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Community Wiki is a flag that can be applied to answers (and sometimes questions) which lowers the barrier for editing and prevents any rep gain/loss from voting.

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Tried to add a self-answered wiki-post, but just got downvotes [duplicate]

I've tried to contribute to the community by publishing a solution to a problem. I thought it is allowed and welcome on SE. But then I get many downvotes and that's it. What did I do wrong?
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7 answers

Why would you mark an answer as Community Wiki?

My question is at least loosely related (but not identical to) this one. Most of the answers I've seen related to Community Wiki have focused on the advantages to the community of marking something ...
62 votes
4 answers

When should old "list of X" questions be kept as wikis?

One of the newer features we have in our toolbelt is the ability to lock questions in a sort of wiki state, where no new answers can be added, but existing answers can be improved. You'll see its ...
3 votes
1 answer

No reputation for upvote given?, (not a daily cap)

i did get 17 up-votes for this answer but only got 145 reputation total for that answer, should it not be 185? (17 * 10) + 15 = 185, i did not see any reputation changes for the latest received up-...
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152 votes
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The question to "The Answer" about branch prediction turned into Community Wiki

I've just been looking at the epic answer of Mysticial, and realized that the question was transformed to community wiki 1 hour ago by a mod. Is there a reason why this happened? A quick glance at ...
72 votes
2 answers

Let's not strive to make all canonical questions a pain to make

I've noticed a rather disturbing trend revolving around canonical questions. It seems as though many people tend to think that canonical questions should be community wiki, that they should not award ...
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3 answers

Proposal for canonical question: "How do I use a debugger to debug my C++ code?" [closed]

Let's create a new canonical, community-wiki style question. The title could be "How do I use a debugger to debug my own C++ code?" Here is an example question that I would like to mark as duplicate ...
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17 votes
1 answer

Can my old question get a "collaborative effort" lock?

When I was relatively new to the site I've asked: Best practices of building a website using Node.js It is still very useful to visitors and on topic, but it has grown very broad and right now ...
15 votes
1 answer

How to decide whether to un-wiki questions/answers posted in rep-denial era

Last year, we decided to stop automatically convert questions to Community Wiki. Relevant MSE thread: Stop using community wiki as a reputation denial mechanism. I think many of these auto-converted ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Make already posted question community wiki

Is there is any way to convert an already posted question to community wiki? I could not find an option to do so when editing.
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1 answer

I can't see change in my reputation after giving accepted answer [duplicate]

See my profile page. I can't see any change in my reputation after receiving an accept on this answer.
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39 votes
1 answer

Why can't I vote for my "own" community-wiki answer when "explicit ownership" has been removed?

I made an answer to one of my questions as community-wiki because the solution has been provided in a comment and I didn't want to gain any reputation that I didn't deserve. So I ticked the community-...
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35 votes
1 answer

Automatic conversion to community wiki?

Recently I noticed an answer of mine had automatically been converted into a community wiki because I had edited it a bunch of times. Needless to say I'm not happy about this and feel it was unfair &...
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31 votes
1 answer

Using "Community wiki" to avoid being downvoted?

Is what this user is doing a valid and appropriate use of the ability to mark an answer as "Community Wiki"? The answers I read are not stellar, or otherwise useful in a broad sense. (See What are &...
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24 votes
1 answer

I don't earn reputation on Meta anyway...why should I be warned of it when I'm making a post Community Wiki?

This seems...wrong to me: I don't earn reputation on Meta anyway. At least, not in a visible sense. Reputation exists for badges like Epic, but it isn't as significant here as the main site. From ...
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12 votes
1 answer

Community wiki posts don't show change in username

A while ago, I had answered this question with community wiki: Alternative of if-else and switch statements At that time, I had temporarily used a different username for the fun of it, but changed it ...
12 votes
1 answer

How many edits to question for it to become community wiki?

How many edits to question for it to become community wiki? I've found posts about answers. Not about questions.
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4 votes
1 answer

Can I request to see a deleted answer on my question?

Quite a while ago I asked a question "If any object of the java abstract class “Number” is equal to zero" There was multiple answers, mostly advising to do number.doubleValue() == 0, However each ...
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2 answers

Should a self-answered canonical question be posted on Meta Stack Overflow instead of Stack Overflow?

I spend a lot of time in the sql-server tag and see a lot of questions that don't provide the basics, including: schema, dummy data and desired output. I decided to self-answer a question with a ...
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1 answer

Is it legitimate to mark (almost) all of your answers as "community wiki"?

I am wondering if it is legitimate for a user to provide all (or almost all) of their answers as "community wiki"? Here's one user I found - DeepDave-MT who has been marking almost all of ...
-4 votes
1 answer

Why Can't I Make My Question Community Wiki? [duplicate]

I was looking around the part where you can ask a question in my accounts and I was wondering how do you make the questions community wiki. One example of an community wiki question was asked by the ...
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64 votes
6 answers

Can we preserve Chip Pearson's content on Stack Overflow?

Almost anyone who's learned any amount of VBA in the last 20 years knows the name Chip Pearson. Millions have visited his website, always packed full of easy-to-understand instruction and lateral ...
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56 votes
4 answers

When is it justified to Community Wiki your own answers?

