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Questions tagged [companies-page]

For questions about the Companies page on Stack Overflow, or about individual company pages there. (Previously, company listings appeared in the Jobs section of the site.) Use this tag if your question is about logos, layout, and/or working of that page.

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The Bezos Expeditions logo in the Institutional Investors section of the Company page is really hard to see

The Institutional Investors section at the bottom of features the Bezos Expeditions logo. The darkest point on the logo is #d4d4d4, making it very hard to read on a ...
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How do I delete an old company page/profile?

Occasionally I'll receive an email from stackoverflow regarding scheduled maintenance for Company Pages. Planned maintenance impacting Stack Overflow Company Pages scheduled for 2023-03-01 It goes ...
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The SO Work Here General Application Form doesn't work

The General Application Form to work at Stack Overflow (the "Work Here" link, located in the page footer) doesn't work properly. It asks that I attach a CV and a cover letter, but when the ...
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On URLs, the sidebar shifts down

On a URL (for example, the sidebar shifts down a little. I am using Google Chrome 83.0.4103.61 (Official Build)...
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Following a company page sends me to a JSON response page

When I'm trying to follow a company page on Stack Overflow, it redirects me to a new page containing a JSON response: {"following":false,"success":true} I think there's an error ...
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Company filter affordance is misleading

At Stack Overflow jobs' companies page we have the option to filter some of the companies based on some options. Three of those are check-boxes, and they work just fine. The problem I'm reporting is ...
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How can I list my company in Stack Overflow companies?

I am aware that the jobs feature has been removed as of April 2022, but I would like to clarify if we would still be able to access the companies listed in the relevant section for the long run. If so,...
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How do you get a company's name changed on Stack Overflow?

I currently work for Royal Mail however when I enter it into my bio it comes up as royal mail. Not a major issue but it's been bugging me for a while that it is all lower case.
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Facebook fake address?

So, I was taking a look in Facebook company page, and noticed the map. I can tell for sure, there is no Facebook office in the location pointed by the map: Maybe some Facebook employee sipping ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Companies Page glitching when scrolling 1 step down

The Companies page on Stack Overflow has a weird bug that makes the page glitch when scrolling with the middle mouse wheel, one step down. It can't decide between staying on top, or scrolling down. ...
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Avoiding the company or organization duplication

The issue of company or organization record duplication is a problem of many career web-sites. It seems that Stack Overflow Jobs (SOJ) doesn't address this problem systematically. Possible approaches:...
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Jobs missing links to company profile

I want to hide the jobs of a company, partly because they are completely irrelevant to my tech stack and mostly because of the horrible need to UPPERCASE the HIRING word as if anyone cared about it. ...
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Broken image link on company page hosted on cloudinary

The following link points to the company page with broken logo image. Can the image be re-uploaded?
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How to correct employer's name (developer story)

My company's name starts with a capital D and not with a d: How can we correct this error? I found the following ...
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