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This tag is about the quarterly creative commons data dumps of all public data in the Stack Exchange network Q&A sites.

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Can DuckDuckGo be given the correct modified date?

This is something I've noticed just recently, but DuckDuckGo has put "7 days ago" next to a few Stack Overflow hits today. But when I click through they are e.g., "Asked 6 years, 3 ...
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Stack Overflow is no longer providing Creative Commons Data Dumps

The company has refused to honestly explain their plans to the community, but the data dump was late, and a former employee graciously did the community the favour of confirming that the company has ...
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It appears that the DeletionDate column in the Stack Exchange data dumps available on is always empty

I downloaded Post.xml file from Here, you can find what is inside the different XML files ...
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How many new users start off asking good questions?

Asking a good question on Stack Overflow can be tough, especially for new members. How many users' oldest recorded questions are currently not closed, have no downvotes, and have at least one upvote? ...
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How can I get Stack Overflow datasets related to comment ending with .csv?

I am working on my thesis and I need to get Stack Overflow datasets related to the "comments" ending with ".csv".
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Get the list of all flagged comments

I am trying to retrieve a list of all flagged comments on Stack Overflow. I looked up some tables on Stack Exchange Data Explorer. I found FlagTypes and PendingFlags tables. However, they seem to ...
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How can I take out all data from Stack Exchange (a la Google Takeout)?

I hoped this would be a duplicate, but I found none: I would like to have an off-site backup for my Stack Exchange data, much like I have for GitHub and Google for example. How, if at all, can I get a ...
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Searching by vote type (not by score)

I understand some people read this question as if I'm discussing the merits of down-voting. This isn't the case. My question is - how could I collect empirical data regarding the use of downvotes, so ...
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Where can I find statistics about deleted questions related to Stack Overflow?

I have found similar questions in this meta site so I hope it is the appropriate place to ask it. For my research, I need statistics on deletions between July 1, 2013 and March 4 2019 related to Stack ...
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Creation date of posts incorrect?

I was doing some querying on the Stack Overflow database and I noticed that the creation date of a post is sometimes later than the first or subsequent comments. The query below is the most extreme ...
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How can I get the categorized reputation of a user into different tags?

I am trying to get the score of different users into different tags. I am using the platform to get that information. For example, writing the query: Select Id, ...
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Are deleted comments included in the data dump?

Are deleted comments all included in file Comments.xml in the data dump (, although they have been deleted on the site? If not, is there a way to see those (e.g., SEDE, etc.)?
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How to collect question text before and after an edit - for recommending a suggestion when a user posts a question

We would like to model the complete process of a user posting a new question and editing their question. We found the data in, PostHistory.xml, which only contains the comments about the ...
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Where do I find the history Stack Exchange data dump on archive?

I am now following a Hadoop course on "MapReduce Design Patterns", which needs to import Stack Overflow's data. I find the latest dump is here, And as ...
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Get activity over time for a specific question

Is there already any way to find out when page views & question votes have occurred over time for a specific question? Clearly this info is publicly available for comments & answers, but what ...
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Developer Jobs Data Archive Availability?

I am aware of the set of Stack Exchange archives (, but am searching for a similar archive of all job openings posted to the "Developer Jobs" section of Stack ...
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How to download the answers to my questions on Stack Overflow

I understand the use of data Explorer to get my questions. However I can't get the accepted answers to the questions. My query is as follows in the data explorer: DECLARE @UserId int = ##MyAccountID#...
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What is the meaning of Views attribute in the file Users.xml in the Stack Overflow data dump?

I am doing a project on the Stack Overflow data dump. I am unable to understand the significance of the Views attribute in the Users.xml file. Can somebody explain it?
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User ID and Account ID: What do they refer to?

I am doing data analysis on a data dump from Stack Overflow. The Users.xml file from this data shows two bits of information: Id= and AccountID=. However, it looks they refer to two different things. ...
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Retrieve list of top user tags on

I am currently trying to replicate the query behind the top users page for a certain tag, specifically the "All time" list, in this query on data.stackexchange. The query is as below DECLARE @...
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Stack Exchange DataDump - Some 7z files don't conform to 7z specification [closed]

I've been working on a C# wrapper for extracting and playing with the Stack Exchange Data Dump, with mixed results. Specifically, here are the results: Successful: 135 Index out of Range Exception: ...
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Can we add an auxiliary 'numbers' table to the SEDE?

For those who are not familiar with an auxiliary 'numbers' or 'tally' table in a database, it's essentially just a single-column table that stores a sequence integers - usually from 0 to whatever ...
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Obtaining related questions for the data dump

I am doing some analysis of Stack Overflow posts using the Stack Exchange dump. I'd like to do analyze the downstream effects of posts on the community, and I was wondering if there is a source that ...
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Stack Overflow data dump for only a few tags

I want to have an offline copy of Stack Overflow questions and answers. I would prefer if I can download only questions with specific tags (for example, all questions tagged php, javascript and jquery)...
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Download Stack Overflow database

I recently attended a conference where the speaker referenced the Stack Overflow database and actually did queries against it. Some of the queries that he has provided to us also use the Stack ...
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Having troubles downloading the data dump

I'm having troubles downloading the Stack Overflow data dump. I've tried both the torrent and .zip download here. The torrent goes up to 7%, the incoming data does not verify correctly, and it keeps ...
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Is it possible for users to generate a dump of their questions/answers?

I'm wondering if it is possible - like for instance Twitter provides - to generate a dump of the content a user has produced on the website? There are - if I recall correctly - regular dumps of the ...
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What is the meaning of Posts.Id and how I look the corresponding post from

I have downloaded the datadump of Stack Overflow. And I want to retrieve the question from by like if the data dump said its id is 305223, then I look for URL https://...
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