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This tag is for general questions about questions that have been closed because they are off-topic or otherwise do not meet the criteria defined in the FAQ.

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Why does this user keep removing my attempt to re-ask a question?

I have asked a question on Stack Overflow but this user keeps closing it, saying that it is a duplicate of another [closed] question My questions: How can I force an old-style Alt-Tab dialog ...
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Why does the "Question Has Been Closed" banner no longer display until page reload?

On SO when helping with a question, if you were working on an answer when the question was closed by others, an orange banner would appear at the top of the browser window telling you the question was ...
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Is it appropriate to close a question as duplicate of another language one?

For example, We have this C question here: Is there a benefit/downside to return in an else statement? which was closed as duplicate of this Javascript question: Unnecessary 'else' after &#...
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Why can an employee of a company shut down a question about its software?

I posted a question here, asking how to resolve a bug from an extension created by NVIDIA. I included the specific command that I used, the output it gave me, a traceback of the error it gave me, and ...
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Why are questions about design patterns opinion based?

This question didn't feel opinion based and the answer was EXACTLY what I was searching for. Was there something I should have done differently? Design Patterns for CosmosDB and/or Graph Databases
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Is it normal to flag a question, and answer it anyway? [duplicate]

Is it normal to flag a question, and answer it anyway? If one earns reputation for an answer, but then the question closed because of a flag, will your reputation decrease too?
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Asking good questions about rudimentary things [duplicate]

Today I asked a question about C# coding that, in all likelihood, seemed too simple to interest the experienced coders who patrol the boards. It was promptly closed. The question did not seem foolish ...
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How to discourage rushed answers on questions that should be closed?

Let me start by saying: I am in full favor of rewarding volunteers using (one or two) "trust points", when they perform the vital service of closing questions that should be legitimately closed. It&#...
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How can I check if a question was edited since it was closed?

I voted to close a question, and it was later closed. Today I navigated to the same question, and I see that it was edited. The question, including the close-banner, now looks like this: ... Closed ...
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Why close this question that just needs clarification? [duplicate]

I'm looking at a question: What will be the pattern for UTF-8 in Json Schema? It seems on-topic for the site, appears similar to other questions I've answered on the subject matter (both in Unicode, ...
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what's unclear about [duplicate]

My question and answer were closed with "This question needs details or clarity" by 3 users, neither of which cared to give a reason or seem to be reachable for feedback. I'm at a loss. What's ...
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How can a question, about how certain frameworks handle browser side scripting, be opinion based? [duplicate]

May I please know how this question (Python(Django), PHP, Ruby frameworks: How do they handle browser side scripting?) is "opinion based"? Is there any opinion involved here when someone asks "How is ...
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Question Close Updates: Phase 1

This week we rolled out a series of changes to improve parts of the question close workflow. Below are the changes and impacted sites. Close & Flag screen updates This change is live on Stack ...
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Why was my question deemed to be opinion based?

I asked this question about why one would choose to use a C# switch expression over a switch statement. It has been closed as being opinion based, but I don't understand why. I researched it first ...
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Feature request: Closed at the beginning of the title

Feature request: [Closed] at the beginning of the title. I click on a link only to find the question is closed, duplicate, .... I don't read right to left. [Closed] should be put at the beginning of ...
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How to answer a closed question? [duplicate]

This question was closed yesterday for obvious reasons. One important function in question which answers were really depending on that wasn't in question. Then after the question was closed, OP left a ...
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If my own question is closed as a dup, I cannot see the link to the dup [duplicate]

I accepted a suggested dup for my own question, and now I see: But where is the duplicate? As an experienced user, I know to scroll down to the Linked section in the right-hand column, but to the ...
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This question already exists: ...?

I think most of us already noticed the issue in the latest questions on meta where the duplicate banner is missing the duplicate target: The thin expanding blue line Do our own accepted answers to ...
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Upcoming Feature: New Question Close Experience

CLARIFYING UPDATE Thanks everyone for the thoughtful feedback. I’ve read through much of it and there are a few things that stand out to me. First, I want to clarify since this didn't quite come ...
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Feedback on closure reason

I would like some feedback on how to improve my question Unspecified Implicit Object Creation which was closed as "Needs more focus" by a moderator. For a bit of background, the question asks about a ...
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Fast and wrong flags and how to let users learn something [closed]

Question is deleted now. Screenshot below: Undefined index PHP with _POST Original question I was about to answer this question:
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“You can edit the question or post a new one”

What you read in the title is the advice that is given in the post notice when a question gets closed as off-topic. You might be aware that these post notices got an overhaul 6 to 8 weeks ago. This ...
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Where is the private feedback on a question closed as offtopic?

My former question (not essential to this one here) was marked as Offtopic. Is it possible to change screen brightness via console? Autohotkey use welcome, OS is Windows As I would like to improve, ...
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Problematic wording/categorization on closed question notice

This question (just for example) has been closed. The top of the page says: Closed. This question is off-topic. It is not currently accepting answers. Edit the question to include desired ...
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Why did my question get closed? [closed]

In reference to this question: How to Write Floating-Point-based Image to a file?, it's not clear to me at all how it got closed for being "Off Topic". I explained what my problem was I showed the ...
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Are questions about the Power Apps platform itself acceptable here?

