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Razor code leaking onto the Contacts page

The Contact Us page: The first blue link is[email protected]().
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Cannot submit "merge user profiles" option in Contact Us form

I am trying to create a merge account request via but it seems not to work. When filling the form, I am getting a message that the merge request cannot be submitted ...
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No email received after filling in "Contact Us" form

I have reported sites which reproduce Stack Overflow's content a number of times before, but now it looks like the email replies are broken since some time back. The Contact Us form says "Thank ...
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Is legitimate? What is it for?

I sent a report about a site where Stack Overflow content appears to be reproduced in violation of the license (as suggested in earlier versions of this FAQ; I was not aware that it had changed) and ...
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Can't see help center icon in contact page when using dark theme

In the Contact page on Stack Overflow, that's what I see: (dark theme used) As you can see, the image being used fits the light theme, not the dark theme so almost invisible. Can the image please be ...
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How can I get in touch with the Stack Overflow sales team for Talent?

I need to get in touch with the sales team for help with accessing the Talent product. The web form is a dead end. Can someone give me contact of a sales rep to whom I can reach out directly and/or ...
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How can I track a ticket's status?

I had raised a ticket on Stack Overflow. I received a ticket number to my Email ID. Help Center → Contact Where can I check the status of the ticket that I raised?
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