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Questions regarding the flagging of comments. For flags in general, use [flags].

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Add descriptions for each comment flag option into the flag dialog

When flagging a comment the following dialog is displayed: For people who have little or no experience in flagging, I think it would be beneficial to add the text from the Flagging a comment section ...
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Can we improve the display for comment flags in the flag history page?

I just checked my flag history, and noticed that two fairly old comment flags had been handled and marked "Declined". However, rather than showing the comment that I flagged, the flag history page ...
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How to flag everything?

Quoting from Can the mods agree on how we should mass-flag comments?: There are two possible ways to mass-flag obsolete (or otherwise deletion-worthy) comments on a post: Raise an "Other" ...
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Odd visual effects when flagging comments

When you click on a flag icon, the popup is appended next to it. For a very short time, it causes a visual bug, because the width of .comment-flag's parent <td> is 17 pixel by default (before ...
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"I am flagging this comment as" popup is flickering on answers which are shaded

Not major but thought I would log it nonetheless. Whilst flagging a comment on a shaded answer (by shaded I mean it has a negative score of 3 or more) the popup appeared in front of another shaded ...
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Comment custom flagged containing a user with a vulgar name auto marked as helpful

I just custom flagged a comment containing a link to a user profile with a vulgar name on this post (the post isn't really relevant to this question). I chose to custom flag the comment as the user ...
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How did I flag before the comment was posted?

Here's what my flagged posts looks like: And here's the comment: I shouldn't have flagged this comment, but my question is: Why is the time on my flag earlier than the time the comment was ...
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Flagged articles' comments don't show the article name on flag history page

I flagged a comment from an article as "No longer needed" and this is what I see in my flag history: I expect to be able to see where this comment is from, e.g.:
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Flagging comments for "serious" problems

When a user currently wants to flag a comment, there is this tooltip: The use of the word "serious" makes the process of flagging comments sounds like something really terrible has happened and it ...
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Disable flag pop-up message

Can we please have the option to disable the "Thanks for flagging!" pop-up we get every time we flag a comment? This is the one we get when we flag as No longer needed: The pop-up for an abusive ...
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Clicking comment flag icons at short intervals displays an error message with an inaccurate text

When you select the flag icon on a comment within 3 seconds of selecting the flag icon on a different comment, you still get: You may only attempt to flag this comment every 3 seconds Although I ...
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A comment got removed but the flag is marked as declined: a bug?

I've flagged a couple of comments to this answer (they were basically "thanks" comments as far as I remember). There are no comments now indeed, but one of the flags is shown as declined. Is this a ...
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Double flag icon appearing when flagging a comment

I just flagged a comment as "not constructive". Instead of receiving one red flag icon (meaning that you've flagged it), I received two: It looks a bug to me. I haven't seen it before. I normally ...
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Trying to clean up a comment thread about my wrong assumption and all my flags were declined

I made a mistake in a comment. This lead to a long chain of comments from me and several other users. Once I finally realized what happened I retracted my comments and flag the ones that related to ...
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Bug with the text length when flagging a comment with "Something else"

I found three rude but useful comments from a single poster for this answer to the question How to use unicode characters in Windows command line?. I haven't identified the user or the specific ...
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How to handle conflicting responses to comment flags

I recently flagged a comment for moderator attention, pointing out that the user regularly posted such comments, and asked whether what they were doing was an acceptable practice. The flag was ...
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Flag message box overlapping in titlebar

Recently I flagged some comments. I noticed when we flagged any comment one message box appeared: Thanks for flagging! When the message box appears, and the same time we scroll the page, the message ...
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Flagging comments on mobile requires excessive scrolling

The mobile version of Stack Overflow does not allow you to flag comments. A simple workaround is to switch to the desktop ("full") site from the footer, then flag away (then usually switch back). ...
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Proper flag for when a comment almost directly restates another comment

Recently I came across an answer with several comments stating ""Can only create methods" is pretty misleading." While reading them, I noticed one that had been made 1 year after the answer was posted....
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Comment flag should link to comment

In your flag summary, you can see "post flags", linking to the post you've flagged (either a question or an answer, both work), and "comment flags", linking to the parent post that ...
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deleting/flagging no longer needed comments?

Following situation: I post a comment to ask for clarification or to inform OP about an issue with their question OP replies I write an answer that also covers what has been discussed in the ...
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The "Flag" action in mobile app returns strange text ("option_id")

When I flag a comment for example in the Stack Overflow app (version 1.0.4), I'm getting the text "option_id" as the result, as the screenshot below shows: Is this normal, or it should be replaced ...
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Did I use the 'no longer needed' flag correctly in this case? Why was it declined?

It's all about this question. The OP posted some code. Then, a user added an incorrect tag in this edit. The question is actually about Windows Forms, not WPF (as you can read in the comments - it ...
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Why are aren't flags returned to the user after being accepted?

I am going to use stack overflow as an example but it is more of a general question. From Stack Overflow's help: When you start out, you are allotted 10 flags per day. This number may increase ...
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Comment section below my answer is abused as a pillory. What to do?

Yesterday someone posted a not-so-good question on SO but I answered it anyway. Perhaps that was a mistake, but I did. Shortly after that a discussion between a high-rep user and me started in the ...
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Should I flag mildly negative comments that hint at an answer?

I've decided against linking to the specific question (and answers) because I don't want to just stir up trouble, but... I recently came across a relatively well-written and well-received question (...
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