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Badges awarded for earning (at least) 200 daily reputation a certain number of times. These are Mortarboard (bronze), Epic (silver), and Legendary (gold).

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The legendary badge is calculated incorrectly when being viewed as your "Next badge"

I'm pretty close to receiving the legendary badge, and I noticed that the "Next badge" popup seems to calculate today's rep incorrectly. As you can see, it states that I have 140/200 rep for the day, ...
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Mortarboard badge is awarded due to bounty award?

I was looking through my badges, and was surprised to find that I have the mortarboard badge. It was awarded to me on August 11, 2013. My only reputation gain on that day was a bounty award of 200 ...
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Mortarboard badge from Documentation reputation? [closed]

Just curious - I participated in Documentation Beta, and now the rep that I'm getting since Documentation has been moved into Stack Overflow has exceeded 200 per day. Does that rep count towards the ...
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1 answer

Epic and Legendary 200 daily reputation: how to check [duplicate]

The epic and the Legendary badges for earning 200 daily reputation are very hard to achieve. It would be nice to have a recap in the profile page to check quickly how many times this target was be ...
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"Epic" badge Stack Overflow [closed]

I think that this badge should be a gold badge. Don't you think it is quite impossible to earn?
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Why was I assigned the Mortarboard badge while my activity tab shows only 196 reputation points today?

Why was I assigned the Mortarboard badge while my activity tab shows only 196 daily reputation points today? It says that I must earn 200 daily reputation points to get this badge.
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2 answers

How does accept + unaccept affect Epic and Legendary badge progress?

I am wondering if the following scenarios count toward Epic and Legendary badge progress: Accept followed by Unaccept 190 points at some point in day Answer is accepted (205 points) Answer is ...
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9 votes
2 answers

How can "Legendary" badge be awarded on Meta Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I was looking at the badges available on meta, and noticed the "Legendary" badge has been awarded 4 times (150 x 200 reputation in a day): But how is this possible? The reputation on Meta Stack ...
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Misleading Epic badge progress [duplicate]

I verified it to Epic badge but probably the same is for Legendary. Please look at below screen The problem is with today's rep. It doesn't actually calculates todays reputation but it seems it ...
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Should Mortarboard, Epic, and Legendary badges be available on Meta sites?

For the sake of simplicity, I will only refer to Mortarboard in this post, but every time I state it, it is also referring to Epic and Legendary The other day I was awarded the Mortarboard badge here ...