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CV font size is not readable when printed

I tried to print my CV, and it didn't turn out so well: There is an "Export to PDF" function; but that doesn't allow me to modify the size of the text. Can you have an Export to .docx or something I ...
17 votes
0 answers

Can I hide Developer Story entries in the CV View?

I am happy to show many of my personal projects in my Developer Story, but when I export the CV, I would really prefer that only the "professional" ones are listed. How can I hide or reorder events ...
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13 votes
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How to change the order of Feature and Apps on my developer story?

I can just edit my CV through the story view, that means everything is based on time. But I still use this as my CV and I used to export it as .pdf. Now my issue that I want to sort Feature and Apps ...
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