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This tag is about the quarterly creative commons data dumps of all public data in the Stack Exchange network Q&A sites.

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Can DuckDuckGo be given the correct modified date?

This is something I've noticed just recently, but DuckDuckGo has put "7 days ago" next to a few Stack Overflow hits today. But when I click through they are e.g., "Asked 6 years, 3 ...
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How can I take out all data from Stack Exchange (a la Google Takeout)?

I hoped this would be a duplicate, but I found none: I would like to have an off-site backup for my Stack Exchange data, much like I have for GitHub and Google for example. How, if at all, can I get a ...
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Where can I find statistics about deleted questions related to Stack Overflow?

I have found similar questions in this meta site so I hope it is the appropriate place to ask it. For my research, I need statistics on deletions between July 1, 2013 and March 4 2019 related to Stack ...
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Creation date of posts incorrect?

I was doing some querying on the Stack Overflow database and I noticed that the creation date of a post is sometimes later than the first or subsequent comments. The query below is the most extreme ...
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Where do I find the history Stack Exchange data dump on archive?

I am now following a Hadoop course on "MapReduce Design Patterns", which needs to import Stack Overflow's data. I find the latest dump is here, And as ...
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Get the list of all flagged comments

I am trying to retrieve a list of all flagged comments on Stack Overflow. I looked up some tables on Stack Exchange Data Explorer. I found FlagTypes and PendingFlags tables. However, they seem to ...
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