I asked a question earlier this year that got closed because it needed "to be more focused". While I thought that the question was focused enough, I tried to edit it and voted for it to be reopened, ...
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How Do I Improve My In Depth Q/A? [duplicate]

I was interested in a topic I did not know much about, and had a specific question in mind. I researched and answered my own question to the best of my ability in one night of research, and I invited ...
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Can I get an explanation on why my question was closed?

My question was Randomly select data from multiple sheets in Excel . Within a few minutes of posting the question, it was closed for being not focused. I being totally new to programming, and with ...
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2 answers

What is the purpose of making trivial edits to closed questions?

I've noticed recently that the "Reopen" queue on SO is overflowing (no pun intended) with questions brought there by some trivial edits, e.g. this Normally, if such an edit came up in the suggested ...
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Tried to close question, got "duplicate" in title but not actually closed

The question Bash loop thru file takes only first line displays with the suffix "[duplicate]" in the title for me, but I did not actually manage to close the question. Dharman reports a similar ...
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Why was this post closed? The comments are not even relevant to the question [closed]

Why was this question closed (x-sendfile - mysql update query breaks it?)? (THE DUP ISN'T A DUP) The comments are not even relevant to the question. I never indicated that $member_id is an INT. Nor ...
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Why was my question closed?

My question How to use Superpowered Audio SDK was closed for being "Off topic". The description for off-topic is: "We don’t allow questions seeking recommendations for books, tools, software ...
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"We don’t allow questions seeking recommendations for books, tools, software libraries and more." [duplicate]

My question was closed as "off-topic", I'm trying to understand why. Its message shows: We don’t allow questions seeking recommendations for books, tools, software libraries, and more. Edit the ...
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Gold badge users have too much power to close questions [duplicate]

In this question: gold badge user closed it very quickly for a wrong reason. It ...
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Help please to understand why my question was closed

This is in reference to: "wave" library will not open 8 kHz wave file My post was first edited by another user, and then closed for no stated reason. The question was my attempt to ...
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Over-eager duplicate checking

Stack Overflow is not just a wiki. It is a discursive learning platform. Over-eager duplicate checking and the resultant rapid closing of questions harms this latter use case for Stack ...
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How can I ask question with possible solutions?

I have a question on how to implement some functionality. I also have multiple ideas about how it can be done, but it seems as an overkill for me, and I hope there is a better solution. So I would ...
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How did this question survive?

Official abbreviation for: import scipy as sp/sc Correct me if I'm wrong, but I feel like Stack Overflow was so much more lenient during its early days. As a test, I paraphrased that question with ...
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This seems on topic, what is off topic about it?

I can't figure out how this question could possibly be off topic. What am I missing? I wouldn't have closed it if it popped in my review queue, I might have told them to fix it in any number of ways, ...
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Why is a question about Linux driver APIs off topic?

This morning I asked what Linux kernel driver API applies to a simple screen. Six hours later it has been closed as "off-topic" with no explanation. Would someone mind explaining how this is off-topic,...
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2 answers

What is the proper response to a question being closed as off-topic? How does it get re-opened? [duplicate]

I made a question that was marked as off-topic by ask about manual references. And, I suppose, for the same reason down-voted. I've already rewritten its title and body, changing the focus. So I ...
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Why is a question about CSS closed as Off-Topic

Yesterday I came across this question Using the abbr element for responsive text change with CSS. Today I saw the information that the question was closed claiming it was Off-Topic. Could someone ...
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Why can closed questions still be answered? [duplicate]

According to Stack Overflow's help page, closed questions cannot be answered: Questions that need additional work or that are not a good fit for this site may be closed by experienced community ...
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Different post notices from different machines

This is the post notice I see from my home machine: And this is the post notice I see from my work machine for the same question: According to my understanding, this should not happen; from the Meta ...
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Can an answer be posted to a question closed as duplicate? [duplicate]

I am looking at this question: Processing lists of list in Python It was closed as duplicate 7 mins ago. But after closure there appeared two answers, 3 and 2 mins ago. How is that possible? I don't ...
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Account banned for 5 questions in 6 months [duplicate]

I have been banned for 6 months, for having 5 questions in 6 months with only one having downvotes. My questions get marked as off topic even though I have read the rules and follow them perfectly to ...
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How long does it take to remove a "duplicate" tag?

I asked a question. This was provided by me marked as a duplicate. And no, the error is not in "event.location (in: self)". I have made this clear with a processing. How long does it take for the mark ...
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Is it bad form to post conceptual questions about data structures?

I'm struggling to understand why this question was heavily downvoted: What does it mean if a data structure's members are stored by hash value rather than by index?
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Why is this question off topic?

Why was this questions considered off topic and what needs to be done to make it on-topic for Stack Overflow?
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What does too broad mean in this context, and why was my question put on hold for this reason?

This question of mine got closed with an explanation that does not seem to fit: Does there Exist for LINQ any sort of indexing akin to FoxPro's Rushmore? It was put on hold for being too broad. It ...

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