This is a question that's been on my mind for quite a while, especially in light of a particular user's habit of repeatedly Community Wiki'ing their own answers. Out of their 10 most recent answers, ...
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43 votes
2 answers

Community Wiki, where is it?

I understand that, in theory, a community wiki exists. I also understand that the term "wiki" may have a somewhat fluid definition. None-the-less, I'm thinking that questions like this would be really ...
39 votes
1 answer

What are "non-community wiki answers"?

I am looking to get a few tag badges, and I see that they are given for "non-community wiki answers". What are those and how are they different from regular SO answers, if they are?
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39 votes
2 answers

Another user merged my code from GitHub into my answer and now my name isn't attached to it

The answer in question is this one: Creating a memory leak with Java In response to lots of people in the comments asking for a code example, I wrote some code in a Gist. The code is about 130 lines ...
33 votes
4 answers

Error reference collections - Bane or Boon?

2 weeks ago, this was posted on javascript: This is basically a collection of explanations of common ...
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29 votes
1 answer

Is changing answers to community wiki acceptable behaviour?

I recently received a Necromancer badge, but did not get an increase in reputation. When I went to the answer, I found it was a community wiki. I do not usually make things community wiki, so I ...
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21 votes
0 answers

Can the CW prompt be disabled after it has been shown a number of times?

I often use the Community Wiki feature to move solutions that have incorrectly been edited into a question as an addendum. Almost always this is done by new members who doesn't know we don't use [...
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21 votes
3 answers

If I repost an answer merged into a question, do I need to note the attribution guidelines?

I often come across posts where the title has been incorrectly modified to include a home-made [solved] tag. Where this edit has been made, often the solution has been added as an addendum to the ...
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Why isn't the moderator diamond displayed in community wiki posts?

I found a recent (deleted) answer by Ry- ♦ (<10k screenshot below). The moderator diamond is not shown on the answer. Why is this? Is this a bug?
16 votes
1 answer

Rapid-fire Community Wiki edits; how should this be handled?

I spotted an older community wiki question suddenly pop up in the active tab and started poking around to see what changed. From what I can tell, it's a single user making extremely minor edits to ...
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14 votes
1 answer

What do the statistics for a community wiki represent?

This community wiki answer has the following statistics: What do the statistics 8 users and 72% mean in the above image? Based on my understanding, 29 revisions have been made to that particular post....
13 votes
1 answer

How many edits automatically turn my answer into a Community Wiki answer?

I thought I read about this several years ago but can't seem to find it back (possibly a lack of searching skills). I remember that if you edited a question too many (10+?) times, it was turned into ...
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Purpose of making a question a community wiki?

I know community wiki answers can be edited to be more correct and accurate. But I don't know how could community contribute to a question? I mean, the question is the questioner's question and how ...
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12 votes
1 answer

What happens to existing reputation when an answer is converted to community wiki?

This refers to my answer which accounts for about a fourth of my total reputation. As much as I am grateful for all who voted and want to hold on to the reputation it has already been awarded, I ...
11 votes
1 answer

Will I lose reputation from an accepted answer if I mark it Community Wiki?

I have a post that I'd like to mark as Community Wiki; it provides useful formulas that might come in handy to other users. I know from here that reputation from upvotes made prior to a post becoming ...
9 votes
1 answer

Is it inappropriate to flag moderator to unwiki an answer with many substantial revisions by the author?

Recently, I came across a community wiki answer which was very detailed and comprehensive. Checking the revision history, I couldn't see any evidence of the author making it a community wiki (which ...
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unconvert community wiki for 4.5-year-old question (

Per the latest community wiki rule change, Generic Inherited ViewPage<> and new Property seems like a good candidate for converting from community wiki back to a normal question. 20 of 22 total ...
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Questions without the featured tag appear featured on the CB even when it has been removed [duplicate]

The "Take the Developer Survey 2017" question no longer has the featured, but it still appears in the Community Bulletin, under the "Featured on Meta" section:
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4 votes
1 answer

Tag Wiki vs Community Wiki vs Self-Answered Questions

I've just recently posted this: How do I use annotations to define different types of relationships in Hibernate 4 and Spring? to basically give myself a SO resource that I can use when answering ...
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4 votes
2 answers

What does a perfect Community Wiki Q&A template look like?

I joined Stack Overflow for the main purpose of sharing information in a Q&A style. Over the years, I can't help but wonder if the Q&A I posted as Community Wiki is serving its purposes as a ...
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Why can't I uncheck the community wiki option without moderator assistance?

When I click on community wiki check, it warns me that the community wiki option cannot be unchecked without the assistance of the moderators. Why is this rule there?
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1 answer

Comment written as answer converted to community wiki doesn't warrant a custom flag?

Today I came over this answer (now deleted) in review: Import Error: No module named numpy Screenshot credit to Suraj Rao It read as just a comment which was turned into community wiki by its ...
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Proposed: a wiki post listing non-sx sites where broad questions are welcome

Edit: the community rejected this idea, and I agree that the reasons cited have merit. I've left the post up for the edification of any future users who are considering the same idea. In an answer to ...
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2 answers

Please rename "wiki"

The term wiki has a reasonably well-understood definition. To help newcomers to Stack Overflow find their way around the site, we should avoid using this term inappropriately. Hence, I propose ...
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