interesting unanswered questions about a specific tag

I've came across this SEDE query by @sam.saffron that provide you (from your favorite tags) interesting questions to answer. I don't really know how SEDE queries work, and I wonder if it is possible ...
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SEDE query for # of conversations manually moved to chat seems low

When doing some data analysis I ran a query to find comment conversations that were moved to chat on MSO: SELECT TOP 20000 * FROM Comments c WHERE c.Text LIKE '%moved to chat%' ORDER BY c....
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How to download the answers to my questions on Stack Overflow

I understand the use of data Explorer to get my questions. However I can't get the accepted answers to the questions. My query is as follows in the data explorer: DECLARE @UserId int = ##MyAccountID#...
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Message signature was incorrect error with OpenID

I just tried to login on Data Explorer using SE. After entering my credentials, I have seen this error message: After pressing on the Log in using Stack Exchange button again, I was immediately ...
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Statistics about voting to close and actually closed questions

Is there a way to see how many of the questions I voted to close have actually been closed - and further on how many of the closed ones have later been deleted? I've tried those two queries, but both ...
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Are there existing tools to help track a tag and gather statistics?

Lots of tags are monitored by the people/companies who helped build those products. Are there existing tools to help gather basic statistics about a tag? Such as: Number of questions asked per (day, ...
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Query for amount of upvotes per month on Stack Overflow?

Does anyone have a query for Stack Overflow's database to get the total amount of upvotes (on Stack Overflow) month by month? Just thinking about it makes my head hurt. (SEDE)
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How to make a query to see who answered who?

How can I write a query if I want to see if user foobar answered any question by user bletchbaz? I've gotten this far, that I can list the questions. But how can I see, for example, if Jon Skeet ...
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How to find all answers that a certain person has answered me?

I feel that there are persons that actively help me by giving quality answers to many of my questions for a long time. One week ago, I got the feeling that a person who answer a certain question of ...
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How to query most favorited questions for a particular tag?

In Stack Overflow search, I can type [ember.js]lastactive:1d to list questions which have been modified within the last day. In the same way, are there any advanced search options to list questions ...
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Data query keeps timing out

I am trying to run an activity query for SO on but it keeps timing out. Here is the error screen: Is there anything I can do to fix this?
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Elite Users query on data.stackexchange is probably written in reverse

I tried executing the Elite Users query on When I entered 10 in the percent box the resulting number of users was greater than the number of users when I entered 1 in the ...
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Is it possible to query deleted comments (not owned by me)?

The motivation is a bit frivolous, I must confess: my top voted answer used to have a "+1" comment praising my writing style (I can't remember the exactly wording but it was something about my sense ...
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Why is the quality of PHP questions, on Stack Overflow, in decline?

I've been on Stack Overflow since 2012 and have seen a fairly steady decline in the quality of questions asked in the php tag over the years. However, I noticed a significant incline in the sheer ...
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Reliably list users by location with a minimum reputation

I tried query 2803 ("Users by location, with a minimum reputation"). I used my actual ...
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Documentation on SE Data Explorer [closed]

I've noticed that the new Documentation feature is nowhere to be seen on the SEDE, or is missing from the SO database schema, and I had a few queries I wanted to make for it. Can this be added?
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