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Questions tagged [closed-questions]

This tag is for general questions about questions that have been closed because they are off-topic or otherwise do not meet the criteria defined in the FAQ.

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How can we streamline the close flagging and voting dialogues?

If you can bear with these premium graphic artworks. The current flagging system on questions has 3 or more dialog boxes to be navigated through to close for specific reasons or to use the "other" ...
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-10 votes
2 answers

What's the purpose of closing questions? [duplicate]

I don't understand the point of actively preventing people from answering questions. What good does it do? I've often experienced the frustration of spending a few minutes writing an answer to a ...
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-14 votes
1 answer

Ping close voters on closed question body edit [duplicate]

When a question is closed for a reason that can be fixed (like Unclear what you're asking) wouldn't it be nice if the close voters be notified in case of edit of the body of the question? I mean, I ...
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-16 votes
1 answer

Is it reasonable that a question can still be voted on after it's been closed? [duplicate]

In all the discussion about closing or downvoting bad questions, the focus is on questions that are still open. Once a question has been closed as a duplicate, is it really necessary to allow ...
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79 votes
7 answers

Why is Stack Overflow not removing closed questions from the Google index?

People frequently rant about how Stack Overflow's draconian rules stink, too many questions get closed, etc. Regardless of where one stands on that argument, those people often complain that they ...
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69 votes
3 answers

Can we lower the barrier for good reviewers to access the close queue?

Yet again, the Close Vote queue has reached over 10K today (3rd June), and it's gradually rising (suprise suprise). So instead of simply suggesting to lower the rep required to access the CVQ for ...
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62 votes
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Tag-removal-only edits shouldn't send closed questions to the Reopen Review queue

Removing a tag (especially from an already-closed question) adds — literally — nothing new. It does not make the question more clear, more on topic, more answerable, or more specific. And it's easy to ...
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25 votes
9 answers

Why was my code translation question closed?

I came across this question Convert "for loop" from Python to C++ that asked for a translation of a single line of code written in python into C++. To me, this question seems to be on-topic ...
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24 votes
1 answer

Why am I invited to edit a question I have closed as duplicate?

Here is the banner I am getting: The link will open a new tab to edit the question. I don't think I need this.
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19 votes
2 answers

How to gain more attention on question which should be closed even if flagging didn't help?

A few days ago I flagged this question and this question as Unclear what you're asking, but the reason my flags are still pending might be because of very low number of views. And since I'm not in ...
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19 votes
1 answer

Asking about the existence of a particular technique without being Too Broad... "Is it Possible?"

My question was put on hold as too broad: I think if I had just asked how to move files over the network ...
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17 votes
1 answer

Why hasn't this question been automatically deleted as RemoveAbandonedClosed?

From The Community user deleted my question! What gives? in the Help Center: If the question was closed more than 9 days ago, and ... not closed as a duplicate has a score of 0 or less ...
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14 votes
1 answer

Is it worth flagging "Not An Answer" for link only answers on closed questions?

I noticed this happening a lot when looking at the questions tagged with software-tools but my question is for the general case. Stack Overflow says that an answer that doesn't work without the links ...
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11 votes
2 answers

Tried to close question, got "duplicate" in title but not actually closed

The question Bash loop thru file takes only first line displays with the suffix "[duplicate]" in the title for me, but I did not actually manage to close the question. Dharman reports a similar ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Should a question marked as a duplicate of a deleted question be re-opened?

This question is marked as a duplicate of this question. The second question has since been removed by its owner. Since the question has been removed, shouldn't the question that was marked as a ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Questions wrongly closed as a duplicate but still bad end up as an incorrect duplicate

I see these in Reopen Votes review quite regularly. A (badly written) question is closed as duplicate - often, by the feel of a gold-badger's seat (as it's often really impossible to make out ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Remove answer upvotes on questions which are promptly closed as unclear

Background There are many questions about answers to off-topic questions. "Should I downvote an answer only on its quality?", which has a slightly misleading title, addresses the issue of downvoting ...
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6 votes
1 answer

What is the appropriate way to draw attention to my edited on-hold question?

