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This tag is for general questions about questions that have been closed because they are off-topic or otherwise do not meet the criteria defined in the FAQ.

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What was wrong with this question?

So after crawling the web for related answers and all of them not having providing satisfactory answers,I posted this question here.It has been closed because it was voted opinion biased/Too broad.I ...
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Is this question too broad?

As a follower of the scheme tag, I came across this question, which was closed as too broad. The question body in its entirety is simply the following: Is it possible to update the program code ...
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Let's *not* delete questions that still have value

Consider Why does IntelliJ IDEA compile Scala so slowly?, which until its deletion was the most accurate and readable insight into Scala compiler performance on the entire Internet. Or consider ...
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Premature closure

It happens to me almost every day that some newbie will ask a perfectly legitimate question, maybe similar to an existing one or maybe not clearly worded, but nonetheless one I can answer quickly and ...
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Why was this question deleted when answers had upvotes?

I'm a little confused as to why this question was deleted after receiving so many upvotes in its answers. I understand it had been closed (can't remember the specific reason now), but I stumbled ...
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What do you do if your question was closed and you disagree?

I asked this question and 5 reviewers decided to close it, unanimously. The reason: Questions on professional server- or networking-related infrastructure administration are off-topic for Stack ...
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Question about iOS WiFi that requires knowledge of system API and functionality to solve was deemed off-topic

In December I posted this question: iOS static IP Address and Wi-Fi icon which was finally put on hold yesterday as being off topic and belonging on Super User. The basis for this judgment was that ...
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Question could be answered well on Stack Overflow but gets closed [closed]

I am not surprised this question got closed: However, I feel like Stack Overflow could have provided some ...
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Asked one well-recieved question, but second similar question was closed and downvoted

I asked a question yesterday about an octagon mask in CSS. I understood that construction, but today I asked a question about icosagon mask. It got 10 down votes and also got closed. Why did this ...
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Why doesn't this question appear as "protected" anymore?

After poking around a bit in the 10K tools to see how much things have...changed, I noticed this particular post. There aren't any qualms about its quality, but what I do have a qualm with is that ...
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Closed questions come back to haunt me when they are edited

Something surprising happened with this question today: Four days ago, I (and others) closed this question (...
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Support submitting a new answer to a closed question with an incorrect answer [duplicate]

In searching for a way to stay connected to a server via SSH when the server had a 10 minute timeout, I came across this Stack Overflow post:
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What's the purpose of closing questions? [duplicate]

I don't understand the point of actively preventing people from answering questions. What good does it do? I've often experienced the frustration of spending a few minutes writing an answer to a ...
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Are users supposed to delete a closed question?

Are users supposed to delete a closed question? Is there any harm in leaving it in closed state? If the asker does not delete it, can others continue to down vote it?
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Why was the closing of this question so unusual?

I recently came across this question (web archive for <10k users) in a different meta post. The post is now deleted, but before that, it was closed as a duplicate back in 2009 (I believe it was ...
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"asking us to recommend or find"... reason for putting a SO Q on hold [duplicate]

Consider for example -- a typical "how do I perform task X in language Y" ...
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Why was this question put on hold as “too broad”?

Two days ago I saw this question and was baffled that it was put on hold as "too broad": Unable to import .p12 keystore In fact the question is rather specific and none of the criteria for "too broad"...
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Answered Question Marked as Duplicate - What should I do?

First off I'm sorry if this is a duplicate; I'm using the Android app and I couldn't find any similar questions when searching. Earlier today I posted this answer which attracted a lot of quick up ...
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Is there a problem with the grace period for answering closed questions? [duplicate]

A few minutes ago, I stumbled on this question. It was initially a homework question with no attempt at solving the problem shown, and was rightfully closed a few minutes later. (The questioner ...
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Why was this clearly constructive, seemingly on-topic question closed and locked?

The question "Converting the “arguments” object to an array in javascript" is a very useful, frequently asked question. It asks a very precise, answerable question, and the answers are good and ...
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Downvote on closed questions [duplicate]

My question is closed as off-topic. But still someone can downvote it. Is it possible to downvote some closed questions?
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Check adherence of question about project organization to community guidelines

My question was closed, after initial criticism that it was too broad. I reacted to that by throwing away the second part of the question and trying to narrow it down. Q:
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Erratic moderator behaviour on this question (and on the GRUB tag in general)

The question was migrated to Unix&Linux within a couple of hours of being asked. That migration was rejected from ...
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Is asking for clarification on the meaning of a term really "Too Broad"?

This question was recently put on hold as too broad. Is it really? I feel as if close voters treated it like a question that asks about "abstraction" in general. However, it asks to explain the term ...
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Should I delete my own questions if I use SO to get unstuck when nobody else is around?

Some community members think this question is not about programming and ought to be closed. So I wonder what has changed. I have been a member for almost 6 years now and it did not used to be like ...
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What do I do for edits on closed questions?

