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Collectives™ on Stack Overflow are dedicated spaces where developers can find content that's organized around an area of technical practice or a technology provider's product suite. Use this tag for questions about Collectives; if your post relates to a specific collective, you can also use the tag for that collective, if one exists.

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1 answer

Downvoting Articles should not cost reputation

Downvoting Articles in Collectives costs 1 reputation point, similarly like downvoting regular answers. According to Why does downvoting an answer cost reputation while questions not? downvoting ...
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40 votes
1 answer

How are collective tags chosen?

I was looking over the Go Collective and its tags and noticed some tags that (from my quick research looking at tag wikis or googling them) felt kind of out of place. Namely I noticed go-cd and go-...
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24 votes
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Let me click on the Collective's Article title please

I can click the post title for questions but not article titles? My most common use-case is to send a question into a new tab with Ctrl+click and interact with the original page to go elsewhere. A ...
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10 votes
1 answer

Share link is broken in articles

Clicking on the share link in an article creates a link that leads to page 404. For example, in the article
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11 votes
1 answer

Link to How-to guide in articles is broken

When I click on the link in the article it leads to page 404. The URL it leads to is:[how-to-guide]+is:article When I click from the ...
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26 votes
1 answer

Articles don't have vote breakdown

Articles (Collectives feature) support upvoting and downvoting, but they don't show vote breakdown. Vote breakdown can be crucial when determining the value of some post. There is a huge difference ...
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50 votes
1 answer

Collective Article downvote pushes for explanation. Bug or new feature?

When downvoting a collective article a pop-up ask for feedback: The same pop-up comes when pressing the "Provide feedback" icon: It's a long established consensus on SO that downvote doesn'...
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23 votes
1 answer

Vote arrow tooltips are wrong for Collectives Articles

Consider this article on the Google Cloud Collective as an example. When hovering my mouse pointer over the upvote button, I get the pop-up: Mark this post as useful and clear When hovering my mouse ...
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42 votes
4 answers

Collectives: Grant collective members the power to moderate content, and remove said content from public moderation responsibilities

This is going to be incredibly incendiary and controversial for a feature that was launched today, but I feel that it has to be said. The new Collectives feature relies on existing conventions to ...
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12 votes
1 answer

Link to Collective in post revisions is broken

I noticed the new "Answer Recommended by" in an answer: The link to Google Cloud collective works fine in the post. Then I went to the post revisions, and in there the link is broken, ...
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9 votes
1 answer

Collectives member count is way off

Taking for example Google Cloud Collective, it says "View all 96 Members": However, after clicking it, I see table with only 23 users: Can this please become consistent, either way? Note ...
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57 votes
5 answers

The user research behind Collectives™ on Stack Overflow

As you may have seen, we launched a new initiative today: CollectivesTM on Stack Overflow. For over a year now, I’ve led our Product Research efforts on this project. In this post I want to share some ...
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62 answers

Beta release of Collectives™ on Stack Overflow

Beta release of Collectives on Stack Overflow Over the past year, our Reach & Relevance team (description of the team in FAQ) has been heads down working on a new initiative that will enhance the ...
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