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Questions tagged [comment-edits]

Questions pertaining to edits to comments.

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Don't apply the edit-every-5-second rule when last edit of same comment was rejected

Sometimes I edit a comment in a way which causes the edit to be rejected, e.g. by @-mentioning a second user. I then quickly remove the @ and try to submit the edit again, only to be rebuffed with a ...
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Pressing Enter while editing comment on mobile doesn't submit it

In Chrome on Android you can post a comment by typing one, then pressing Enter on the on-screen keyboard. If you're editing a comment, pressing Enter doesn't submit the edit, but inserts a newline ...
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1 answer

Able to review edit history, but certain edits invisible

Why are untraceable edits allowed on content? Initially users can see that a question of theirs has been edited, and by who, and can later get access to an edit history to see what and when the edits ...
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Pasting into a comment field fails in the Stack Exchange iOS app [duplicate]

In the Stack Overflow app for iOS devices, on my iPhone 5S at least, pasting copied text into the editing field when posting a comment does nothing. This failure happens usually, if not always (I ...
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34 votes
2 answers

"Comments may only be edited for 5 minutes" re-wording

This is a small thing, but I would interpret "Comments may only be edited for 5 minutes" as "You can't have the comment editing box open for more than 5 minutes" rather than "You can't edit comments ...
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58 votes
1 answer

How was this comment edited ~5 years after it was posted?

I just came across a comment that has been edited waayyyy after its grace period: Stop using new so much. I can't see any reason you used new anywhere you did. You can create objects by value in C++...
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Users without the comment privilege unable to edit their own comments

I've noticed that I can't edit my comments even though they're on my own posts/answers to my questions. I get this: Why must you torture me and waste time with this? It only takes about ten extra ...
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Extend the comment edit grace period if the comment edit is already in progress

I was making an edit to one of my comments and tried to save it, but was met with the "Comments may only be edited for 5 minutes". I'm guessing I began the edit at the very end of the grace period, ...
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Is a @user notified in a comment if their @name is added in an edit to that comment?

If I add the comment: Why isn't this question clear? to a post, but forgot to notify the user to whom I am replying, does editing my comment to: Why isn't this question clear? @User – notify ...
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Trying to edit a comment to contain forbidden content makes weird things happen

I'd just posted a comment that read: Huh? json.dumps converts the dict back to a (JSON-encoded) string. That's not what the OP wanted to do. I tried to edit it to read: -1; huh? json.dumps ...
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0 answers

Should there be a section on the Help\Editing page about Edit Comments?

Earlier today I asked this question: Why was my edit rejected when it improved the quality of the answer the answer to the question essentially said that due to people reviewing vast numbers of ...
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Modified comments are not shown in inbox

When commenting, the first edit is signaled to the receivers, that is, the author of the question/answer and one @person. However, the next edit is no longer shown. Proposal: Signal also edits to ...
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