My question (How to increment upvote total in my view after successful Ajax request to upvote action) was put on hold for being too broad, and upon further reflection I agreed. It has since been ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Better notification of closed question in process of being answered?

I've just been scuppered answering a question on SO, which was closed after I'd started to write an answer for it. Whilst I don't entirely agree with the close reason (a gold badge user marked as ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Why was this question deleted when answers had upvotes?

I'm a little confused as to why this question was deleted after receiving so many upvotes in its answers. I understand it had been closed (can't remember the specific reason now), but I stumbled ...
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2 answers

Attitude Toward Beginner Questions [duplicate]

I'm sorry if this has already been asked, but I've seen too many questions being asked and closed for stupid reasons. If they're closed for real reasons, that's fine, but they're not. The question ...
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-2 votes
2 answers

Question about running Docker got closed

Just wrote a question with an answer recently and I'm not understanding why it was closed with the claim We don’t allow questions about general computing hardware and software on Stack Overflow. ...
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-6 votes
1 answer

How to answer a closed question? [duplicate]

This question was closed yesterday for obvious reasons. One important function in question which answers were really depending on that wasn't in question. Then after the question was closed, OP left a ...
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-11 votes
2 answers

How is this regex question too broad?

In regards to the below question, I want to understand why it was closed as "too broad". As far as regex questions go, this is the most focused, verifiable, and clear question I have ever seen. No ...
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-11 votes
1 answer

Should users without relevant tags vote to close "unclear" questions?

I'm not ranting or anything. This is a genuine question. I asked this on the main site. It was closed for being "unclear". Now, only 1 out of the 5 users actually have the tag of the question (Stata)....
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1 answer

Why is this question about "magic comments in go" still considered off topic?

Note: This is a deliberate split from Why was this question deleted (instead of reviewed)? not a duplicate of it. That question confusingly asked both this question, "why is the post off topic", and "...
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-17 votes
1 answer

Do open-ended questions with good intentions deserve a place somewhere on the network? [duplicate]

I recently ran across a post in which the OP asked a very open-ended question. Essentially, he said, I have created some applications in C#, what's the next best thing to learn (within C#). A user ...
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-22 votes
2 answers

Why do I now have 1 reputation after posting a question? [closed]

I posted this question 20 minutes ago, which is now deleted and now I have 1 reputation! I can't seem to figure this one out, hopefully you guys can help. When I load my website, it opens up ...
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-28 votes
3 answers

Why don't we lock voting on closed questions? [duplicate]

This issue came to mind since I'm facing the same in my only question; posted a long time ago. Although the question has been closed with the appropriate reasons. But I didn't edit it further because ...
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64 votes
3 answers

Meta-meta: why is meta full of close-warriors?

Every time I see meta questions coming up in the Community Bulletin link on the side of SO, nearly all the questions are "close-warrior" topics (i.e. aimed at removal of content deemed bad to the ...
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59 votes
6 answers

Is Stack Overflow violating its Creative Commons license by closing questions?

I voted to close the question C++ or Java or JS Library for creating browser add ons as off-topic as per requesting a library. The asker became upset, and said that Stack Overflow is violating the ...
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45 votes
3 answers

Closing a question after answering and being downvoted [duplicate]

On this particular question I saw a behavior that although it wasn't inherently and obviously bad, looked slightly fishy to me and wanted to know if there was some sort of policy or community-adopted ...
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44 votes
2 answers

Question is closed as off-topic after being open for almost 4 years

Back in 2012, I asked question json_decode fails on godaddy hosting. The issue was a very peculiar case of a strange configuration with one particular (although rather very common) hosting provider. ...
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41 votes
2 answers

Link text does not reflect page that is the destination of the link

The following notice shows at the top of a question that has been closed due to lack of Debugging details. This question needs debugging details. should be changed to This question is closed. to ...
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39 votes
5 answers

How does one distinguish typos from coding errors in questions?

