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Questions tagged [closed-questions]

This tag is for general questions about questions that have been closed because they are off-topic or otherwise do not meet the criteria defined in the FAQ.

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How can I help the poster of this question which I don't believe to be a duplicate?

How to adapt a string splitting algorithm using pointers so it uses iterators instead? was asked yesterday, and almost immediately flagged as a possible duplicate of Splitting a C++ std::string using ...
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Should this question have been closed as "seeking recommendations for books, tools, software libraries and more"?

This question was closed as "seeking recommendations for books, tools, software libraries and more", but I don't see it... The question simply asks if there is a way to save crash logs in a ...
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Can we remove the HTC tag from many of the Android questions, instead of deleting them?

There's a current burnination happening for the htc. Should we burninate the [htc] tag? There's currently 141 questions with both the htc and android. For Android developers, troubleshooting ...
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How is it possible to close as duplicate with a non-answered original question?

I was just answering this meta question: What should be done if a question has its duplicate deleted?. In my answer I provided the link to a SEDE script which lists the questions closed as duplicate, ...
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Why are closed posts often useful? [closed]

I've found when I use Stack Overflow, some of the most useful posts I've found through Google searches are typically closed for a variety of reasons. I did a quick survey of popular questions: Is ...
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Why the banner showing that the question is closed before it was asked?

I came across two questions and observed their Asked, Active and Closed date-time string. Following is the screen shot of one of it: Question Asked on: 2020-04-16 00:28:14Z Question Closed on: 2020-...
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Why was this post closed as too broad?

Seems I got the luck of the draw concerning bad audits this week: This is a review and I think I understood, why it was picked as a review: it has 5 ...
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A question about reverse printing a linked list

The question reverse print an immutable linkedlist with less than O(n) space is put on hold. The reason is this question does not appear to be about programming within the scope defined in the ...
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"We don’t allow questions seeking recommendations for books, tools, software libraries and more." [duplicate]

My question was closed as "off-topic", I'm trying to understand why. Its message shows: We don’t allow questions seeking recommendations for books, tools, software libraries, and more. Edit the ...
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Should this question have been reopened?

React.js app - warning - 0.chunk.js:45744 Warning: Received `true` for a non-boolean attribute `inline` The question was originally closed because it was a dump of a stack trace with no code. It was ...
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2 answers

Email notification about a question getting closed (as duplicate) is confusing

Following this question, I decided to post this one. This is part of the email notification you'll get if a question of yours is closed (as a duplicate): This question may be a duplicate. It is ...
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2 answers

What should be done with my answer to this closed question?

I answered the question here and noticed it was down voted and recently closed as too broad. Now I understand the author worded the question horribly, and showed no attempt at a solution. However to ...
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What should be done with a question that was answered and then closed for reasons such as being unclear or being too broad?

I have at least two questions that I asked that were closed or put on hold for being too broad or being unclear what the question was asking. Both questions were answered, and in both cases, the ...
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3 answers

What is the best way to ask a theoretical question?

Recently I asked a question, that was immediately put on hold. The reason was because the question could not be verified as I was unable for security and business reasons to put the code online. ...
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Asking a math question in a programming Q&A site is just SO off-topic!

Not really. I have a bad history of asking math questions on stack overflow. And I've been down-voted many times for asking math questions. For example, I asked: How does using log10 correctly ...
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6 votes
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In Help and Improvement, closing the question does not remove the edit button

Pretty easy to duplicate Find a question in the H&I queue that should be closed Open the question in a separate window and close the question Refresh the H&I page You'll see the following ...
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The question was closed as "unclear what you are asking". Why?

I am curious to know why this was closed as "unclear what you are asking". I would need to match the average score to a letter grade. That means if (90 < avg && avg < 100) { ...
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5 votes
2 answers

When should a question be closed as a duplicate?

To be more specific, I have seen people closing questions when they find a duplicate. The problem is that sometimes these duplicates do not have an accepted answer or working solution. I understand ...
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How can I improve my self-answered question about a task involving the use of regex?

(I'm asking specifically for advice on the linked question, so this isn't a duplicate of Can a question with an accepted answer be closed as unanswerable because that answers the question more ...
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Confused: declined - flags should only be used to make moderators aware of content that requires their intervention

So, I find a question that I answered has been closed as not constructive ( I'm happy that it's closed, because it's actually a ...
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1 answer

Problem with closing discussions on Meta

I'm fairly sure this will get closed, but here it goes... I've been noticing an annoying trend here on Meta, it seems that unpopular opinions are being suppressed via closure. Voting to close ...
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4 answers

Why not move off-topic questions instead of closing? [duplicate]

It seems there must be hundreds of questions closed as off-topic. For example: Python - PYTHONPATH in linux Questions about general computing hardware and software are off-topic for Stack Overflow ...
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Helpful recommended closure flag, post not closed? [duplicate]

I flagged this post for recommended closure because it's caused by a typo. My flag was marked as helpful, but the post is still open. What gives?
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Understanding why my question was closed so I can ask better questions in the future [duplicate]

I asked a question here: Traversing over dictionary using variable number of keys It was closed within two minutes by a user with the gold badge for closing duplicates. The question demonstrates ...
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Do edits to on hold questions by other users (not the OP) place the question in the reopen review queue? [duplicate]

The help centre about closed questions says: If a question is edited by the original poster when it is marked [on hold], it will automatically be placed in a review queue to be considered for ...
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Answer given to a closed question [duplicate]

In this closed question, an answer was given several seconds after I marked it as duplicated (with my gold badge). I closed it in: 2014-10-02 15:33:31Z The answer was posted in: 2014-10-02 15:34:...
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Possible bug with scrolling voting button A/B Test

I know that there is a scrolling voting button A/B Test is in progress. However, I'm seeing some inconsistency due to this(?). see the screenshot, there is some unwanted space introduced. Is it a ...
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Should a new question be flagged as duplicate if the dupe target doesn't answer the original question?

