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Collectives™ on Stack Overflow are dedicated spaces where developers can find content that's organized around an area of technical practice or a technology provider's product suite. Use this tag for questions about Collectives; if your post relates to a specific collective, you can also use the tag for that collective, if one exists.

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Quality of discussions in collectives [closed]

In particular I'm looking at the mobile dev collective here, maybe this is uniquely bad. But looking at the discussions- on the first 2 pages of discussions, more than 80% are downvoted, most of them ...
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1 answer

How do I create my own Collective?

As the title says, SO now has a feature called Collectives: Collectives are a little like subreddits, Reddit’s community-focused boards dedicated to a single topic. For Google and other Stack ...
-80 votes
6 answers

Expanding Discussions: Let's talk about curation

This week, we are expanding the Discussions experiment to the R Language, CI/CD, and PHP Collectives. Moving beyond the initial launch in the NLP Collective allows for more participation across the ...
5 votes
1 answer

How do I view my flags in the ‘Discussions’ tab of a Collective?

A while back, I’d flagged a post in the Discussions tab of the Mobile Development Collective. I couldn’t find any option to track or view my flags. How can I view my flagged posts in Discussions?
6 votes
3 answers

How can we improve the quality of discussions in the Mobile Development collective?

I'm in the Mobile Development collective and the discussions seem to be adding questionable value. Sorting by highest score shows there's a few opinion-based discussions that fit well, but for a ...
-52 votes
1 answer

Collectives updates: new features and ways to get started with Discussions

Over the last month, we’ve released a number of updates related to Collectives and Discussions. This post details some of those and also notes some upcoming changes. Discovery updates Right sidebar ...
-75 votes
6 answers

Collectives Updates to the Community Bulletin in the Right Sidebar

Update — November 15, 2023 This temporary (90-day) experiment has been launched. A notable change from the initially stated matching logic is that we’re no longer matching on title, because it ...
38 votes
1 answer

What's going on with Articles on Microsoft Azure Collective?

Recently, multiple articles per day are getting posted to Microsoft Azure Collective. Based on that publishing rate, I got a little suspicious, so started looking at a couple of them and it seems that ...
21 votes
0 answers

Don't use reputation loss from curation activities in Collectives Leaderboard

I have joined Mobile Development Collective to see what is the difference between being regular user and being member of a Collective in terms of actions I see and can do. At the moment I am rarely ...
8 votes
1 answer

Can a "No LLM Usage" banner be added for the Collectives Article box?

Currently, when a user uses the answer box [on Stack Overflow], there was (should be?*) a box reminding users to not post LLM-generated content. It said something like this: Reminder: AI-generated ...
-67 votes
5 answers

Update on Collectives and Discussions

We’ve got some interesting and important updates for you today. Notably, a new collective is launching, focused on Mobile Development. There’s a separate post about that new collective where those ...
9 votes
1 answer

Collective name and new question count overlaps

If the Collective name is too long it overlaps with the new contents count. Not a big issue but I feel a truncation would be better.
-14 votes
1 answer

Create Collective for JavaScript, or browser tech in general [closed]

Currently, it's not possible to create an article about anything browser related because every article must belong to a corresponding collective. Can new collectives only be created by large ...
-18 votes
5 answers

Collections: A New Feature for Collectives on Stack Overflow

Today we are launching "Collections", a new feature in Collectives, designed to help collective Members easily discover and collaboratively build upon high-quality content about a specific ...
4 votes
0 answers

Unify the look of accept and recommend votes

A recent addition is the "recommended by collective" feature. It appears as a small button below the accept button and when active shows a small message above the answer. This is now ...
-19 votes
6 answers

New Collective: Mobile Development – Scope, community, and questions

Today, the Mobile Development Collective is launching on Stack Overflow. In case you’re new to Stack Overflow or want a refresher, collectives helps users find trusted answers faster, connect with ...
13 votes
4 answers

