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The security and CDN provider used by Stack Exchange. This offers a reverse proxy service for selected Q&A sites. Questions about the relationship of CloudFlare and Stack Exchange or problems with CloudFlare while using SE services should use this tag.

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Programmatically reading reproducible markdown data tables now results in Forbidden HTTPError

As of at least September 12, 2023, it was possible to use pd.read_html to easily read Markdown tables used to create minimal reproducible examples. However, as of this posting, it no longer seems ...
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CloudFlare is ruining Stack Overflow for me with its recaptcha

After reading this article, I realized that there is something fundamentally wrong with how web site owners are using CloudFlare as their CDN/firewall/DDOS/DNS/everything-under-the-hood solution. A ...
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Error 522: Connection Timed out Cloudfare

Today while browsing Stack Overflow I got this error. I am in India. The error is not consistent. It stays for a few seconds and then works OK. So far today I have seen this two times. I am not ...
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Error 1001 Ray ID: 2857dcb38d972ee7 [closed]

Today while browsing i found error on SO. DNS resolution error Is this normal? Apologies if it makes no sense to you guys. Update: After a min or two i refreshed the page and it is loading fine. I ...
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Stack Overflow experiencing connection issues? [closed]

For the last 30 minutes or so, I'm seeing the "Website is offline" message while accessing SO. Behaviour is random. Location: India. Anyone else seeing the same issue? EDIT: For clarification, ...
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