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The Stack Exchange Data Explorer (SEDE) allows you to create and run queries against copies of the databases of popular Stack Exchange sites.

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Why did Stack Overflow sign-ups spike in the past two weeks?

While exploring some SEDE queries, a recent peak of user signups stood out: If this query is correct, this is far above baseline sign-up activity observed over the past years. Moreover, last week saw ...
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Realtime visualization dashboard for questions and answers on a geographical map

It would be cool to have a real-time visualization similar to IPViking Live1 with questions being asked and questions being answered/accepted geographically. Plus in the profile tab there could be a ...
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Load survey results into SEDE!

Why is survey results data not uploaded to SEDE under a new "site" called "Research" or "Survey Results" (or similar)? If the data is CSV, surely a simple database schema can be created and the data ...
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Make Discussions posts available in SEDE

I want to do analysis on Discussions with SEDE. I'm not sure how exactly this would work-whether a new table is needed due to the structural differences, but I can't currently think of why it couldn't ...
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Make Articles available in SEDE

I want to do data analysis on Articles. Seems at a glance like it should fit just fine as a new post type in the Posts table.
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Find out the mean time between privileges

With reputation people gain privileges. The privileges are not evenly distanced, and neither grows somebody's reputation linearly. I wonder whether it's possible to calculate the mean time between ...
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"StackApps authentication failed" on data.stackexchange

I am currently logged-in to I am not logged-in to I try to login using my Stack Overflow session and I get the error message "StackApps authentication ...
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What could be done about low quality, highly visited questions?

I recently looked at the correlation of question score and question visits of non-closed, non-deleted questions. This is the 2D histogram (obtained via a data explorer query) with a logarithmic scale ...
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Does Stack Overflow release their views data by industry?

I'm curious on doing some deeper analysis on tags by industry; the closest analogy would be this piece on trends in government software developers where the author matched user views data with the IP ...
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Is programmatic access to Stack Exchange Data Explorer (SEDE) allowed?

The awesome functionality of the Data Explorer allows humans using a browser to run T-SQL and retrieve data. Is programmatic access allowed? (To send some T-SQL via a Python script and return the ...
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Make tag follower count availabe in SEDE

Today I liked to get a list of tags sorted by followers. I found this query where someone tried to get similar data already, but it seems it was not successful. I didn't find a related property as ...
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SEDE for the top percentages of a user

In our profile, we can see whether we are under the top x% of this week, month, quarter etc. Details are explained here. Since only one value is displayed in the profile, I wonder whether there is a ...
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5 votes
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Number of answers per question depending on hour of week

I'm trying to find out how the average number of answers per question and the average number of accepted answers per question depend on the time (in GMT) and day of the week of when a question is ...
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How to get top users of quarter using query in

I want to query top users by reputation in quarter of specific location in Result like but I want to add ...
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How can I receive the full timeline of a user profile from SEDE?

From here is it possible to see the full and detailed actions of timeline. Example: number upvotes, question or answer link/id time received etc? How is it possible to receive it from SEDE?
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See which users have the most consecutive days on SO

Is there a way to see which users have the current longest streak of consecutive days on SO? Is this information accessible with the site analytics tool or SEDE? Or, is this information not available ...
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Filter out questions I've flagged in search

The [design] tag is being burninated I have enough reputation to edit posts directly but I'm below the threshold for close votes, so I can only flag for closure. Is there a way for me to filter out ...
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Using SO questions/answers to track application/framework popularity

When looking at new tools I use Stack Overflow to make an informal guess as to its user base in the real world. A small number of questions likely means low usage, which means I'm not going to invest ...
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Message signature was incorrect error with OpenID

I just tried to login on Data Explorer using SE. After entering my credentials, I have seen this error message: After pressing on the Log in using Stack Exchange button again, I was immediately ...
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StackExchange Data Explorer understanding the Bounty Award Counts

I saw this guy score a 2nd bounty on his own question, it was a 500 pointer from Madara Uchiha taking the tally to 700: I checked the bounty award counts and nothing goes over 550: I can't work out ...
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Get the list of all flagged comments

I am trying to retrieve a list of all flagged comments on Stack Overflow. I looked up some tables on Stack Exchange Data Explorer. I found FlagTypes and PendingFlags tables. However, they seem to ...
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Does Reputation correlate with location?

Reading through reputation-gaining posts and posting behavior analyses I get the impression that the day of time a question or answer is written affects its hit counter and voting score. Does this ...
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