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Can I hide Developer Story entries in the CV View?

I am happy to show many of my personal projects in my Developer Story, but when I export the CV, I would really prefer that only the "professional" ones are listed. How can I hide or reorder events ...
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CV font size is not readable when printed

I tried to print my CV, and it didn't turn out so well: There is an "Export to PDF" function; but that doesn't allow me to modify the size of the text. Can you have an Export to .docx or something I ...
15 votes
2 answers

Can't get my Stack Overflow CV to print to PDF nicely

Both views look good in the browser: Until I try to print it to PDF - it seems very poorly formatted. Is there any chance I ...
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Include the company's URL in Stack Overflow careers PDF resume

I noticed that when I export my Stack Overflow careers resume as PDF, I cannot see the URLs of the companies I worked for. All of the companies I worked at are small local companies unknown outside ...
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How to change the order of Feature and Apps on my developer story?

I can just edit my CV through the story view, that means everything is based on time. But I still use this as my CV and I used to export it as .pdf. Now my issue that I want to sort Feature and Apps ...
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How do I change the email displayed on the print version of my CV/resume?

I found every place I could to change my email and an old email address is still appearing on the print version of my CV. This old email doesn't work and it's generating awkward exchanges with ...
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How to disable print manipulation in Stack Overflow CVs?

Whenever I was trying to print the CV page it comes as a FORMAL textual pdf. Why can't we make the CV page also be printed like any other HTML page?
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Stack Overflow Jobs - Change Contact Number [duplicate]

Previously on Stack Overflow Careers I setup a contact number. This number cannot be seen now from the Developer Story view but when ever I generate a PDF it is included. I have now moved to the US ...
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How to import/export developer story [duplicate]

The developer story UI is done well but I bet that many developers prefer to type in the structured content in YAML or some other format. At least I gave up after editing three or four items. Please ...
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How can I export the developer story/CV as Markdown? [closed]

There used to be an option to export the CV as Markdown (MD): User's page - Edit CV - Settings - Create MD I cannot find that link any longer - how can I get the MD export?
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