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This tag is for general questions about questions that have been closed because they are off-topic or otherwise do not meet the criteria defined in the FAQ.

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What is the difference between "put on hold" and "closed"? [duplicate]

I see a lot of questions that is "put on hold" or "closed". But I don't see their difference. Can you tell me what is the difference between them? Here are my guesses: People can only close question ...
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Question was closed by people without expertise in the subject

I recently asked this question about compiling process in extjs related to a base url for a remote api. The question was closed because it was deemed "opinion based". This puzzled me a lot: this is a ...
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Should Meta questions tagged with status-completed be closed as "not reproducible"?

I admit, it's a slow news day. Capitalize "possible duplicate of <x>" properly recently went through the typical "feature-request" → "staff response" → "status-completed" phase. Then ...
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Tag-removal-only edits shouldn't send closed questions to the Reopen Review queue

Removing a tag (especially from an already-closed question) adds — literally — nothing new. It does not make the question more clear, more on topic, more answerable, or more specific. And it's easy to ...
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Confused: declined - flags should only be used to make moderators aware of content that requires their intervention

So, I find a question that I answered has been closed as not constructive ( I'm happy that it's closed, because it's actually a ...
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Duplicate top banners show different sentences

I noticed that, when dealing with questions closed as a duplicate, the banner can show different sentences. For exemple, let's consider those three questions closed a duplicate. One can have this ...
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Question on hold

My question has been put on [on hold] because: put on hold as unclear what you're asking by Richard Scriven, agstudy, Pascal, Ende Neu, Deena 6 hours ago Please clarify your specific problem ...
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Please explain why this question was closed as off-topic

I got a question about android SQLite alternatives closed as off topic. As @Makoto says to a similar meta-question A question like this is a good candidate to be edited to better convey that it's ...
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Why does this question have such a weird edit history? This question has 6 "post closed" notifications and one reopen notification. How is this possible and why did it happen? The first close ...
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What is unclear about this question? [duplicate]

My question was downvoted several times, then put on hold for being unclear. The question stated a specific goal, and two unsuccessful solutions I had ...
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Why was this question put on hold, and how would I disagree? [duplicate]

This question may not be for everyone, but it received two answers which should have helped the OP. But then, six hours later, it was put on hold. I just don't see what this accomplishes -- it seems ...
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What should be done with my answer to this closed question?

I answered the question here and noticed it was down voted and recently closed as too broad. Now I understand the author worded the question horribly, and showed no attempt at a solution. However to ...
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Please, is anything going to be done about the pedantic question closers?

When Stack Overflow first came about SEO was worse, and disk space was more expensive. The result was a large set of rules about the nature of SO questions as not to pollute the search space with ...
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Username not clickable on list of closers

Here is an example which shows a list of closers, but one which is not clickable: User brian d foy has edited the question, provided an answer, and ...
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Why was my recent question received so much worse than this very similar older question? [duplicate]

I recently posted, which was closed and downvoted. I got a lot of comments that I thought were ...
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Is it worth flagging "Not An Answer" for link only answers on closed questions?

I noticed this happening a lot when looking at the questions tagged with software-tools but my question is for the general case. Stack Overflow says that an answer that doesn't work without the links ...
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Attributing the hold reason when the votes don't agree

When a question is closed, but those who voted on the closure don't agree on the reason, how does the site choose which reason to use in the attribution? For example, I voted to close this question ...
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Problem with closing discussions on Meta

I'm fairly sure this will get closed, but here it goes... I've been noticing an annoying trend here on Meta, it seems that unpopular opinions are being suppressed via closure. Voting to close ...
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Allow close votes to counter re-open votes

Some times, you see a (recently) closed question that has gotten a couple of re-open votes, like this: If you agree with the closure reason, there isn't anything you can do in cases like these. This ...
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Statistics on migration from SO to mSO

I have some data to look at now thanks to the new 10k question close statistics tool!. However, there is some nuance that I am curious about with regards to migrating questions from SO to mSO which is ...
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Are we too preoccupied with easy questions? [duplicate]

I don't follow many tags so I can't speak for the general population, but something has been really confusing me, and honestly starting to bother me. The main concern is when users ask bad question. ...
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Why do all code errors in questions need to be reproducible?

Why do all code errors in questions need to be reproducible? Some are very simple and don't need to be reproduced. "This question was caused by a problem that can no longer be reproduced or a ...
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Should we do something about users answering closed questions in the comments?

I often see questions like this one where, despite being closed for being off topic, it gets answers in the comments section. It's almost always a recommendation question. Should I be flagging ...
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Can someone explain how to make this question clearer?

This question seems extremely clear. Far clearer than many still open questions. My only guess is the question is not in most people's domain and so because they don't understand the questions in ...
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How can I improve this question to be re-opened: Is HTML Turing Complete? [duplicate]

I recently asked this question: Is HTML Turing Complete? which was closed as being "Too Broad". I've edited the question a few times in hopes that it could be re-opened, but no luck so far. I'm hoping ...
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More personalized close message for uninformed people

When a question is closed, the link is presented. For completely uninformed beginners who have not even read the introductory tour, it would be more ...
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Possible bug with scrolling voting button A/B Test

I know that there is a scrolling voting button A/B Test is in progress. However, I'm seeing some inconsistency due to this(?). see the screenshot, there is some unwanted space introduced. Is it a ...
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How to properly ask a question where the author does not know where the problem is?