While reviewing I just came across this suggested edit. The edit wasn't horrible, but I realized the question was not right. Once I dug deeper, I saw the question had been closed. What should I do ...
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Why does Stack Overflow partition out programming questions to many different sites? [duplicate]

I often come across excellent philosophical questions that the experts on Stack Overflow would be well-positioned to answer. However, the SO format guidelines require specific questions related to a ...
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What do I do if question was put on hold for reason X, and after the edit, should be closed for reason Y?

This question was put on hold because it asked for tools. After this edit I consider it 'too broad' (Does anybody know a way of turning that data into a diagram in as few steps as possible?) What do ...
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Question closed as too broad although it has a simple answer

I ran across this question just now. I don't understand how it is "too broad", which was the given close reason. The OP posted their example code, and asked how to get it to work without c++11. The ...
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Why has this question been closed?

This is the question (from some other author): The reason says: This question appears to be off-topic. The users who ...
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Better notification of closed question in process of being answered?

I've just been scuppered answering a question on SO, which was closed after I'd started to write an answer for it. Whilst I don't entirely agree with the close reason (a gold badge user marked as ...
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Why was the question ‘"Ask forgiveness not permission" - explain’ closed as non-constructive?

Why was the question "Ask forgiveness not permission" - explain closed as non-constructive? As it currently stands, this question is not a good fit for our Q&A format. We expect ...
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How can I improve my self-answered question about a task involving the use of regex?

(I'm asking specifically for advice on the linked question, so this isn't a duplicate of Can a question with an accepted answer be closed as unanswerable because that answers the question more ...
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What is the appropriate way to draw attention to my edited on-hold question?

My question (How to increment upvote total in my view after successful Ajax request to upvote action) was put on hold for being too broad, and upon further reflection I agreed. It has since been ...
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Does it make sense to close a question that was opened for 4 years+ and viewed 55 000+ times? [duplicate]

I just noted that one of the most popular question of mine was closed this summer after more then 4 years. In the meantime it was viewed 55k+ times (without single vote for close). I was going to ask ...
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Why is this question closed?

This is the question. I must admit that I can see 2 problems in this question. A professional C++ programmer might say it is a beginner question. But AFAIK, beginner level questions can be asked in ...
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Should I delete one of my questions that was closed as "too localized"?

I have an older question, Maximum CASE Statements in a SQL Query, which was closed as being "too localized". I ultimately found the answer (it was closed before I could post as an answer) but I am ...
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Why will an answer to an off-topic question prevent it from being deleted or closed?

Earlier, I answered a question which has subsequently been put on hold as off-topic. At the time, I would not have considered that it would be put on hold as the OP had at least made some effort to ...
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Answer given to a closed question [duplicate]

In this closed question, an answer was given several seconds after I marked it as duplicated (with my gold badge). I closed it in: 2014-10-02 15:33:31Z The answer was posted in: 2014-10-02 15:34:...
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Attitude Toward Beginner Questions [duplicate]

I'm sorry if this has already been asked, but I've seen too many questions being asked and closed for stupid reasons. If they're closed for real reasons, that's fine, but they're not. The question ...
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Determine close vote to closed ratio of an account?

Sorry if this seems to be a lazy question, but I'm not that well versed with the SE Data Explorer. Is it possible to apply a query, to see the actual ratio of close votes issued vs the resulted closed ...
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What's unclear about this question?

It's not clear to me what's unclear about this question: How to block OpenProcess or WriteProcessMemory for my process?. The person provided the same question in both the title and the body: How to ...
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Do open-ended questions with good intentions deserve a place somewhere on the network? [duplicate]

I recently ran across a post in which the OP asked a very open-ended question. Essentially, he said, I have created some applications in C#, what's the next best thing to learn (within C#). A user ...
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If this question can be reworded [...] leave a comment

I just noticed that the text for off-topic closure includes this sentence: If this question can be reworded to fit the rules in the help center, please edit the question or leave a comment. Does ...
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The meta effect on closed questions

Why can't I delete my own closed question which has answers? Why is it up to the mods as to whether it gets deleted. It's easy hunting for 'that meta effect', e.g. I've got two downvotes today on an ...
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Doesn't closing a question just abandon it to the void?

It has happened a couple of times that I ask a question, and because I'm not a great copy-writer, it's not well formulated or it's too complex or too broad. Then what happens is that several people ...
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Why was this question closed as "too broad"?

I was in the process of answering the question when it was suddenly closed as "too broad". I don't ...
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Question ban problem [duplicate]

I am having a problem in Stack Overflow. A while ago, I got into a question ban because one of my questions were marked as too broad. After that, I did everything I could to get out of it. I offered ...
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Should a question be closed if it conforms to the precedent set by a popular question?

Today Apple announced the iPhone 6 and the new resolution sizes. I searched Stack Overflow for any knowledge base on the effect the changes will have for developers. There was nothing. However, I did ...
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What makes an answerable question "Use PostgreSQL as a storage engine in MySQL?" "not a real question"?

Use PostgreSQL as a storage engine in MySQL? The question is closed as "not a real question". The idea to use PostgreSQL as MySQL storage engine is not new and there is an existing (experimental) ...
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