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This tag is for general questions about questions that have been closed because they are off-topic or otherwise do not meet the criteria defined in the FAQ.

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Why was my programming question closed as off-topic despite receiving some upvotes? [closed]

Correct me if I'm wrong, but an up-vote means someone found a question useful, right? So if a question receives 4 or 5 up-votes, why on Earth would it be closed as off-topic? Especially if it's a ...
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How can an incorrectly closed question be restored, and the closing voters notified? [closed]

In 2021 a question asked by a new user was closed by several members with sufficient reputation, but without sufficient experience in the subject matter.
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Does the "Private feedback for you" headline sound rude?

Recently, a question of mine has been closed as "opinion-based". I wholeheartedly disagree what that sentiment, but I don't want to discuss about that. The only important thing to know here ...
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Moderators have too much power?

I stumble upon more and more useful but closed questions with many upvotes, where the answers have even more upvotes. The questions were usually closed for "not constructive" and "opinion based" ...
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Why has Stack Overflow gone downhill? [duplicate]

I ask a perfectly valid question that I can't find the answer too, no matter how much I search and I get 2 down votes. And since you don't require an explanation for a downvote I don't know why. Are ...
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Punish answerers of bad questions

This answer got me thinking… To stop the bad behavior, we have to stop encouraging the bad behavior. We need to stop answering bad questions, and we need to downvote the answers to bad questions. ...
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I need answer to the question and seems a valid one, still its closed, How will I get answer from SO? [duplicate]

I asked the following question: What are custom events and synthetic events? I don't mind if its downvoted or else, but at least an answer should be given. This is a confusing topic, and if I get ...
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Why is this question off topic?

Why was this questions considered off topic and what needs to be done to make it on-topic for Stack Overflow?
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Broad and opinion-based question closed without an answer despite many similar questions getting answers

I asked [a obviously broad, opinion-based, etc., question. Now, my only concern is, it has been closed before being answered! There are a lot of questions on SO that are "obviously broad, opinion-...
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Is this an example of a hostile moderation?

After a long time, I have added a question on Stack Overflow thinking of receiving some help. I spent quite some time trying to make my question shorter and to the point. I added relevant link and ...
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Over-eager duplicate checking

Stack Overflow is not just a wiki. It is a discursive learning platform. Over-eager duplicate checking and the resultant rapid closing of questions harms this latter use case for Stack ...
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How to approach a moderator who has closed my question because they think it is a matter of opinion, when I can show that it's about facts [duplicate]

I've just posted the question at . In it, I'm asking for software that: (1)...
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Why can't I be working on my knight moves? [duplicate]

My self-answered question D3: Simulation of a knight's moves on an infinite chess board (screenshot for <10k users) was closed as unclear. I feel this was done just because the questions are ...
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Can SO get users to supply actual answers before negatively marking a question? [duplicate]

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: How to use RegEx to capture multiple landing pages URLs? I come to this site to find answers by asking questions. But all I've found so far, is that SO ...
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I should be allowed to answer closed questions

Too many times I have read a question and gone away to write and test a solution, only to come back to find that the question has been suspended, usually because it is unclear what you're asking or ...
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Upcoming Feature: New Question Close Experience

CLARIFYING UPDATE Thanks everyone for the thoughtful feedback. I’ve read through much of it and there are a few things that stand out to me. First, I want to clarify since this didn't quite come ...
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Please, is anything going to be done about the pedantic question closers?

When Stack Overflow first came about SEO was worse, and disk space was more expensive. The result was a large set of rules about the nature of SO questions as not to pollute the search space with ...
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