A few days ago I answered this question, which was eventually closed as off-topic since it does not provide any code but an external link to the website that had the issue. The author's problem in ...
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Is it worth any value to close a 5 year old question with no activity in over a year? [duplicate]

I got a little notification that one of my questions that I asked 5 years ago was "put on hold" (aka closed) because it was off topic. The question hadn't seen any activity in over a year, so it's ...
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Please review and consider re-opening my post [closed]

I have updated my SE post and I have no idea how to re-open it and have no feedback from my updates, it's very frustrating.
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I don't understand why my question was put on hold, and I would have liked answers to my comments on the subject [duplicate]

My question was put on hold because it was deemed opinion-based, but I believe that it isn't opinion-based. I tried to ask for an explanation in a comment, but it was totally ignored. Then, I edited ...
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How to gain more attention on question which should be closed even if flagging didn't help?

A few days ago I flagged this question and this question as Unclear what you're asking, but the reason my flags are still pending might be because of very low number of views. And since I'm not in ...
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Change text on duplicate notice when the question marked as a duplicate is older [duplicate]

One question was asked in 2008. Another question was asked in 2010. The question which was asked in 2008 is closed as duplicate of the question asked in 2010, with the following text: This question ...
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What is the Stack Exchange policy for removing closed questions?

What's the Stack Exchange policy for deleting closed questions from their websites? At least 1000 questions get closed every day. I am aware that deleted questions are kept at a separate website for ...
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Ping close voters on closed question body edit [duplicate]

When a question is closed for a reason that can be fixed (like Unclear what you're asking) wouldn't it be nice if the close voters be notified in case of edit of the body of the question? I mean, I ...
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What makes following question off-topic?

The following question is described as off-topic Which property of Scala's type-system make it Turing-complete? , but I have no idea why? Is it not related to programming? Shouldn't it be moved ...
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I'm confused. Why was this person's question flagged as "Off Topic"?

The following question (not by me) was put on hold: And the cited reason was "off-topic": ...
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Should NPE/NRE exception be closed as dup in case of missing information/debugging effort

I'm talking about this question: Java FX Null Pointer Exception when using Media Player at Yes there were a couple of red flags: It was a NullPointerException The ...
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Narrowing down a broad question about a language's performance/security

Earlier I asked a question on SO about trying to figure out if there were any security/performance issues with backporting code from Java 1.8 to 1.5. My reasoning behind asking the question was ...
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Ancient, closed question edited and nominated for reopening - abort, retry, fail?

The offender: This particular question was edited almost half a decade after it was asked and ...
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Why can low-rep users cancel a gold hammer dup vote? [closed]

I'm curious about this question. I selected this question as the duplicate and, since I have a gold badge in the [] tag, that instantly closed the question. The OP did not take this well, as ...
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Deliberately opening duplicate questions as search targets

In the last year and a half I've answered almost 500 questions in the promise tag. We have a rather small community there and we like to open canonicals such as this one this one or that one. They ...
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Why are we closing questions simply because they "belong on MSE"

I have noticed a small trend recently that is contrary to what was originally discussed when MSO and MSE was split (see: Users Can Report Bugs On Whatever Child Meta Site Suits Them) and I am trying ...
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Question was closed for "seeking debugging help" even though that's CLEARLY not the case

So I asked this question a while ago about the fact that after I ran a specific C++ program to compute Fibonacci series elements, it worked perfectly fine, however after I tried to open a new terminal ...
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Closing questions is affected by other aspects

I've always found it difficult to post questions here as opposed to other websites. Look at this question and tell me why it is unclear? I've clearly stated my question and edited it when a user said ...
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Are answers that are commenced prior to question closure now always accepted? [duplicate]

I had always thought that, once a question is closed, no further answers are accepted—even if those answers began to be written prior to the question's closure. However, I've just seen an answer ...
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What does "(deleted)" in the 'Votes' tab in the profile page mean?

I was going through the 'Votes' tab of my profile when I noticed this: I found out that every question that I have a close vote on and is closed currently has "(deleted)" under it. Here is the post ...
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Post your answer button is disabled why [closed]

why i am not able to post my answers to a question Post Your Answer button is disabled I tried answering a java question and i am not able to post any answer.The Post Your Answer button is disabled....
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Should a question be closed AND downvoted? Or just closed? [duplicate]

I've seen a few questions in the past few days where the poster included a minimal example, wrote an okay description of their problem, and asked a question that turned out to be unrelated to the ...
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Is this a valid Stack Overflow question, and if so how might I improve it so it can be re-opened?

Yesterday I asked this question Is there an official or common knowledge standard minimal interface for a "list-like" object?, which is now closed for not being about programming. Is my ...
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