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"Community Bulletin" is the block of links that appears near the top of the right-hand sidebar on most pages

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We’re removing “Hot Meta Posts” from Stack Overflow's sidebar for now; moderators now control the [featured] tag [duplicate]

tl;dr: We're removing the "Hot Meta Posts" from Stack Overflow's sidebar while we work on looking at how Meta can better meet its goals. To ensure that moderators are able to bring important ...
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Can the threshold for what makes it into the Community Bulletin be raised?

Related to this question, which didn't really seem to get much support. Still, because the meta community for Stack Overflow is so active, whatever tool decides which questions are noteworthy enough ...
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Provide a setting to hide "Featured on Meta" posts in the Community Bulletin

Please provide an option to hide just Meta posts in the Community Bulletin from me. I still want to see Stack Overflow Blog posts though, because I want to stay up-to-date on new features and stuff. ...
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Creating a system for featuring posts. Tell the mods what you want [closed]

In the event of this1 We’re removing “Hot Meta Posts” from Stack Overflow's sidebar for now; moderators now fully control [featured] we need to sort out as a community how we are going to handle ...
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Minimum number of hot meta posts not shown

I don't hang out on Stack Overflow Meta, but I often read meta questions that are displayed on the Hot Meta Posts panel. I also like to read the Blog and Featured on Meta posts that show up on the ...
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Why do feature-requests and support questions appear in the community bulletin?

According to How are the contents of the Community Bulletin determined?: If there are still fewer than 4 items listed, then featured meta posts are shown (only those scoring 0 or above). If ...
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The Hot Meta Posts vote counter is too narrow

Following the redesign of the Hot Meta Posts pane, the padding around the vote count is (still) too small, resulting in the vote count closing in on the question title when the vote count exceeds 100: ...
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What happened to the Hot Meta Posts?

I just notice that the side bar that has the Featured on Meta and the Hot Meta Posts now only has Featured on Meta section. What happened to the Hot Meta Posts? EDIT: The Hot Meta Post is back but ...
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How are question on meta added to the Community Bulletin

I'm wondering about questions on the Community Bulletin. How are these questions picked? What is the standard? Does the community play a role in picking questions to be added to the Community ...
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Can we have Hot Meta Posts (HMP) re-enabled, now that SE has admitted that Meta actually represents the engaged user base?

About a year ago, Stack Exchange removed "Hot Meta Posts" (HMP) from Stack Overflow's sidebar, giving moderators exclusive, manual control over which questions were "featured". The ...
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3 answers

We need more nominations for "Featured on Meta" [closed]

Think a question on Meta should be tagged featured and appear in the sidebar under the "Featured on Meta" section? Post an answer here to nominate a question! Be sure to include a link to ...
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What are the limitations to see a question in the hot meta posts [duplicate]

In the Hot Meta Posts section, based on what criteria/condition the questions are populating. There should be some logic behind that to push the questions in this section, it may be most upvoted or ...
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Encoding issue in "Featured on Meta" box

This is what I currently see in the sidebar on Stack Overflow: Looks like the apostrophe is encoded one too many times. This appears to randomly come and go as evidenced by other reports.
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Hot Meta Posts vote counter doesn't match question vote count

Here's a bug I found where the hot meta posts vote counter for a question doesn't match the vote count. I don't think it's server lag because I don't think a question can receive 20 votes within a few ...
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Shouldn't we have at least one hot meta posts network wide on the community bulletin?

This is not a duplicate of What happened to the Hot Meta Posts?, they are different issues, as this is not only network wide (other issue was specific to SO), but it is easily reproducible (for ...
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A/B testing the separation of The Overflow Blog from the Community Bulletin (testing concluded)

Update Feb 9: Testing has concluded. Update Jan 30: Test is now active on Stack Overflow for anonymous users. Background As part of the Content Discovery initiative, we’re announcing the next ...
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Collectives Updates to the Community Bulletin in the Right Sidebar

Update — January 19, 2024 We are concluding this experiment effective January 19 and the module will no longer appear for users. The objective was to increase traffic to the Collectives-specific ...
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Can we have a tool-tip with the full title for links to hot meta posts that don't fit into the side bar?

