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Just how short does a code block have to be to avoid horizontal scroll?

Today I edited an answer that interested me to try to get rid of the horizontal scroll. You can see the final results here: And the previous revision here: ...
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Why is not all the code formatted as code in my comment? [duplicate]

I've added a comment to this question, but as you can see there's something wrong in the formatting: I've used backticks on two places, and it works on the first, but not on the second place, as you ...
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How to handle questions with code as images [duplicate]

When someone (typically a first-time poster) posts a question that contains code presented as an image, we're supposed to encourage them to edit the question and repost as plain text, for all the ...
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Preview does not render code blocks as code if they contain a paragraph separator (unicode decimal 8233, hex 2029)

If you edit this question, you'll see the problem. Here's a code block with a paragraph separator char between "foo" and "bar": var str = "foo
bar" var also = "other lines" The above line renders ...
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SO couldn't format the following Lisp code properly [duplicate]

The following code is copied from When I copy it into the body of this question, the indentation goes wrong after line ...
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How can we add a tab to every line?

So, many people mess up code fences in their questions. One of the most common errors is that one tab is missing at the beginning of every line. Example: public class ExampleClass{ private void ...
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Automatically resize code blocks to fit the horizontal scroll bar within the screen

Consider a fairly large block of code. For example, this question. On my 1366x768 screen laptop, this is what I see: If I have to scroll horizontally in the code block, I have to first scroll down, ...
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How to properly format terraform (HCL) code

There's insufficient documentation on which code language identifier to use for the terraform language. The expected values (tf, hcl, or terraform) do not work. Is this supported, and if so, what is ...
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Markdown with fenced code blocks within lists has inconsistent previewed/final renderings

About the bug This is a bug whose effects you can see in the revision history of this answer. Specifically, it’s about the edit that created Revision 15 (click “side-by-side markdown” to see that ...
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Code readability of questions

When a user is asking a question SO has many ways of making sure the question is at high quality, SO has many guides and rules to make a good question and they are doing the job well. I would like to ...
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Run-on string when formatter believes a string ending back tick is escaped

I came across this answer's code snippet. In Golang, strings enclosed in backticks are taken as a raw string. It doesn't parse for escape sequences. The code formatter erroneously colors the rest of ...
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Formatted code colors have changed, for the worse

Why have formatted code colors changed within the past 2 days? Here is an example with the old colors on the left, new on the right (Taken from this question which was asked 2 days ago, and I ...
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Link to line in code snippet

When sharing code from GitHub with people, I can get a link to the exact line, which helps with clarity when I'm bringing attention to something specific. I would like to do the same when linking ...
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Are edits that purely reformat code, based on preference, good edits?

Start note: This question is very similar to a question that was flagged as similar. Are purely cosmetic edits to original code frowned-upon, even if they accompany high-value non-code revisions? The ...
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Which part of my previous post "is NOT properly formatted as code" on Stack Overflow?

Could anyone specify which part was wrong with my description in my previous post? I've just asked a question on Stack Overflow here. In the process, I couldn't post my question because of the ...
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Why are people using 4 space-indent to post code?

I'm baffled why people are using 4 space-indent when posting code. It tends to screw up indentation on posts. It also does not have language-specific highlighting. What I always use is the triple `. (...
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Weird line breaks in code in mobile view on IOS

See e.g. this recent answer of mine. The mobile view shows a line break in the middle of the keyword next even though there is a longer line just below it which isn't wrapped at all. Screen shot: ...
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Bug: Interpreting C# code as incorrectly formatted code [duplicate]

When using the code format sometimes the color isn't correct. For example, in this question the word CPerson Blue is blue instead of Black: And the set is Blue, and get is Black: This is a ...
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Users frequently start code blocks on the same line as the triple backticks

Every day I fix up lots of questions where the poster has written their code blocks like this: ```<html> blah blah </html>``` When they do this, the first line of the code is not ...
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Can we add a nudge to use a PowerShell validator when PowerShell code is detected?

For a while I have been contributing to Stack Overflow with PowerShell questions and answers. In here I am seeing a lot of questions with code examples that could be automatically resolved (or ...
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Misalignment of Unicode block characters in preformatted text blocks

I see a broken format of tables passed to <pre> tags, when the table has some Unicode decoration. Look: postgres=# select * from pg_namespace ; ┌───────┬────────────────────┬──────────┬─────────...
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Bug in comment parsing

The following comment causes Stack Overflow to render the comment incorrectly, based on the documentation for Comment Formatting: I think I see what you're doing. You really only need one example of ...
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What is the recommended way to format the output of some code? [duplicate]

As per title, consider some code which produces some output to STDOUT, what is the recommended way of formatting it. For example, in Python, you could write: print('Hello World!') which produces ...
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How to format the data (questions/answers) on stackoverflow mobile site? [duplicate]

Its very difficult to format the data while working on stackoverflow mobile site. Somehow I used to manage it via adding spaces for code etc. But when theres a large complex data to be posted it ...
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Changing the emphasis of python answers from python 2 to python 3

Frequently, I come across an excellent answer here, here or here, for example where the answer is written with python 2 in mind, and python 3 edited in as an afterthought. I don't think the python 2 ...
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Can we add a button "Format with Prettier" to the toolbar when editing posts?

