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Community Wiki is a flag that can be applied to answers (and sometimes questions) which lowers the barrier for editing and prevents any rep gain/loss from voting.

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Wiki answers without revision are missing the link to author's profile

On every Wiki-answer post that doesn't have an edit, clicking the author's username links to the first revision, instead of the user's profile. Take example of this answer. The click on the post ...
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22 votes
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Show answered date in wiki answers

Sometimes browsing through a question reveals answers that going up and up through time: you may see the most upvoted answer have, say, a score of 600 and the second one 200. However, upon further ...
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Can the CW prompt be disabled after it has been shown a number of times?

I often use the Community Wiki feature to move solutions that have incorrectly been edited into a question as an addendum. Almost always this is done by new members who doesn't know we don't use [...
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Why isn't the moderator diamond displayed in community wiki posts?

I found a recent (deleted) answer by Ry- ♦ (<10k screenshot below). The moderator diamond is not shown on the answer. Why is this? Is this a bug?
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11 votes
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"Community wiki" checkbox state lost on failed post

I recently ran into this issue making a post. When answering your own question at the same time you post it, if you check the "community wiki" box but there is a problem with the post on submit (e.g. ...
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Allow un-community-wiki-ising if nobody else has edited

I just accidentally made an answer of mine Community Wiki, thanks to sun, beer and a tablet keyboard that I'm not entirely used to. It is presently impossible to make a CW post non-CW. However, it ...
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9 votes
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Ask/answer date for community wiki posts should always be shown in the "owner" (rightmost) user card/user info

I just noticed that the "asked" and "answered" datetimes for Community Wiki questions: (from .NET: bool vs enum as a method parameter) And answers: (from How to loop through ...
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Does removing a user's community wiki post count toward their question ban?

I recently stumbled across this post a few minutes ago on SO. It appears this question has been out there for some time and based on the comment string, may no longer contain reproducible code. It ...
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unconvert community wiki for 4.5-year-old question (

Per the latest community wiki rule change, Generic Inherited ViewPage<> and new Property seems like a good candidate for converting from community wiki back to a normal question. 20 of 22 total ...
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Is there a due process for making an old list-style answer where the OP is not easily available community wiki?

I recently flagged an answer with a custom flag requesting it to be converted into a community wiki0 post that was subsequently declined. I have no issues with the decline of the flag nor with the ...
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5 votes
0 answers

Multiple post notices cause the banner to conflict itself

In The Definitive C++ Book Guide and List, there is a notice about the post being community wiki; however, this notice links to the "Locked Posts" page: The text also doesn't seem to line up with ...
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Why setting a question as un-community wiki does not affect answers?

Seems that if a question was automatically turned into community wiki during automatic triggers era, all the attached answers were also affected and made community wiki. (at least for 30+ answers ...
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Flagging as duplicate to answer wikis or other lengthy historical questions

How should duplicates to answer wikis or other comprehensive questions be flagged? Are they still duplicates, what is the appropriate flag or action? I've flagged How do I create my own Git branch ...
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Question asking for list of development guidelines

There is a one year old question asking for development and design guidelines which has quite a number of up votes. The original question provided a list of guidelines which the OP had already ...
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Why can't I uncheck the community wiki option without moderator assistance?

When I click on community wiki check, it warns me that the community wiki option cannot be unchecked without the assistance of the moderators. Why is this rule there?
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0 answers

'This post is a community wiki' banner, but none of the answers are CW?

I just ended up on "Is there a difference between "==" and "is"?" and noticed that at the top of the screen there is a banner that reads: This post is a Community Wiki. Edit ...
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Why doesn't answering or editing community wiki answers raise the question up like normal questions?

I answered a community wiki question for the first time and I didn't see it when I return to the stackoverflow homepage. Why is that? In that case how can people see the new answers in it? Also, if I ...
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I flagged my question to make it a community wiki, and the flag apparently does not "require their intervention"

I flagged a question of mine with a moderator flag, following the advice in Make already posted question community wiki. I used the text: I'd like to make this question a community wiki as I seem to ...
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The 'posts edited' counter can be inaccurate? in the very specific case of multiple edits to the same CW post. Bug or intended?

Recently I edited a Community Wiki post to add an alternate solution (a fairly major edit). Then I noticed that I'd misspelled the other contributor's name, so I edited it again to fix this error (a ...
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Does it make sense to have a wiki page for recursion equations

Questions like analyze a time complexity of the following recursion T(n) = T(something) + f(n) these questions receive mixed feedback. Some people eagerly advocate them to be closes/moved to math/...
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Stopping reputation gain on duplicate trivial question's answer?

The question [this answer] is posted under (by me) is a duplicate, and I think I earned too much reputation for answering a duplicate question which I didn't know was a duplicate at that time. Is ...
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Do not award bounty for community wiki answers

From the Help Center: Community wiki posts are more easily editable by all users, and do not confer any reputation. That is not true. I just received a bounty for my community wiki answer to ...
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