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Questions about the site's code of conduct (CoC), formerly known as the be nice policy.

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Expletives in Code - Flag declined [duplicate]

I recently flagged this question because of the text contained in the code example. However, it was declined. I tried reading some questions/answers here, but couldn't find an explanation regarding ...
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Is this comment asking for code fine?

I'm wondering if this comment is fine: post code/Code's you have tried... It was the first comment on the question, IIRC, but many more better comments were posted later. Context: this is the ...
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Is the new Code of Conduct over the top?

From the new banner I saw pointing to the new Code of Conduct I feel like this is asking moderators to be babysitters, "Now be nice, children!" I also feel like it's great to have a ...
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"Be Nice" Code of Conduct vs Dijkstra style and Psychological Safety [closed]

True experts can be harsh and direct but often for valid reasons. Edsger Dijkstra is a classic example of such character in Programming and Computer Science. Generic Stack Exchange could be a better ...
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Iterating on Inclusion: What does this mean for me?

I'm a casual member of SO and am not a moderator, although some algorithms do seem to have granted me certain priviliges over time. I have read a recent blog post by Sara Chipps titled "Iterating on ...
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How are "botted (i.e. using bots)" inappropriate conducts handled by moderators?

First of all, this is a hypothetical situation, which I thought of the other day. We now have chat rooms (one, in which I chat frequently) that use some sort of bots to relay messages between the room ...
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Is it fair to close a question based on off-site interactions?

Background: For over a year, I was a member of the Julia Discourse site. After some time my relationship with the forum deteriorated and I decided to leave, in not the best way. I was verbally abusive ...
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Should there be a higher standard for moderating election-related content?

I came across this thread (now deleted),, about a chain of comments removed ...
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A user said they awarded my answer by mistake, and asked me to award a bounty on the other answer

Okay, so weird situation: A user said they accidentally awarded me a 100 rep bounty, that they intended to give it to the other answerer. They asked me to give a 50 bounty to the other answerer, and I ...
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Is it okay to give one's under-rep chatbot special access to their chatroom for typical chatbot testing & such?

I've been told in Stack Overflow chat that it's not okay to give one's chatbots without enough rep special access to their room just so that it could chat. I took that advice and kept it at Meta Stack ...
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3 answers

What should you do with users who won't help unless you upvote?

I googled a problem and came across a relevant question with an accepted answer by user A. User B pointed out a better way (in their opinion) of solving the problem in a comment, which was also ...
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Discussion on discriminatory user behavior

I would like to bring SO Community's attention to one critical issue, that I'd noticed on this thread Deletion/undeletion battles - should moderators step in? where one user (I would not prefer ...
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Can we have an official statement regarding greetings, salutations etc. please?

I've participated once in a discussion regarding removing greetings, salutations and thanks from SO posts here. Another discussion took place on Meta here. Both accepted answers and their votes seem ...
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Should friendly language and remarks be removed from answers? [duplicate]

Stack Overflow has often been characterized as a challenging platform to contribute to, sometimes seen as unfriendly. This notion has been ameliorated with a new Code of Conduct that includes ...
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To what extent would offensive content be considered "repairable"?

Just now a question containing offensive and vulgar words was caught by a moderation bot. We had some divergence about whether that question is "repairable". That is, some people think the question ...
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Is this answer insulting the developer who wrote a piece of code really ok?

I flagged this answer: Its an abomination that works. So you are correct in assuming that when you do a join function call. You pass a empty string so that there is nothing put in between the ...
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Declined flag: Is this a subtle put-down?

I recently had an "Unfriendly or unkind" comment flag declined on a comment on this post that was something to the effect of: Start with using a spell-checker. This appears to be a ...
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Is an answer calling for downvotes against the question Rude?

I was alerted to this answer in a chatroom: Please note that this is a take home-exam question for the Algorithm Analysis and Design Course at IIIT-Delhi which is still going on. I am the instructor ...
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Was I too harsh in my comment on this post?

Recently I stumbled upon this question. The content of the question was: need to sign a pdf file by certificate file (.cer/.p12) with python instruction : everyone have a private key and ...
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About people suggesting alternate methods or services for helping out

Premise: I've limited experience about SO and SE in general, so I don't know if this is a common issue; also, this is a matter I find difficult to find out about in here, as its description might be ...
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We-are-not-a-code-writing-service comments. Are they the good, the bad, or the ugly?

There's a lot of "We are not a code writing service" comments being flagged. The flag rate for them is increasing and there's now some custom flags complaining about users who write this in their ...
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Letting go of SO

Stack Overflow has been a major part of my Internet and professional life for the last six years. Over the last two months, my visits to SO have increasingly made me wonder "what unpleasant surprise ...
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3 answers

A "be nice" review

For your perusal: I would like feedback on the comments below the question. Are they appropriate under the "Be Nice," "Welcome Wagon" and various revisions of the Code of Conduct? All feedback ...
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3 answers

'Going forward, "rep-*****" [...] will be removed' - or not?

It’s time to retire the term “rep-*****” Going forward, “rep-whore” (and its derivatives) will be treated like any other term that’s inconsistent with the community’s “be nice” policy: it will be ...
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Has the recent issues related to Code of Conduct changes and gender pronouns affected SO activity?

The new Code of Conduct and the endless discussions also had a unpleasant (and unprecedented?) side-effect of several moderators and other users resigning. I am wondering if this had any measurable ...
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2 answers

Is an unkind comment flag declined after deleting the answer?

