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Comments are small addendum to each question or answer, intentionally limited in size and formatting, and second-class citizens.

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"Discussion moved to chat" prevents me from re-finding the question from my "All activity" page

Yesterday I had a useful discussion, and when I today wanted to go there again, I could not find the discussion anymore, because a mod moved it to the chat system. I had to google the question that ...
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Introduce Autocompletion for every pingable user

Inspired by rene's answer: Jeff explained on MSE that users that show up in the revision history are pingable. That excludes most close voters because only a single user that is bound to an ...
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May we please apply the same URL-to-Question-Title feature into the comments?

One of my favorite auto-complete features is the one where you simply post the URL of a Stack Question into the question box, and it automagically turns it into the title(that is - upon clicking "Save ...
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Can't delete own comment

On Stack Overflow, I have mistakenly tried to answer the wrong question. My (short) answer was automatically converted to a comment. Now I want to delete that comment. I am logged in. I don't get a "...
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Can we have links to the actual user profile in comments?

I've a situation here - somebody changed my username (obviously to something I do not wish to have) using my computer while I was logged in. When I tried to change it back I got an error message ...
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Raise upvote limit for comments (in review queue?)

When I'm in the review queues, I'm diligent about upvoting existing comments that provide important and relevant feedback to the author. (This also happens automatically if you duplicate canned review ...
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Make the automatic deletion of "possible duplicate of" comments more precise

Proposal: Change the criteria for automatic deletion of comments generated by duplicate votes so that only comments that begin exactly with "Possible duplicate of [link to a question]" are deleted. ...
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Removing my own comments is not "voting"

I cannot remove more than one comment of my own every 5 seconds. I find this annoying. Sometimes I only opt to write a reply when I realize I have found multiple issues to comment on, then wrap them ...
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Make Help Center Magic Link Anchor Text More Unique and Descriptive

Users are currently able to use "magic" (shorthand) Markdown links in comments, which are expanded into full urls with anchor text on submission. Unfortunately, the anchor text on many of these magic ...
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Escaped HTML in comment error popup

I tried to use to shorten a long link, and was blocked by the system. The popup error contained some non-rendered HTML. It looks like this should have been rendered as a new line and bold, but ...
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Add rationale to "comment everywhere"-privilege in help center

Please read before marking as duplicate I experienced the same frustration (with not being able to comment under 50 rep) as a lot of other people. The help page on this only mentions that it's a ...
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What's the point of the nomination phase Q&A if it's hidden now?

Why are the comments under a candidate's nomination hidden? I would wager a vast majority of voters haven't been keeping track of the nomination phase and the comments under each nomination. Now that ...
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Visual hint for the location of hidden comments

I often come across questions/answers with lots of comments. Not all comments are shown, only a handful with the most up-votes. While I like this filtering, most of the time I click on the “show more ...
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How to reduce number of "thanks" comments

After reading about the featured test I thought about this big problem more and here is my solution. I believe comments appears because users are just trying to be nicer, more human, more friendly and ...
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Is it possible to see which comment I flagged where I get a 'declined' response in my flagging history?

I recently reported a comment on this post and it was declined, but I do not recall which one I reported. I imagine it was this one, since it doesn't sound very constructive to me: ok if u dont ...
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Do not delete comments when question is marked as duplicate

If a comment underneath a question contains a link to another question and the question is subsequently closed as duplicate of this question, the comment containing this link is automatically deleted. ...
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Make the space between the time value and the units a non-breaking one

In rare cases, a comment of a certain magical length will cause the time stamp to wrap onto the next line in a confusing way: (Image shamelessly stolen from Shadow Wizard, exploiting his hard ...
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Moving discussion to chat fails with vague error message

I was having a rather lengthy discussion with another user in the comments on one of my questions, it was getting very off-topic and I was actually glad that the automatic link came up to invite the ...
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If I'm typing into a comment, confirming the IME should probably not submit the comment

I was typing a comment into a comment box today. At some point while doing this, I wanted to type a Japanese word into the comment. So I switch to the Japanese IME with ⌘+space. I type some letters ...
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Double enter while writing comments

If I'm creating a comment and right click (usually I use the keyboard's "right click" button) on a misspelled word I get a dialog like this: If I then select the correct spelling using my keyboard ...
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Is there any insight into comments flagged or deleted against the reputation of the commentator when making said comment?

I'm mulling a feature request (which is a feature request buried in another discussion somewhere here on Meta), but would like to know some data. For each reputation band with the privilege of ...
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Why is one specific moderator deleting his own comments and high-value comments by others while leaving replies?

(I'm sorry to call out a mod by name, but since this is about a pattern of behaviour by a single mod, I'm not sure what else to do.) George Stocker has recently started deleting comments on Meta more ...
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Comment parsing bug turns '/' into '7;'

Something's fishy with the comment parsing. Watch: Before: After Affected question: Python Changing value of XML
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Use link instead of text in Review Low Quality Posts "This answer should be an edit" reason

So here's the reason: This answer should be an edit to the question Please use the edit link on your question to add additional information. The Post Answer button should be used only for complete ...
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Tag the Altruist in comments on a bounty question

This question was asked 8 months ago: C# Excel Interop - Suppress 'Publishing' dialog when invoking Worksheet.ExportAsFixedFormat A guy (Michael Brandon Morris) recently put a Bounty on it, ...
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Stack Overflow is writing comments in my name to myself

I posted a question at Force Google Sheet SPLIT to create strings, not numbers but later found out that it was already answered somewhere else. I then wanted to close my question and created a link ...
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Could reviewers get linked to guidelines / best practices on the review queues pages?

