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For questions about the Companies page on Stack Overflow, or about individual company pages there. (Previously, company listings appeared in the Jobs section of the site.) Use this tag if your question is about logos, layout, and/or working of that page.

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9 votes
1 answer

How to get listed on the "Who You'll Work With" section of a company page?

The company I work for is running a few job postings on Stack Overflow Jobs. On our company page there's a section "Who You'll Work With" which displays a few profiles of developers. In the case of ...
67 votes
3 answers

There seems to be a fake company on Careers [closed]

I was recently researching about a company I found on the Careers site. The company seems to be not legit. My assumption is based on the following links: Company owes thousands of dollars They are ...
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21 votes
0 answers

The Bezos Expeditions logo in the Institutional Investors section of the Company page is really hard to see

The Institutional Investors section at the bottom of features the Bezos Expeditions logo. The darkest point on the logo is #d4d4d4, making it very hard to read on a ...