When browsing Stack Overflow, sometimes I will look at the Hot Meta Posts on the pinned area to the right of the current question. Unfortunately, some questions have very long titles, and so their ...
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"Hot Meta Posts" with a 4-digit score wrap onto a second line

I think this is a bug. In my list of "Hot Meta Posts" there was a random 8 all snuggled up to the previous post, but the 8 post had no name, and I couldn't click on it. I assume this is a bug: It's ...
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What happened to Hot Meta Posts again? [closed]

For at least three days now, there are no Hot Meta Posts in the bulletin. It currently has 3 links only (two blog posts and a "Featured on Meta" post): Similar posts that don't answer this ...
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Why there's only 3 items in the Community Bulletin?

According to the rules of how are post show in the CB: If there are still under 4 items, the rest of the space is filled with hot discussion questions not marked status-completed, scoring at ...
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Long words in a question/post don't cooperate well with the Community Bulletin

One of the current Hot Meta Posts has a title with a long word, which causes an overflow: Interestingly enough, that title appears with a word break in the Linked section of this very question: ...
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Do status-* tags block featured posts from getting to community bulletin at sidebar?

As explained in details of particular recent change any status- tag now blocks a question from getting to hot-meta-posts (in the past, only status-completed tag had this effect). Referred explanation ...
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No hot meta post, again [duplicate]

This kinda happens whenever there's many featured items and at least one blog item as seen Minimum number of hot meta posts not shown and Shouldn't we have at least one hot meta posts network wide ...
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Did the newest rolled out Featured bugged? [duplicate]

At the moment this post was posted 3 featured question has been asked. Nevertheless we only got 2 which 1 of them wasn't tagged as featured. Question: Is the new featured which replacing HMP ...
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Eagerly escaping of HTML entities in featured community bulletin titles [duplicate]

Somehow, the apostrophe on the featured titles is being escaped, while the ones in the hot posts isn't. Fox'plas?
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Mid-word truncation results in confusing titles on meta's "hot" board

I got a laugh out of this one this morning. The problem is the truncation of the word "mentions" into "men." Hovering shows the full text. The fix is truncate on word boundaries. And curiously, ...
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Allow more [featured] posts in the sidebar

There are only a few slots for featured posts in the sidebar, especially when there are a couple blog posts and a few MSE featured posts. Now that we aren't taking room for hot meta posts, can we ...
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Dynamically Expand the Community Bulletin, if no Hot Meta Post is shown

We have the Hot Meta posts, which are IMHO extremely useful: But sometimes, if we have many featured or Blog Posts or whatever, they are hidden. We also have had a Bug Report about it. It turned out,...
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Return randomness to the selection of Hot Meta Posts

I've noticed that the Hot Meta Posts don't get rotation anymore. This causes some topics to dominate the list and doesn't allow for other topics to get any chance of visibility. There was a change ...
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After removing the featured tag, featured items aren't unfeatured (that or they come back from the otherworld)

The burnination request for the [godaddy], is on the community bulletin, featured, as of 17:32 UTC. The problem is that undo removed the tag from the question as 14:12:33Z, basically 3 hours and at ...
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How do mods think we should flag for "Featured" tag [duplicate]

Note please don't discuss in here what you think about the decision itself. I want this to be about what we can do to help the moderators handle requests for featured. As announced in this post ...
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How are the "Hot Meta Posts" calculated? [duplicate]

Currently the "Hot Meta Posts" are: How are these calculated? Why are posts like this pretty hot post not included?
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What are the requirements of a question for it to end up on the hot meta posts section? [duplicate]

How are they chosen? Are there any specific requirements? Are any questions missed off?
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When does the Hot Meta Post Block get updated? [duplicate]

Currently one of my questions appears in HOT META POSTS, as it has a score of five, but the Hot Meta Posts block is displaying a score of three. How much time is that block taking to update?
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