Amazon Collective launch and tag discussion

As announced on The Overflow Blog, the AWS Collective is the newest Collective on Stack Overflow. The team at AWS is looking forward to engaging with and supporting developers on the Collective. The ...
8 votes
2 answers

Some API requests to /users are failing with status code 404 errors

I was wondering whether there are recent any changes to the /users endpoint of Stack Exchange API? I was sending queries that worked previously (also worked yesterday), but I got error code id of 404 ...
5 votes
9 answers

The user research behind Discussions

As you might have noticed, we launched an experiment on Stack Overflow called Discussions (currently only available within the NLP Collective). This post is the origin story behind this feature, ...
46 votes
2 answers

How much deviation from Stack Overflow's guidelines is too much?

There's a Discussion on the NLP Collective which asks about validity of questions which seek recommendations, are broad, or would generally lead to opinionated answers. I am quoting the Discussion ...
23 votes
2 answers

Who is going to handle flags on content in the Collectives discussions feature?

A new site area for subjective discussions has been announced in the WeAreDevelopers talk and on SO Labs, scheduled for release in August 2023. My understanding is that the feature is just for ...
-49 votes
26 answers

Discussions experiment launching on NLP Collective

Discussions are now available within the following collectives: CI/CD Collective NLP Collective PHP Collective R Language Collective Today (August 21, 2023), Stack Overflow is launching an ...
20 votes
1 answer

Random semicolon in collections

For some reason, there's a random semicolon in Collections. Here is what I'm referring to. I'm assuming it shouldn't be there and is a mistake, so can this random semicolon be removed?
8 votes
0 answers

Stack Overflow Collectives: The article propose popover is positioned absolutely behind the sticky header

In Stack Overflow Collectives, the "Article Propose Popover" popover, which display: Simply submit a proposal, get it approved by a Recognized Member, and publish it. See how the process ...
18 votes
0 answers

Should recognized members of Collectives "recommend" answers associated with their own posts?

This question is inspired by this now deleted (and locked because it was a rejected migration) question. Stack Overflow has a number of Collectives that are intended to "help you find trusted ...
-9 votes
1 answer

Collectives: How did we select the initial collective topics for launch?

Note for context: this post is part of a series about Collectives on Stack Overflow.  To read the full series, begin at this primary post. As announced here, there will be two new collectives ...
-41 votes
1 answer

New Collective: NLP – Scope, community, and questions

Today, the NLP (Natural Language Processing) Collective is launching on Stack Overflow. Why NLP? Both question activity and pageviews pointed to the NLP space as one that has been consistently active ...
-11 votes
1 answer

The question is in the wrong collective. How can I edit it?

This question How can I find in my project? was included in the PHP Collective, possibly because it has a PHP tag, but it has nothing to do with it. If anything, it should belong to ...
40 votes
1 answer

Please don't show Collectives surveys to people who aren't in Collectives

I just got a "How are we doing? Help us improve Twilio" banner survey notification when I visited a twilio question: Separating User Speech from Chatbot Speech in Real-Time Audio Streams ...
-4 votes
8 answers

New Collective: PHP – Scope, community, and questions

Today, the PHP Collective is launching on Stack Overflow. Why PHP? After launching the R Language Collective earlier this year, we wanted to launch another collective focused on a specific language. ...
14 votes
0 answers

Collectives icon is slightly shifted to the top

Collectives icons on questions list in the tag section are slightly shifted to the top: More closer look: Reproduced on iPadOS 16.6, Chrome 115.0.5790.130
3 votes
1 answer

Font size for comments in Collective article is bigger than comments on a normal post

While engaging with an article within the Collective section, I noticed a discrepancy in the font size of comments compared to regular posts. Specifically, the font size in the Collective seems larger ...
8 votes
1 answer

The add post to Collection search box shows incorrect vote and view counts

The process for adding posts to collective collections includes a search box. When a post appears in the results, information is provided about the post. However, as can be seen below, the vote and ...
-73 votes
1 answer

Launching 2 new collectives: PHP and NLP

Today, two new collectives are launching on Stack Overflow. As with the previous two that were launched in March these will be community-led and community-driven.  Check out the new collectives here, ...
33 votes
0 answers

Could collectives clutter be reduced please?