Prettier supports formatting Markdown text and a bunch of languages. Can we add it as a button or format on save? All the posts will have a unified look and feel, without the extra spaces, wrong ...
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Feedback on the new ask question page - Formatting suggestions

I think you guys did a great job with the re-design of the ask question page. However there is this bit that I find can be improved. There are currently three (or even 4) ways to format code: ...
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ShellCheck integration into posted shell code blocks

If we could have ShellCheck optionally integrated into shell code blocks, recommended or performed automatically with result output; It could save a good amount of repetitive and so automatable ...
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The language identifier example in the "How to format" box doesn't work for python

Currently, the "How to format" box in the edit window has the example language identifier ```python def function(foo): print(foo) ``` Which produces the non-hilighted output def ...
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Using the code tags causing errors

I've followed this answer to attempt to strike out previous erroneous code in this question I asked. My justification for doing this is that the code example I provided was misleading, however ...
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"How to Format" in the "Ask a question" sidebar mentions both ways of creating code blocks, without drawing a link between them

As noted in What is the preferrred method for formatting code?, the "Ask a question" sidebar that shows up while writing the body of a new question suggests to "indent code by 4 spaces" even though ...
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What is the preferred method for formatting code?

My primary question is What is the preferred method for formatting code? followed by Is the formatting help at odds with the preferred formatting method? The sidebar for the "Ask a question" ...
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Alert or automatically fix code formatting attempts to use ''' instead of ``` [duplicate]

Lately I've been fixing a few questions per day where a new user made an effort to format their code properly but instead of using three backticks they used three apostrophes. Needless to say, code ...
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RTL characters in code snippets

Here is a code snippet, snapshotted from a character-based terminal that doesn't apply the Unicode bidi algorithm: Here's the same code snippet in Stack Overflow: {{a|1}} {{א|1}} Note how the ...
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Better font for Control Pictures?

There is a set of thirty-nine Unicode characters used for representing otherwise non-visible characters, U+2400 to U+2426. However, on Stack Overflow they are largely unreadable (though do at least ...
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How can I upload a file to Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I need to upload my code and put it in my question. How can I do that? If there's no way to do so, then show me an alternative way (for example, a website I can upload my file and then use its link on ...
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Pressing the quote button destroys text in code fences

Let's say I want to quote this shell code in a post: foo=bar echo $foo First I put it in code fences so it shows up as code: ```sh foo=bar echo $foo ``` Then to quote it, I select it and either ...
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What is the expected correct SO behaviour to reply with a code fragment which is not yet an answer?

Prerequisites I know there are lots of questions and duplicates that explain that comments won't support code blocks and full-functional formatting. It is also declared that comments are used as a ...
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Your post appears to contain code

Is it possible to override that error message? I have the feeling something changed in the way the content of the questions are checked, it is the second time I gave up and did not post a question ...
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How should answers specify text that should be replaced?

When I'm writing answers that include code snippets, I often need to differentiate between text that is required and text that needs to be replaced. With a command like cp source dest I have seen a ...
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Code block rendered incorrectly at question but correct in edit window

I came upon this question. On a first look I thought that the code was formatted with a backtick starting and ending every line: I decided to correct this but when I clicked on edit I saw that it ...
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Edit code where indentation is only one space?

I've read a couple of posts here and I came to the conclusion that you should not change the indentation style of a post. It's up to the poster to decide that. And that also includes how many spaces ...
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How do I properly hide preformatted text? [duplicate]

I know how to preformat text This is preformatted | . X . . | | . X X X | | . . X . | And I know how to hide text But I cannot figure out how to nicely combine the two. The best I can do is this, ...
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Blockwise indentation [duplicate]

When I paste code into the text editor, sometimes I have to indent multiple lines to make it look well. So I start to hit the space bar multiple times for each code line until the code is formatted ...
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What is the correct way to display HTML and CSS in Stack Overflow?

When answering/asking a question on Stack Overflow, what is the best way to display your HTML and CSS code? I first had it like this: html: <div class="first-div">Some content</div> &...
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Post code indented with tabs [duplicate]

Can I copy my code, which is indented with tabs, inside a StackOverflow question (or answer) and have it recognized as code?
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Could not submit question, because I wasn't able to format code. The toolbar disappears

I'm trying to submit my question, but I cannot format my code, because all the toolbars disappeared. As you can see in the picture, there's only the add picture button, and all other tools were not ...
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Syntax highlighting does not work for shell scripts written in bash [duplicate]

I tried using the <!-- language: bash --> and also an option from this question - bash doesn't format properly without language comment, but neither of lang-bsh or lang-sh work too. A snippet ...
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Code snippet not getting highlighted [duplicate]

I have a piece of code after a list in a question. It is not getting syntax highlighted, even if I use SO code block, or indent it myself. If I move it before the list, it works as expected. Also, ...
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Add warning for code surrounded by '''

I have seen so many people confuse ``` with ''', resulting in a post that needs to be edited. Can the linter add a warning that ''' does not highlight code, or can it be added in the sidebar?
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