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"Community Bulletin" is the block of links that appears near the top of the right-hand sidebar on most pages

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The Hot Meta Posts vote counter is too narrow

Following the redesign of the Hot Meta Posts pane, the padding around the vote count is (still) too small, resulting in the vote count closing in on the question title when the vote count exceeds 100: ...
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"Hot Meta Posts" with a 4-digit score wrap onto a second line

I think this is a bug. In my list of "Hot Meta Posts" there was a random 8 all snuggled up to the previous post, but the 8 post had no name, and I couldn't click on it. I assume this is a bug: It's ...
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What happened to the Hot Meta Posts?

I just notice that the side bar that has the Featured on Meta and the Hot Meta Posts now only has Featured on Meta section. What happened to the Hot Meta Posts? EDIT: The Hot Meta Post is back but ...
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Dynamically Expand the Community Bulletin, if no Hot Meta Post is shown

We have the Hot Meta posts, which are IMHO extremely useful: But sometimes, if we have many featured or Blog Posts or whatever, they are hidden. We also have had a Bug Report about it. It turned out,...
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Encoding issue in "Featured on Meta" box

This is what I currently see in the sidebar on Stack Overflow: Looks like the apostrophe is encoded one too many times. This appears to randomly come and go as evidenced by other reports.
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Return randomness to the selection of Hot Meta Posts

I've noticed that the Hot Meta Posts don't get rotation anymore. This causes some topics to dominate the list and doesn't allow for other topics to get any chance of visibility. There was a change ...
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Hot Meta Posts not visible unless logged in

I noticed that "Hot Meta Posts" doesn't show up unless I'm logged in. Is this the intended behavior? If so, why?
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Long words in a question/post don't cooperate well with the Community Bulletin

One of the current Hot Meta Posts has a title with a long word, which causes an overflow: Interestingly enough, that title appears with a word break in the Linked section of this very question: ...
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After removing the featured tag, featured items aren't unfeatured (that or they come back from the otherworld)

The burnination request for the [godaddy], is on the community bulletin, featured, as of 17:32 UTC. The problem is that undo removed the tag from the question as 14:12:33Z, basically 3 hours and at ...
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Adding a link to the Stack Overflow blog on side panel

Can we add a link to the Stack Overflow blog here (side panel): Right now, the easiest way to access the blog is to view an article and then navigate to other posts. The other way described here was ...
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How many questions should be on the hot meta questions?

I've seen them all. From 4 non-featured meta questions to just 1. There seems to have been some changes in how many there should be that there isn't a canonical that explains the behavior for Stack ...
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I like the number of Hot Meta Posts shown

In the past when there were a lot of blog posts or featured content in the side panel, sometimes Hot Meta Posts got left out or there was only one. After I had finished reading all the featured ...
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Where did the featured MSO posts go?

Currently, there are 3 featured posts here, on MSO. However, they aren't visible from both the main and meta sites: Where did they go?
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Featured MSO Question not in the Featured list on SO

The burnination effort for code-smell is featured on meta: And it did show up on the featured question list before. But now it got knocked out by a second Hot Meta Post: Is this intended behaviour ...
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Should the meta question be removed from "HOT META POSTS" if it is deleted for any reason?

Following question is visible in "HOT META POSTS": When I click on that,...
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The hot meta links become un-visited after switching tabs in the New Nav

If you switch tabs in the new-nav, the links in the community bulletin on the right become un-visited. This is because the new-nav is not suffixing the query string on the end ?cb=1. Also related: ?...
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