I recently got access to review queues on SO (for Triage, First Posts, Late Answers) and have since reviewed around ~100 submissions in Triage and First Posts, each. When someone called me out on a ...
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White screen after edit/post comment in iOS SO/SE app

Ever since I upgraded to iOS 11.2 beta, both my Stack Overflow application and the Stack Exchange application shared the same problem. Every time I post a comment or edit an existing comment, it will ...
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Comment formatting is not working with & (and other special characters) sign(s) after letters/words

When using the & sign in a comment, the formatting is not parsed correctly for example, SO is a Q&A site. The comment doesn't seem to get formatted as it is supposed to as can be seen in ...
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Comment / URL shortener message shows tags

I tried to add a link shortened with bitly to my comment, and received the following error message. What I noticed about it is that it has HTML tags visible (<br>, <b>, etc.) I'm ...
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Spam/Offensive-deleted answer is still showing "Show more comments" link, until you click it

I noticed some odd behavior on this "deleted as offensive" answer: When I load the page, it tells me "comments are disabled on deleted / locked posts / reviews", but it gives me the option to "show 9 ...
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Odd visual effects when flagging comments

When you click on a flag icon, the popup is appended next to it. For a very short time, it causes a visual bug, because the width of .comment-flag's parent <td> is 17 pixel by default (before ...
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Moving the discussion to chat failed

On my answer to Google Apps Script to turn in, grade, and return a Google Classroom Assignment The link to move comments to a chat room fails. Please avoid extended discussions in comments. Would ...
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"move this discussion to chat" not working

I and the OP of this post are unable to move its discussion to chat. When I try I get: Am I missing something obvious here? Or can this be fixed? Cheers.
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Formatting of code in comments does not preserve spaces

I entered a comment of the form Omit the `& ` entirely containing a segment in backticks. However, the space after the & inside the code segment was collapsed with the following space outside ...
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Collapsing comments produces misleading information

I went back to one of answers recently and I saw the following comments. The first comment is shown then my response. Unfortunately, the comments between these two are not shown and provide ...
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Please show full comment in the title attribute( so that I can read comments to me from deleted posts)?

Today some honest and goodly yeoman's comment has been truncated. And I am sad: Here is proof: What happens is that - I post a comment , the user responds and then deletes the question. But it ...
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Comment option disappears after deleting comment

On a mobile device if I add a comment to a post and then delete the comment, the option to add a comment again (to the same post) is hidden. The comment link appears again after the page is ...
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Comments on question can break the page layout

Exhibit :
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Could we stick the "cancel" and "help" links to the top of the "Save Edits" button?

Steps to reproduce: Add comment to a post Go to edit it and resize the edit box Check the the cancel and help links positions Problem: This is what I can see. The cancel and help links are ...
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Wrong parsing of ` =>` in comments

I wrote this comment: @Kusalananda I was thinking that ` value` would be taken away with matching the first ` =>` in ` => /some/path/php/extensions/no-debug- non-zts-20160303 sqlite3....
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The box around the post-owner's name in comments overlaps the underline of links

The box around the post-owner's name in comments overlaps the underline of links on the line above. I think this only affects MSO, I've only tested a few other sites, and I don't know if any other ...
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What's the point of not being able to re-upvote a comment?

Why can't you re-upvote a comment that you upvoted and then un-upvoted? You can upvote and un-upvote questions as many times as you want (which I assume is because question edits aren't time-sensitive,...
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Double "new contributor" message

If I try to post two comments in a row on a question asked by a new user, I get a double "new contributor" thingy when I try to post the second comment: This was on Firefox 116.0.3. I don't ...
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Show an ellipsis (or something) where comments are not contiguous

It appears the site only shows the most popular comments on a post when there are lots of comments. Reading sequentially through those can sometimes give users the wrong meaning when that context is ...
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Where do "stock" comments come from?

I often see copy/paste comments to common post problems. Things such as While a link to a potential solution is always welcome, an answer on Stack Overflow should always contain the main parts/...
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Move comments to chat is failing

While processing flags this morning, I attempted to move an extended discussion in the comments to chat but the migration of the comments is failing. No error is popping up, nothing is happening. ...
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Why is the blue background behind the usernames of the nominees not present unless one presses the "add/show comments" button?

Whenever I comment under my question or to an answer posted on my question, I notice a blue background behind my user name like this: Why doesn't this background appear when viewing the nominees who ...
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What do you do when a user keeps pinging you by writing/deleting comments over and over again?

A user is spamming another user & I for help in solving his problem. The spamming happens as he writes a comment with the @<ourname> and then wait a little... delete that comment and write ...
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Don't show a comment notification if you have already seen the comment

So, i just figured out something really small, and i'd want to see if i'm just a lunatic or if other people are bothered by that aswell. When you're on a question/answer page and (thanks to the auto-...
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