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For questions about the Dark Mode of Stack Overflow.

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Flash notice text in dark theme turns light, while its background is still light [duplicate]

This flash notice showed up in my session and I could barely see the text, because it was a very light grey. I'm not sure if there's a way to report bugs on this website, so I brought it here. Who can ...
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How can I turn off the Dark theme on Stackoverflow? [duplicate]

The dark mode theme (or whatever it's called) is annoying and I want to go back to the plain vanilla theme. What should I do to turn it off? Thanks!
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Dark mode and contrast

Text in dark mode are not contrasty enough. On examination I noticed the text colour isn't white but near white (235 vs 255 rgb value). can we make the text color 100% white #fff or rgb(255,255,255).
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How to enable dark mode on Stack Overflow Jobs section? [duplicate]

I have enabled Dark Mode which looks pretty nice (I still need to get accustomed to it), but when going to the jobs section the dark mode is not enabled there. It really hurts my soul going from ...
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