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Dark Mode Beta - help us root out low-contrast and un-converted bits

With the full launch of Dark Mode on 17 June 2020, we've shut down this post as a way to get feedback and bug reports. Thank you to the many people who have posted answers, comments, and done the ...
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Why is there no dark theme on SO? [duplicate]

I think SO should implement dark theme. All major interfaces have a dark theme because it's better for the eyes.
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Should Stack Overflow revisit the dark mode question in light of new situations in 2019 vs 2013 when it was first asked?

Original issue from 2013: Why is there no dark theme on SO? It's 2019. Operating Systems have started having a user preference setting for a light UI or a dark UI. Windows 10, iOS 13 and MacOS 10.14 ...
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Post highlighting in the review queues is not usable under dark mode

This was first reported on March 30th. Here's a gif demonstration of the issue: This happens only with answers and it happens in three review queues: First Posts (answers only). Low Quality Posts (...
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How do I enable/disable the Light/Dark Theme on Stack Overflow?

I've heard that Stack Overflow now has a Dark Theme! However, I can't find the way to enable it. Or, equivalently: I managed to enable the Dark Theme on Stack Overflow, but now I can't find how to ...
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Please swap (or change) the styling colors of visited and non-visited links in dark mode

I'm not a UX expert, but in my experience, visited links are usually styled with a "more dull" color. With this new dark mode, it seems to be quite the opposite. In the CSS, --theme-link-...
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New dark theme colours have been overly de-saturated relative to other sites?

Has the new dark theme overly de-saturated its colours? This seems to have led to a perceived reduction in contrast too. The theme now looks flat and dull compared to its former version. The light ...
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Badges have become light in dark mode

Sometime in the last hour or so the badges in the activity tab of the profile* have changed: On hover the badges are dark again. (*For the record, it's also visible in dupe closure banners and https:/...
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Poor contrast on edit page in dark mode

Edit Notice When editing a post that will be placed into a queue for review, a notice is shown that has poor text contrast in dark mode. It has a color contrast ratio of 1.42: The notice element has ...
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Unable to read "User" tab on tag info page when using dark mode

The text on the "users" tab of the "Tag Info" (e.g. python) page is unreadable in Dark Mode. Also, when hovering the mouse, it is displayed in the color of the Light Mode. Related:...
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Dark theme changes unexpectedly on Stack Overflow

When we are on the "Activity" tab and we switch to the "Developer Story" tab, URLs: "Activity" tab → had Dark theme enabled: "Developer Story" tab → clicked → ...
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When does Dark Mode come to Meta Stack Overflow?

Since Dark Mode has been rolled out to Stack Overflow and the international SO sites, it's only been allowed on the main sites. Why isn't it available on the meta sites? Is the code/style sheet not ...
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Election tabs are black-on-black: the dark theme styling needs to be fixed

The active tab in elections has black text on a dark gray background. The other tabs also have low contrast: In addition, when hovering over an active tab on an election page, the tab background ...
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Tag badges have an ugly black rectangle in dark mode

I noticed today that tag badges looked different than before in dark mode, in two places: In the "Top tags" section on the user profile page, there's a black rectangle surrounding the badge ...
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What does the "System setting" option do for the Theme preference?

With the new theme mode, there are 3 options: Light System setting Dark What does the middle option, "System setting", do? For me, nothing changes; it looks the same as Light.
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Make "system setting" the default for the Theme setting

A couple days ago I enabled the dark mode on my Linux machine, and quite a lot of pages I used automatically switched to their respective dark mode version (for example, YouTube). Stack Overflow was ...
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"Developer Jobs Directory": Headings have bad contrast when using dark mode

The headings in the Developer Jobs Directory have bad contrast when using dark mode: This problem seems to have existed since dark mode was introduced, as it can also be seen in this capture of the ...
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Dark scroll bar in dark theme in Chromium-based browsers

Could you please make a dark scroll bar in Chromium-based browsers in a dark theme by adding the color-scheme: dark; property to the dark theme CSS file?
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Dark theme got high contrast colors

I noticed today that the color scheme was changed on Stack Overflow website, at least for Dark theme. The new color scheme is much more high contrast (relatively) than it was before. I even went to my ...
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New Syntax Highlight Colors for Dark Theme are Wildly Different with Change of Highlight Engine

All, after following the post of trials of the new highlight scheme (I can't recall if it is from highlight.js to google or vice-versa) the new engine is apparently in use on StackOverflow now. The ...
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Is there someway to use the old dark mode?

I really don't like the new colors, is there a way to get back the old colors for the dark mode?
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Dark mode doesn't work in chat

It's time to realize again that chat is a thing that exists. Stack Overflow has gotten a dark mode, yet it doesn't work in chat. Given chat is part of Stack Overflow, it should also have a dark mode. ...
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Informational banner for suggested edits ("Your edit will be placed in a queue until it is peer reviewed…") is unreadable in dark mode [duplicate]

In the dark mode, when you are editing another person's post, you see this informative message. To be honest, it doesn't cause any problems, but I must say that it is not readable enough.
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Dark theme topbar logo styling for dark mode

I'd really like to see orange part of the Stack Overflow logo when in dark mode. I noticed that the Stack Overflow image is just plain white on dark-mode vs the light-mode view: So I inspected the ...
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Selected tabs in the reopen queue are nearly impossible to see using dark mode

The "Question (revised)", "Revision", or "Duplicate" tabs in the reopen queue on questions that have them are nearly impossible to see when they're selected in dark mode. ...
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Dark mode on Salary Calculator not rendering well

When you have dark mode enabled, the side menu of the page salary calculator still renders in white. As far as I searched, the CSS file all.min.css override its own rule and the rule on primary.css ...
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The message after applying for a job is too bright

After applying for a job with easy apply button, you get a success message. In that message, you have the ability to change your Job Search Status. However, the contrast/colors are kind of too bright ...
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The tabs on the moderation tools page are unreadable

The tabs on the moderation tools page are unreadable. See screenshot below. The background is black with black text.
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Make the 'Check out these companies' sidebar have less aggressive colors in dark mode

I use Stack Overflow in dark mode. It helps me concentrate and I found it more pleasant than the bright mode. In general the menus and sidebars are well integrated in terms of colors, however recently ...
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Weird animated transition in queue on dark mode [duplicate]

This transition in dark mode does not look right.
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