Collectives seem to create a lot of clutter (4, maybe 5, elements on the screenshot below). This affects UX. Please consider reducing the clutter. If collectives don't serve any real purpose, please ...
32 votes
3 answers

Remove "Recognized by XYZ Collective" text from the Recognized Member (RM)'s flair

Since the launch of collectives, there have been discussions (mostly negative) about the new look of Recognized Member (RM)'s flair when they post an answer. Some of the related discussions can be ...
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0 answers

Add "question with new activity" message to collective page

Most of the time when I am trying to answer new R questions I wait at the Questions page with the following tag r. Mostly there pops a message that there is a new question like this (This is nice ...
28 votes
1 answer

Should collective names include "collective"?

Right now the collective for the R language is called the R Language Collective. That's fine, but the result is that collective-associated questions are tagged, redundantly, as "Part of R ...
14 votes
1 answer

"Has recommended answer" filter also includes questions with answers written by a Recognized Member

When I navigate to the R Language Collective page and filter the questions by the "Has recommended answer" attribute, I see questions such as this one which are clearly labeled "Answer ...
13 votes
1 answer

Should the recognized member flair on answers stay when someone leaves a collective?

With the recent events, I've decided to leave the CI/CD collective, thus resigning from the "Recognized Member" position. It's been brought to my attention that the "Recognized Member&...
-6 votes
3 answers

Inviting New Recognized Members to the R Language Collective

Update Based on the feedback we received on this post, we have modified the criteria we will use to invite RMs to the R Language Collective going forward. We have removed the rep requirement, the ...
8 votes
1 answer

Collective icons are causing unnecessary new lines

Example on a Google Pixel 6 phone with Chrome:
19 votes
0 answers

Why would I write a Collectives article instead of a blog post?

The R collective was opened earlier this year, and I am trying to understand the role of articles within the collective. Unless one is a Recognized Member of the collective, a person who wants to ...
5 votes
0 answers

Collective Overview page update

Today, collectives got some design updates, notably an updated layout for the header and menu. Also included in these updates is a redesigned Overview page, which changes that initial landing page ...
7 votes
7 answers

Microsoft Azure Collective launch and proposed tag changes

Last month we announced the launch of the Microsoft Azure Collective. Microsoft Azure's engineers have been assessing the Azure-related tags on Stack Overflow that are not yet part of the Collective, ...
14 votes
0 answers

Duplication in community top tags

I just checked out the Google Cloud and Azure collectives, and at the bottom of each it conveniently shows the 5 top tags. However in both cases there is a duplicate. When clicking show all tags the ...
7 votes
0 answers

Make the spacing between the collective indicator and a tag the same as the spacing between tags in the question UI

I just noticed a spacing inconsistency and it's bugging me. In the question post UI, .js-post-tag-list-wrapper contents are li.d-inline.mr4.js-post-tag-list-item, where the mr4 class has margin-right: ...
18 votes
1 answer

Test articles are showing up in search

When searching using is:article, test articles are appearing. This is somewhat similar to a past occurrence regarding the /articles page. However, I figured it deserved its own post, given this is a ...
10 votes
0 answers

How to properly handle Azure related questions

For several weeks now I have seen a lot of questions related to Azure, but I struggle to see how they are on-topic for Stack Overflow. Some examples: Azure Storage Account mounted in AKS loses ...
16 votes
3 answers

Launching the CI/CD and R Collectives and community editing features for articles

Earlier this month, we announced that the next collectives would be focused on areas of practice. Today, two new collectives are now available to join: CI/CD Collective and R Language Collective The ...