A user posted an answer to a pretty unclear question: I am a nice person. Lots of other on stack overflow would down vote this question. You have to [rest of answer] I edited the answer to remove ...
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Do I tell a user to approve my answer? [duplicate]

I haven't found anything like this in Stack Overflow's code of conduct. However, a new contributor indicated on his question that my answer worked for him under the answer comment section and upvoted ...
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Is this rudeness with polite disclaimer?

I am not good with English but this seems to me as a person trying to thrash the other but with cherry on top (to avoid flags?) Sorry, I don't mean to be rude, but IMHO this hardly "gets rid of the ...
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Are humorous questions allowed on Stack Overflow?

I tried looking for unanswered questions on that are tagged hex and I came across this question, which a reference to The Martian. Using hexedit to edit /usr/lib/ I'm new to the site, so I'...
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Magic link for Code of Conduct

I see Code of Conduct went live. I was thinking perhaps we should add a shorthand link in comments to already existing array of shorthand links where [conduct] will expand to "Code of Conduct". That ...
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To what extent is Stack Overflow for Teams subject to the Code of Conduct and general site policies?

At first, I thought it was obvious that Stack Overflow for Teams would be subject to the full Code of Conduct (CoC) and other applicable content and behavior policies, however Catija ♦ mentioned in an ...
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Is there a welcome bot / be nice bot? [duplicate]

Recently I have noticed that completely rubbish posts get upvoted quite quickly after an initial downvote. As this happened to me this morning again for this question I honestly start to question if ...
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Divisions, disappointment and pillory: how can we make meta a more enjoyable, productive space for everyone?

Bear with me. This is an attempt to sweep together a lot of the angst on the site in an attempt to deal with it. This isn't a question. It's literally a discussion. I'm sharing my ideas and you can ...
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3 answers

Watch those itchy trigger fingers

Note: I refrain from deleting this question (which was ill-considered when asked) only because of the good answers given, especially the one by Nicol Bolas. My position evolved as I had to think it ...
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6 answers

Is mocking the Indian English used by a user abusive?

I found a question on main about a memory error which used almost perfect grammar and was completely clearly phrased, but it included a term along the lines of one file has 5 lakh lines It was ...
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How do you approach or salvage a question with sexist overtones? [duplicate]

I came across this question today, and I knew it would cause some sort of flagging. Now, let's assume for a moment that this question was valid, well written, and aside from the code/purpose, all ...
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Abuse flag declined for a user repeatedly attacking another user

In this thread, the OP of the question received a clearly well-meaning answer, which he obviously felt was not right: Spring Boot Callback after client receives resource? He commented "Please don't ...
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Can humour play a part in comments, and are these comments so rude and unwelcoming? I just got a reminder to be nice

I just got flagged for being rude and unwelcoming. No dramas there though; I sometimes get a little pointy. Also I understand what Stack Overflow is trying to do in light of those silly blog ...
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11 answers

The Code of Conduct is a "no moderation" pass? Not on our watch! What can we do?

I am concerned about how the code of conduct is being pointed out in practice. In its short time of existence (close to 2 months), I have seen multiple occurrences of comments claiming to report a ...
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13 answers

To what extent does language need to be moderated?

Recently the case occurred where a questioner realised in the comments he had painted himself into a corner code-wise, and commented with "Damn it. Can anyone suggest a work-around then please?" Just ...
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Anyone else noticed the tide of low-quality questions since the introduction of the new "be nice" policy?

As of late, I have certainly noticed an influx of low-quality questions. These questions are typically of the following caliber: Help with a homework assignment Incoherent and poorly-articulated even ...
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4 answers

Do fast close habits comply with the Code of Conduct?

In the code of conduct I read: If you're here to help others, be patient, and welcoming As I understand it, it does not just apply to what we write but also to what we do: namely voting to close ...
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Mention votes as "healthy parts of our community" in the Code of Conduct

In The Code of Conduct is a “no moderation” pass? Not on our watch! What can we do?, E_net4 rightly notes that using the Code of Conduct to indiscriminately challenge moderation actions is ...
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7 answers

On being nice and still not feeding the trolls or help vampires or whatever

I firmly believe that it is perfectly possible to remain nice - polite, friendly, even welcoming - while still refusing to feed the troll, or the help vampire, or whichever other species of ...
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3 answers

How to handle other users' rude behaviour towards new users?

Two comments of mine posted today have been removed. Here is the message I was responding to: I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because this should be asked the vendor. SO is not ...
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Harassing email from user [duplicate]

Closed a question from a new user as a duplicate and a few hours later got an email with the following (censoring mine): "duplicated? f**k you f**k you f**k you.... I want to disable save ...
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1 answer

Can we statistically detect changes in friendliness from the Welcome Wagon, new CoC, New Contributor Indicator, etc?

Can we statistically analyze the success of the Welcome Wagon, new Code of Conduct, and related UI changes? I did some analysis I'll provide as a self-answer below, but new answers and edits are more ...
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2 answers

Should there be a version of the "Informed" badge for reading the code of conduct?

The new code of conduct is, in my opinion, skillfully worded and worth a read. So, it seems appropriate for there to be a badge awarding those who read it, much like the Informed badge.
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2 answers

How do people join communities these days? [closed]

I remember a time before Stack Overflow. Not much, and not well; there are certainly people with more and longer experience of those dark days than me (I've even heard that there was a time where ...
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"What have you tried" vs. new Code of Conduct [duplicate]

Comments can't contain that content - "What have you tried?" seems to not be the case (or the comment on How to change the logic for the last element while mapping an array is far enough ...