(Latest update: Well, folks, this already becomes a holy war. I like the answer given by Ryan M below together with my response to him in the comments. At least, it works for me. So I suggest ...
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34 votes
3 answers

Why was this question put on hold as “too broad”?

Two days ago I saw this question and was baffled that it was put on hold as "too broad": Unable to import .p12 keystore In fact the question is rather specific and none of the criteria for "too broad"...
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34 votes
1 answer

How long is the "grace" period for answering closed questions, and why is it only applicable to some?

I know that there is (somewhere) a question that asks about how answers can be posted on a closed question, and it's due to a "grace" period. I would link it, but my Google-fu is failing me ...
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34 votes
3 answers

How soon should a bad question be deleted?

While it's common to close questions that are bad and need to be reworked, sometimes they are also voted to be deleted before there's really any time for the author to even read comments about how to ...
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31 votes
2 answers

Which dupe tag shall appear in Mjölnir close vote when I have multiple Mjölnirs?

Few minutes back, I CV'd a question having both c and arrays tags. I have Mjölnir for both the tags in the CV'd question, and the linked dupe has only the c tag. I was expecting that the close reason ...
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30 votes
2 answers

How did a moderator manage to break this question by trying to close it?

This question Php dosen't insert query into database shows a page with the message: Oops! Something Bad Happened! A moderator confirmed that this happened when they tried to close the question: ...
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22 votes
1 answer

Is this a valid Stack Overflow question, and if so how might I improve it so it can be re-opened?

Yesterday I asked this question Is there an official or common knowledge standard minimal interface for a "list-like" object?, which is now closed for not being about programming. Is my ...
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21 votes
0 answers

Why does this question have such a weird edit history? This question has 6 "post closed" notifications and one reopen notification. How is this possible and why did it happen? The first close ...
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21 votes
0 answers

Rebuilding (a wee bit) after "Not a real question": finding gems and burning garbage

I've been thinking a bit about what impact "Not a real question" had on the site for a little while, so I threw together a query to figure it out. The results are...surprising, to say the ...
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20 votes
3 answers

Can I help SO with closed questions?

I have recently written a piece of code that tries to predict closing Stack Overflow questions. Could SO let me use it for helping it to predict question closure? I crawled SO and got about 8,000 ...
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20 votes
2 answers

Let's *not* delete questions that still have value

Consider Why does IntelliJ IDEA compile Scala so slowly?, which until its deletion was the most accurate and readable insight into Scala compiler performance on the entire Internet. Or consider ...
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19 votes
1 answer

What should I do when the answer of a (closed) question is added to the question itself?

The community consensus is that answers that are edited in questions should be rolled back, and placed into a community wiki answer. I'm asking about closed questions. I'm sure in this case the ...
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19 votes
1 answer

Let's have an "Answering a good question well" modal when users "earn it"

Related to No, I don't want to know how review queues work, I am also annoyed at the well intentioned popup when I visited the review queue today. This got me thinking! This is the perfect ...
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18 votes
3 answers

Why are we closing questions simply because they "belong on MSE"

I have noticed a small trend recently that is contrary to what was originally discussed when MSO and MSE was split (see: Users Can Report Bugs On Whatever Child Meta Site Suits Them) and I am trying ...
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17 votes
1 answer

Why delete a closed question waiting for review?

I have posted a question which wasn't correct in respect of the minimal reproducible example. It got closed, and two people voted for deletion. Why did they vote for deletion since the question will ...
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15 votes
1 answer

Why can't I Vote to Close a question which was reopened?

I voted to close this question as duplicate of this question. as the OP's requirements first stated that he wanted the same thing as asked in the second question. After closing of the Post (By me ...
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