I have this question Why does array allow string as an index in JavaScript. It was flagged as a duplicate of Add property to javascript array by KevinB. The problem is that I actually come from C# (...
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Why was this question closed?

This question: Single quotes vs. double quotes in Python was closed as not constructive. I wanted to know why, to better understand the seemingly obscure rules of SO. Many questions I find in Google ...
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Require comments on close or delete votes on heavily-upvoted questions

A few years ago, I asked a question about the differences between two competing Python libraries. The answer to the question, which detailed 10 or so differences received 84 upvotes along with the ...
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Why is the answer on this question not being shown?

I asked the following question approximately one year ago, It has approximately 50k views and 40+ upvotes. ...
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HOW-TO questions are treated in different ways

I can see a lot of HOW-TO questions when reviewing, most of which are asked by new users, and probably will be closed. Some of them are closed reasonably because the questions are simply "why not ...
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Why was this question off-topic?

I asked this question. It was put on hold: put on hold as unclear what you're asking [...] 15 hours agoPlease clarify your specific problem or add additional details to highlight exactly what you ...
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2 answers

Is there a function to veto those closing answers?

I am quite new to Stack Overflow, but I wonder how many people are annoyed when they see a good question that is no longer active because it is closed. Although I agree that some questions are vague ...
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Question should not have been closed [closed]

This question was recently closed for being unclear. I think the question was perfectly clear even before the edit. In fact, the question was put on hold very quickly without so much as a comment ...
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-11 votes
3 answers

How to solve issues on closed Stack Overflow questions

Recently I found a question that seemed relevant to me and the discussion also provided appropriate answers. Nevertheless, the question was closed and this was displayed: To me, the question as well ...
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-12 votes
1 answer

How to request a comment from a closing user? [duplicate]

Context A question at SO has been closed as 'needing details or clarity'. I am not a fortune teller, a mind reader or any kind of wizard, I also have no experience with the library the poster uses. ...
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Why is this question closed as 'unfocused'; how could it be improved?

Are there any languages that break the normal conventions of which enclosing glyphs mean what? Core of the question: Are there languages that don't use enclosing-glyphs in the most common manner: [] ...
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Is it worth any value to close a 5 year old question with no activity in over a year? [duplicate]

I got a little notification that one of my questions that I asked 5 years ago was "put on hold" (aka closed) because it was off topic. The question hadn't seen any activity in over a year, so it's ...
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5 answers

Doesn't the need to show your attempted solutions take away from the purpose of the site? [duplicate]

The site's about pages stresses that what's great about this site is it's just Questions and Answers, no discussion or opinions or extra information. That's apparently supposed to be the draw, that ...
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-17 votes
2 answers

Shouldn't "really popular" closed questions be re-assessed or re-opened automatically?

If: "Stack Overflow is a place for programmers to share information relevant to other programmers" (Source) …and, if: "…each community decides which specific topics are and are not allowed on ...
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Premature closure

It happens to me almost every day that some newbie will ask a perfectly legitimate question, maybe similar to an existing one or maybe not clearly worded, but nonetheless one I can answer quickly and ...
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-18 votes
3 answers

How is this question about general computing hardware and software?

This question Cannot delete a file even when logged in as an Administrator is closed as "about general computing hardware and software". But how is it exactly so? According to What topics ...
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Specific and technical question closed on the grounds its opinion-based

My (yet answered) question has been closed on the grounds it’s opinion-based, but I'm unsure that is the case. It has attracted a few commenters that work with arbitrary-precision libraries. MPIR is ...
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Disagreement with downvotes & on hold on specific question

Check this question out. This question has at least 4 downvotes (I voted up), and at least 5 "unclear" votes which lead to it being on hold. My disagreement with these is very strong, and here's why:...
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-22 votes
5 answers

Please reopen this question that was improved by the community

A couple years ago, this question was discussed on Meta. As a result, substantial improvements were made to its content, and the dominant community opinion seems to be that it's now good enough to ...
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If a question is going to closed, can I post half answer with "Work in Progress"? [duplicate]

A few days ago I was writing an answer for a new question. As I knew that the question was not good fit for SO, I was in a hurry as my answer was a big one. When I almost finished writing my answer ...
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Why does this user keep removing my attempt to re-ask a question?

I have asked a question on Stack Overflow but this user keeps closing it, saying that it is a duplicate of another [closed] question My questions: How can I force an old-style Alt-Tab dialog ...
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Could we please stop punishing answerers when questions get closed [duplicate]

So I've just been answering a question, and just as I'm finishing up my answer, I get the following pop up, and am unable to submit my answer. This question has been closed - no more answers will ...
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2 answers

How to resolve a question-posting issue that is not getting properly resolved?

I posted a question to Stack Overflow yesterday which was rejected because I was told that it doesn't address a programming-related issue. I edited the question with a very detailed explanation of how ...
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